Reproduced at the National Archives
Bulletin No. 6859

CDEC                     Summary                        Capture Data
Log No.

                   sweep-operations at MQT, MTT, and MQD [My Qui
                Tay, My Thanh Tay, and My Qui Dong] Vill's to
                destroy crops and resettle the population. Document
                discloses that during reported period 19 Youth Group
                members were killed, 15 wounded, and seven captured.
                In addition 34 members left their villages for [GVN]
                controlled areas and 20 defected. Concerning Duc Hue
                Dist Youth Group, document covers meetings, development
                of Vill Guerrilla Units, organizations of combat
                hamlets, and counter operations, Document reveals
                that during covered period Duc Hue Dist Youth
                Group introduced 250 youths to join Vill Guerrilla
                Units and 49 others to enlist [VC], activated five
                Assault Youth Sqd's composed of 59 members, dug 317 shelters
                against air-strike and artillery fire,
                recovered 50 bombs, set up five AA positions, held
                159 meetings, and conducted 33 counter operations.

                   CDEC COMMENT: No further significant information.

08-2578-67                                                     12 Jan 67
(1 page                                                        (?)729258
original,                                                      (Opn Cedar
typewritten.)                                                  Falls)
                                                               Abn Bde
(B)                                                            Received CDEC:
                                                               20 Jan 67

                     VC Policy Concerning Treatment of US and Third
                  Country POW and KIA.

                   Letter, dated 1966 from B2, P56 [Go Mon Sub-
                Region, MR IV] provides specific regulations
                concerning treatment of US, VN and third country
                prisoners of war, KIA and handling of personal
                belongings of prisoners.

                   In regard to US and third country prisoners,
                document indicates that [VC} should strive to
                subdue their indignation in spite of their
                provacations so as to keep them alive and to rapidly
                evacuate them to [VC] rear areas. Such prisoners of
                war will be granted reasonable food allocations.
                Prisoners of war will be employed to bury the unevacuated
                Allied KIA. However, corpes of US and Third
                country personnel should be secretly buried to
                facilitate "future political offensives". Except
                military equipment, personal belongings of prisoners
                will not be removed. However, those KIA will be
                considered as captured materials and will be disposed
                of in accordance with the orders of appropriate

                     CDEC COMMENT: No further significant information.

08-2579-67                                                    28 May 67
(12 page                                                      XT884286
original,                                                     (Opn Lam Son)
handwritten,                                                  A/2/2 Inf,
typewritten.)                                                 3/1st US Inf
                                                              Received CDEC:
(B)                                                           29 May 67

                   Item#1: PHS, dated 8 Mar 66, prepared by Le
                Van Banh aka Manh, Sqd Ldr and Ord member of Di An
                Sub-Region, reveals that Banh was born in 1936 in
                Tan Dong Hiep Vill, Di An Dist, Gia Dinh, Prov.


NUMBER NND921535, BY  RB/VSW, DATE 1/26/96