Bulletin No. 7239
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    09-1593-67                                             6 Aug 67
    (3 page                                                XR030965
    original,                                              US Navy
    type                                                   Received
    written.)                                              CDEC: 13
                                                           Sep 67
            B3 Intel Sec of Vinh Binh Prov, Mr III.
              Minutes of Meeting, dated 8 Apr 67 prepared by
           B3/U, reveals that the meeting was held in Cau Ke
           and Duyen Hai Dist's / Vinh Binh Prov, MR III
           7 by B3 from 6 Mar to 17 Mar 67 and attended by
           14 B3 cadre of the Prov and Gau Ke, Tra On Vung
           Duyen Hai, Cang Long, Chau Thanh and Cau Ngang
           Dist's, including two espionage cadre, and one
           City Security cadre. The meeting reviews the
           importance and the characteristics of B3 mission
           and of the duties of its elements, such as Covert
           Intel Agency designated A1, City Security Agency A2,
           Armed Recon Agency A3 and [Intel Agency].
           CDEC Comment: No Further Significant Information.
    09-1594-67                                              2 Sep 67
    (5 page                                                 WR520915
    typewritten,                                            3/31 Inf,
    (B)                                                     21st
                                                            Inf Div,
                                                            RVNAF  IV CTZ.
                                                            Received CDEC
                                                            13 Sep 67

            Soc Trang Prov, MR III.
                Plan #65/BV-P, dated 9 Jul 67, precedence
            "FLASH", classified  [VC] "'SECRET"  prepared
            by the Military, Proselyting Sec of "P",  outlines
            military proselyting tasks to be assumed by
            subordinate Agencies of "D-X" during period Jul
            to Sep 1967.

                In the first part, document points out that
            during the 1966-1967 Winter and Spring Campaign, the
            VC gained tremendous successes in both military and
            political fields which resulted in the demoralization
            of RVNAF forces, the desertion of 540 soldiers, and
            the anti-war movement [promoted by, RVNAF elements]
            at Long Hung in Oct 66. In addition  personnel of a
            number of Posts in My Xuyen and Thanh Tri adopted a
            passive attitude by avoiding engagements with VC
            forces. Families of [RVNAF] soldiers in [GVN]
            controlled areas and in Cambodia were responsive to
            [VC] enlightment propaganda and  either served as
            penetration agents or called on their relatives to
            desert. However, document admits that [VC] military
            proselyting activities were still too weak in the
            three Areas [of the Prov] and were far below requirements.
            In subsequent positions, document specifies that the vital
            goal of [Allied] proselyting from Jul to Sep 67 was to
            counter [Allied] pacification program and wear down the
            potential it RVNAF forces. To those ends, addressees
            were directed to widely disseminate [VC] victories and the
            failures of Allied "Two-pronged attack" in order to lower
            the morale of RVNAF soldiers increase their fear of
            sacrifice and protracted war and cause anti-war feeling, a
            tendency to seek safety, and desire for peace.
            Simultaneously addressees should incite the patriotism
            of RVNAF soldiers and make them believe that they were
            victims of a war waged by "puppet" [GVN] leaders and US
            "imperialists" to create indignation and promote hatred.
            In the last part, document urged addressees to step up
            military proselyting activities especially in areas where
            the [Allied] pacification program was in progress,
            increase the recruitment of fifth columnists, plant
            penetration agents in [Allied] military organizations
            to sabotagewar materials center efforts on the
            proselyting of RVNAF

            Officers by, taking advantage of their passive
            attitude and establish agreements with Posts to
            neutralise thee.
                Document was addressed to Tu Binh of the
            Current Affairs Committee of "P", and Agencies
            of "D-X". Hand-written caption at top of
            document reveals that the Plan was approved by
            Ba Mat.
            CDEC COMMENT 1. No Further Significant Information.
                         2. Document was received under JGS Log
                                    (signed James T Otter for)
                                           TOSHIO NAKANISHI
                                           LTC GS
                                           Dir, US Elm, CDEC

NUMBER NND 92/535, BY RB/VSW, DATE 1/26/96