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BN2982.CD      References: CDEC 03-2045-67 and CDEC 03-3046-67.  Undated and
               Unsigned Notebook providing guidance for political
               indoctrination and training of recruits.  Release of RVNAF and
               American Prisoners.  Mentions "CO LUA" (phonetic), formerly a
               mechanic in an American auto factory and "SMITH", a clerk in a
               business firm, who were captured in the battle of Hiep Hoa
               (date unspecified), and released 21 Dec 65.
               George E. "Smitty" Smith - USA   Released 11/28/65 Cambodia
BN6450.CD      References: CDEC 07-3510-67 and CDEC 07-3511-67.  Subject;
               Handling of US KIA, Mr. V.  Specifies that VC/NVA are forbidden
               to kill US POWs, and a great effort was needed to make [US
               Authorities] believe that the individuals concerned were still
               alive.  Directs that corpses of US KIA that are recovered from
               the battlefield be secretly buried after removing all personnel
               papers.  Further directs that graves should be marked for
               future recognition.  Also contains misc. signed appreciation
               letters by VC/NVA commanders
BN6859.CD      References: CDEC 08-2578-67 and CDEC 08-2579-67.  Dtd 1966,
               Subject; VC Policy Concerning Treatment of US and Third Country
               POW and KIAs.  Specifies that corpses of US and third country
               personnel should be secretly buried to facilitate "FUTURE
               POLITICAL OFFENSIVES".  Also references names of VC/NVA Cadre.
BN6741.CD      References: CDEC 08-2032-67.  Dtd 27 Jun 67, Subject; Bio-Data
               on a US POW captured by Son Tinh and Binh Son Districts and
               moved to the T-12 POW Camp on same date.  POW is named "BON"
               (possible viet phonetic of Paul), USMC Serial # 1996608 as well
               as other personal data.  Other entries include names of Cadre
               assigned to evacuate "BON" to a POW Camp, and allowances
               granted to Allied POWs (other than RVNAF).
BN7131.CD      References: CDEC 09-1133-67, CDEC 09-1134-67, CDEC 01-1135-67
               and CDEC 09-1136-67.  Subjects; MRII Rear Service Staff Report,
               VC Certificate of Commendation, Policy toward US POW's
               (mentions what American soldiers fear most, grave site,
               personal property etc. of US POW's who die must be recorded.
               Mentions that US POW's are important and must be kept as
               hostages for eventual exchanges of POW.  Personal data on VC
BN7239 .CD     References: CDEC 09-1593-67 and CDEC 09-1594-67.  Subjects;
               Minutes of VC Meeting, VC "FLASH" classified "SECRET" outlining
               military proselyting tasks to be assumed by subordinate
               Agencies of D-X.
BN50066.CD     References: CDEC 09-1108-72.  Two VC Directives, dtd 5 Apr 72
               and 8 Jun 72.  Subject; Directives on Military Proselyting
               Requirements by the Current Affairs Committee of Do Son, aka
               the VC Region 6 Party Committee.
BN50146.CD     References CDEC 09-1193-72. Dtd (possibly 1971).  Subject;
               Political Report Presented by Pham Van Dong, Prime Minister of
               the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, before the NVN National
BN50735.CD     References: CDEC 11-1179-72. Dtd between 21 Jan and 2 May 72.
               Subject; Instructions for the Handling and Indoctrination of
               Prisoners of War by the Military Proselyting Section of the VC
               Quang Da Special Zone Party Committee, VC Region 5.  Consists
               of four circulars on the classification of POW's.
BN50736.CD     References: CDEC 11-1180-72.  Subject; Instructions for the
               Handling of Prisoners of War by the Military Proselyting
               Section, VC Quang Da special Zone, VC Region 5.  dtd 1 May 72,
               outlines treatment of POW's, work details, discipline and
               measures taken in the event of airstrikes or ground attacks.
BN50784.CD     References: CDEC 11-1129-72. Subject; Plan for the Handling of
               RVNAF Prisoners of War and Defectors by the Military
               Proselyting Section, VC Region 5 Party Committee.  Includes
               classification of prisoners, and their possible use in (VC)
               combat units, road construction crews, etc.
BN50785.CD     References: CDEC 11-1230-72.  Dtd between Feb and Sep 72,
               Titled; Subordinate PW Camps of the Military Proselyting
               Section, Binh Dinh Province Party Committee, VC Region 5. Lists
               orders, names, activity reports etc. of VC/NVA personnel
               running the POW camp.
BN8117.CD      References: CDEC 11-2193-67, CDEC 11-2194-67. Dtd (possibly) 22
               Aug 67. Subject; New VC Policy on Treatment of US, RVNAF, and
               Third-Country Prisoners.  Mentions that "US and satellite POW's
               constitute excellent hostages, contribute greatly to the
               implementation of our (VC) delaying tactics".  Also mentioned
               POW's as "Political Assets".  Misc Letters of VC 309th Bn, D2
               Regt, MR3.
BN8186.CD      References: CDEC 11-2480-67.  Dtd 13 Sep 66. Subject; POW
               handling procedures by MR 1.  Outlines US POW morale and
               ideology, and that POW's are "Assets".  Also mentioned that no
               attempt will be made to capture seriously injured soldiers
               unless they can yield vital information.  List