Bulletin No. 7131

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09-1132-67                                              Date: Unk
(2 page                                                 XT604012,
original,                                               A/1/27 Inf
handwritten.)                                           2/25th US Inf
   (B)                                                  Div.
                                                        Received CDEC:
                                                        5 Sep 67

                 Report, Elm of MR II Rear Svc Staff.
            Report, dated 19 Aug 67, signed by Huynh Van Luom,
        medical supply personnel of Canh II, BR II Rear Service
        Staff, reveals that after buying 23,500$ worth of
        medicine, Loum took a junk leaving Saigon for Ba Thu.
        At 2000 hours on 27 Aug 67 Luom's junk was identified
        and strafed by three helicopters which sank a quantity
        of medicine valued at 2,550$. Luom, therefore, submits
        this report to the Rear Service Staff, asking for
        CDEC COMMENTS: No Further Significant Information

09-1133-67                                              Date: Unk
(1 page,                                                XT604012,
handwritten,                                            A/1/27th Inf,
printed.)                                               2/25th US
(B)                                                     Inf Div.
                                                        Received CDEC:
                                                        5 Sep 67

           Long An Prov National Liberation Front Committee.
            Item # 1: Unnumbered Certificate of Commendation,
         dated 5 Apr 67; signed by Chau Van Bay, Chairman of
         Long An Prov NLF Committee, was awarded to Buc Hoa
         Thuong Vill, DUC' Hoa Dist, for outstanding performance
         of duties in 1966.
         CDEC COMMENT No Further Significant Information.

09-1134-67                                              2 Sep 67,
(2 page,                                                XT546110,
original,                                               B/2/27 Inf
typewritten.)                                           2/25th US Inf
 (B)                                                    Div.
                                                        Received CDEC:
                                                        5 Sep 67

                      Policy Toward US POW's
            Military Proselyting Doc, dated 26 Feb 63, prepared
         by the Military Proselyting Sec of T [Mr IV], addressed
         to subordinate Agencies, Canh [Sub-Region], and Military
         Proselyting Cadre, criticizes the American Soldier's
         moral weaknesses and contains directives regarding the
         proper handling of American Pod's for propaganda
         purposes as follows:
            What American Soldiers fear most and causes them to
         suffer most is separation from their loved ones,
         sweethearts, wives, long absence from their fatherland,
         and hardships on the battlefield. They usually like to
         return to the USA before Christmas or before their
         birthdays. They show fear when they first go to the
         front lines to fight, before an attack [staged by their
         own forces] or when preparing to oppose an attack, or
         when liaison is cut off with the rear or friendly
         [Allied] units.
             The American serviceman like to read [VC] leaflets
         that promise that American POW's would be well treated
         and their lives would be secure.
             Doc emphasizes that US POW's must be properly handled,
         well fed, and made to write letters praising the lenient
         policy of the"Front" towards US POW's, for international
         propaganda purposes, and to encourage their fellow
         countrymen to go back to the USA and stop committing
         crimes against the [Vietnamese people]. If possible their
         pictures must be taken, and declaration recorded prior to
         their release. Personal belongings must be kept intact.
         In regard to US POW's who die, they must be well buried,
         their name, POB, date of death recorded, and personal
         property secured to send back to their families.
             Concerning important US POW, they must be kept as
         hostages  for eventual exchanges of POW.
         CDEC COMMENT: No Further Significant Information.

09-1135-67                                              Date: Unk
(1 page,                                                XT604012,
original,                                               A/1/27 Inf
handwritten,                                            2/25th US Inf
printed.)                                               Div.
(B)                                                     Received CDEC:
                                                        5 Sep 67
             Engine Sold by Saigon Dealer to Individual in
         Long An Prov.
            Receipt #41/867B, dated 14 Aug 67, signed illegibly
         by a member of Tien Thanh Engine Supply Shop, at 172bis,
         Tran Hung Dao Street, Saigon, certifies that a gasoline-
         driven engine, 4HP, Kohler trade mark, Serial Number
         C-179947, with accessories, was sold to Nguyen Thi 'hien,
         ID Card #056970, issued by Loc Giang, Buc Hoa, Long An
         [Loc Giang Vill, Trang Bang Dist, Hau Nghia Prov],
         for seven thousand and five hundred piasters.
         CDEC COMMENT: No Further Significant Information .

09-1136-67                                              2 Sep 67,
(17 page,                                               XT465005,
original,                                               A-352, 5th
handwritten.)                                           US SFGA.
(B)                                                     Received CDEC:
                                                        5 Sep 67
          PHS's Long An Prov, MR II.
             Item #1:  Undated Application for admission
          to the Party, prepared by Nguyen Thanh Tam, reveals
          that Tam, 21, was born in My Thanh Dong Vill, Duc
          Hue Dist, Long An Prov, and resided at his POB.
            Item # 2: Undated POB, prepared by Nguyen Van Hoi,
          Recon Sqd Ldr of Duc Hue Dist Local Unit reveals
          that Hoi was born at My Thanh Bac Vill Duc Hue
          Dist, Long An Prov. Subject enlisted on 27 Sep 63
          and was admitted to the Party on 10 Mar 65. He
          participated in several battles. His mother resided
          at his POB.
            Item # 3: Undated PHS, prepared by Ngo Van Lamaka
          Hai Ren, Group Chapter Secretary of Duc Hue Dist
          Local Unit, reveals that Lam was born in 1940 in My
          Thanh Bac Vill, Duc Hue Dist, Long An Prov. Subject
          enlisted in My Thanh Bac Vill Guerrilla Unit on 17
          Apr 60 and was addmitted to the Party on 16 Jun 64.
          He attended a Medic Training Course conducted by MR
          [II] in Jun 64. He was credited with downing one fighter
          aircraft in Jan 66.
             Item # 4: PHS, dated 30 Sep 66, prepared by
          Mai Van Phuoc aka Quyet Thang, member of Binh
          Thanh Vill Guerrilla Unit, reveals that Phuoc
          was born in 1944 in Luong Hoa Vill, Duc Hoa Dist,
          Long An Prov. Subject enlisted on 24 May 65 and was
          admitted to the Party on 7 Feb 67. His parents
          resided at Binh Thanh Vill, Duc Hue Dist, [Long An
             Item # 5 PHS, dated 12 Dec 66, prepared by; Vo Van
          Dan, reveals that Dan was born in 1950 in My-Quoc Hamlet,
          My Thanh Dong Vill, Duc Hue [Dist]. Long-An [Prov].
          Subject joined the Teenager's Group in 1964. His parents
          resided at his POB. The document was certified by Moui
          Dung and Nam Them for the CO of C.l5.

NUMBER NND92/535, BY RB/VSW, DATE 1/26/96