To families, friends, and former prisoners of war....

From - Fri May 15 17:38:11 1998

Subject: Help!


I am hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction.  My father, Gilbert L. Arias, served in the US Air Force.  Although he wasn't in Vietnam when his helicopter went down, he was killed in action and remains missing until this day.  He was stationed in Kadena AFB, Okinowa in 1968 and his helicopter went down 10 miles off shore in March
of 1968.

Who could I contact to find out info about him?  I know he wasn't a POW but maybe you might know of an agency to help me.  Anything you might know would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Susan Daniel

From - Fri Oct 02 11:48:06 1998
From: Redbearmom@aol.com
Subject: To family of Earl G. Cobeil

Through out junior high and high school I wore the bracelet of the Earl Cobeil, then listed as an MIA (blue start still in place) .   As the daughter of an Vietnam vet, also a pilot in the USAF, and my brother's Godfather a POW in Hanoi (also a 105 pilot I believe ) from 1965 - final release...I  scoured the returnee and casualty lists for about a year after the general release and never saw his name.  

For some reason of late I have pulled his bracelet out of my jewelry box several times and mentioned to my husband how much I would have liked to send it to him on his return, and wondered what ever became of him. The other day my husband found this website and I finally learned the outcome of  Earl Cobeil.  The news saddened me but in another way provided some closure to that part of my life...  I know nothing of how it must have been for his family but wanted you to know that someone else was thinking of him and his family for all these years.

If you would like to have his bracelet, then stamped as "Capt. Earl G. Cobeil", I would be happy to send it to you .  If you would prefer, I could send it to one of the historical collections or just keep it until I am able to visit "The Wall", in the future.

You may E-Mail me with your preference @ Redbearmom @ AOL.com or write me
at the following address.


Leslie Austin
924 Market Street
Baird, Texas 79504

From - Sat Oct 03 08:11:49 1998
From: "Tracy O'Meara" <tomeara@radiks.net>
Subject: Dennis L Eilers

My name is Tracy O'Meara and my man's name is Dennis L Eilers.  I have been wearing my bracelet for close to 9 years.  I have only taken it off once and that was because of my job, but I almost lost it because of that job and swore I would never take it off again.  I didn't even take it off when I got married.  If anyone out there has any information on Dennis L Eilers, please let me know.  Anything would be great.  You are
not forgotten Dennis.


From - Sat Oct 03 08:11:43 1998
From: "The Sawyer's" <mdsawyer@iland.net>
Subject: Sgt Dale Brandenburg, USAF

I have been wearing a POW bracelet bearing Dale's name since 1993, shortly after I entered the Air Force.  I knew nothing about him, only what was listed on the bracelet.  Shortly after that, I was introduced to the internet and eagerly searched for information on him, hoping to put an identity to the man on my bracelet.  I learned that his remains
and those of his fellow crewmen were returned to the US in 1995, however many of the families of his fellow airmen do not believe it is actually "them" buried in Arlington.  I read the report and they said the remains couldn't be proven to be human.  I still wear his bracelet because he may have been captured and I personally do not believe that he is buried in Arlington.

I want his family to know that I still proudly wear his bracelet and that I pray for them to have peace.  If they happen to read this, I want to know what they think... Here is my email address:

SrA C. Denise Sawyer, USAF

From - Sat Oct 03 20:58:53 1998
From: JANGREENIE@aol.com

I have a bracelet that I wore for many years. I never did hear and never have found out the statis of the man whose name is on my braclet. You see I have always had a close attatchment to this man because  I am a surviving  widow to that terrible time in history . My husband lost his life in January at a very young age of 21 leaving behind myself and two beautiful young  children a son and a daughter.  His name was SGT VICTOR EDWARD ANDERSON.

My son told me about this web site. I decided that I would try to find out something on SGT KENNETH LANCASTER missing 1-03-68.  I would like to know if he was ever found alive or otherwise. If he has a family. If  his children had to go thru their lives with the emptiness my children always had to face not ever knowing their father. My son was 3 and my daughter was 1 when they last saw him. This has always tore at my heart to know the emptiness they have felt. Time can heal but all the time in the world mever removes the scars - they may fade but they are always visable. anyway  I would like any information that anyone may have and thank you.

