Bulletin # 2982

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                   Item #3. Unnumbered, undated and unsigned
                Minutes of meeting held on 4 Nov 65 by representatives
                of B5 Party Committee, cover the leading of
                units on missions, the providing of guidance for
                political indoctrination, and training of recruits.

                   Item #4. Unnumbered, undated and unsigned
                Minutes, of meeting held on 5 Nov 65 by representatives
                of B5 Party Committee, cover a review on the
                realization of the "Three Democracies".

                        [*Full Translation Follows]

                   CDEC COMMENT: All four documents mentioned
                political activities conducted by B5, B24, B25,
                H18 and their relations in the C.921.

03-2045-67*                                             1 Mar 67
(4 page                                                 (?) 304931
original                                                (Opn Junction
handwritten.)                                           City)
                                                        A/4/503, 173rd
                                                        US Abn Bde
                                                        Received CDEC
                                                        3 Mar 67
              Release of RVNAF and American Prisoners.

                Item 1: Loose sheet, prepared by an U/I individual,
              reveals that the following RVNAF officers were
              released on 13 Oct 66:

                Nguyen Thanh Tien, Capt, Commander of the 34th
              Ranger Battalion, captured in a contact made on
              Highway #13, in Chon Thanh District, Binh Long
              Province on 13 Jul 64.

                Le Van Pham, 2Lt, member of a recruiting
              team of III CTZ, captured on 12 Nov 65 on Highway
              #1 in tay Ninh Province.

                Item #2. Scenario for the film on the release
              of two American soldiers, dated 5 Nov 66, prepared
              by an U/I individual, reveals following information:

                "CO LUA" [phonetic] formerly a mechanic in
             an American auto factory and SMITH, a clerk in a
             business firm, were captured in the battle of Hiep
             Hoa [date unspecified]. The two prisoners were
             released on 21 Dec 65. They were deeply impressed
             by the leniency of the NFLSVN and promised to explain
             the real situation of the Vietnam war, and would,
             with the American people, struggle for the end of
             the war.
                        [*Extract Tanslation Follows]

03-3046-67                                              8 Mar 67
(209 Page                                               WT918821
original                                                (Opn Junction
handwritten.)                                           City)
                                                        C/1/11 ACR
                                                        Received CDEC
                                                        12 Mar 67

                        Infiltrator's Diary

                   Diary belonging to Vinh Loc aka Cuoc, started on
                9 Feb 66 when he left the last station in NVN to
                begin his infiltration to SVN, with the last entry
                dated 5 Mar 67 when he was digging fox holes and
                trenches to prepare for a counter sweep operation
                at the new base area of his unit.


 NUMBER NND921535, BY  RB/VSW, DATE 1/26/96