From - Sun Oct 04 00:02:13 1998
I want to thank you for the information you have sent to me and for the fast response. I sit here reading your letter and contemplating my feelings as the tears stream down my face. This man met what ever fate he faced the same month as my husband 2 years later. I gues I have had and worn his bracelet longer than I was married to my husband.  Somehow it feels as tho I to was married to him in some strange way. At the age of 20 and being left with 2 small children to raise was a very frightening thing. Now 32 years later I some how feel a little bit frightened at finding out what happened to a man I have felt  so strongly attached to for so long. I used to try to put a face to the name the face of a very young man. Now I find this very young man was only 5 years younger than myself and I see a much older face with much suffering and pain.

I pray for his family his wife and children if he had any as well as his parents and brothers or sisters. My heart aches for their unknowing. I have thanked God so very many times for the fact the my husband's body was returned to us intact that we were able to view him and know beyond doubt he was really in the casket that was returned to us.

War is such a terrible thing and it touches so many lives and leaves so many hurts and pain. As I said before, time does help. The the scars never leave us and the wounds can open unexspectedly. I would love to hear from any of Kenneths family if they choose to contact me, but in the same sense I can definately respect their privacy. Again, thank you for your information even if it was not the word I had so hoped to hear. God bless you people for all your compasion and love and prayers.

Janet Anderson Yamamoto
Clintom,Utah 84015

Denise Lundy
e-mail: Demy@delphi.com

To the family of Donald Cook and the family of Albert Pitt:

Hello, my grandmother (in-law) recently passed away and in going through her things I found two POW/MIA bracelets that she had for years.  I knew right away what it was and my heart became immediately attached.  I previously was a Marine myself so maybe this is the attachment.  I started digging to find out about the bracelets and what to do with them and what not and came across a web site on the Internet listing many. Among them was Maj. Donald Cook, and Maj. Albert Pitt.  The news that I found out was that they are still determined Missing in action/POW.  And in accordance with the thoughts behind the bracelet I would like to continue to keep the bracelet.

I guess in sending this letter to you I just wanted you to know that people still do care and think about this. I hope in receiving this it has not caused you any more undo harm or pain.

Thank you

Denise Lundy

From - Tue Oct 06 10:37:31 1998
From: Forrest Fenn  <ffenn@trail.com>

I was a close friend of John Overlocks at Tuy Hoa in 1968.  We discussed whether or not he should volunteer for duty as a Misty FAC and transfer to Phu Cat.  He was a very corageous and patriotic person and he wanted to do it.  He knew how dangerous it was.  He was shot down in August of 1968 and was declared MIA for a few years then KIA.  I would like to be put in touch with members of his family if possible.  Can you help me?

Major Forrest Fenn
fax 505-989-8446

From - Fri Oct 09 13:52:09 1998
From: "Black, Mary (SE_ENG)" <blackm@valeo.sylvania.com>

To the family of Sgt. JAMES MILAN ROZO, USA.

I really don't even know what to say except for if you are out there, I have held Sgt. Rozo's POW/MIA bracelet for years and have been proud to do so. I purchased it when I was in junior high school thinking that the name "Rozo" was unusual and if I would ever see it again, I would certainly recognize it.  Many years later I was shocked to see that he was listed as one of LIFE magazine's 25 MIA's.  I still have the magazine that I keep with his bracelet that I wore until it broke in two.

If you are out there, I don't wish to intrude.  I would simply like to know if you do know his whereabouts or what has happened to him.   If you would like to have his bracelet, I would be more than happy to send it to you.  I am sure that it is little consolation but I have never forgotten him and I would love to know if you have any information about him.  If you wish, you can contact me via e-mail.  Thank you.


Mary C. Black


From - Sun Oct 11 06:18:23 1998
From: Lorraine47@aol.com
Subject: Frederick Cristman

Since my visit to DC on September 13, 1998, I proudly wear my bracelet with the name of FREDERICK L CRISTMAN.  I would like to hear from family, relatives, friends, or anyone who  knew of him.  Thank you. 

From - Sun Oct 11 06:18:26 1998
From: Theresa Cook <cowgirl@compuex.com>
Subject: David Padilla

Hi My name is Theresa
   This letter is to the family of David Esequiel Padilla. He was from Borger Texas. I wanted them to know that I have recently adopted him from Operation Just Cause.

I have written letters to all the senators, President and Vice President and both first ladies.

I want them to know that he is NOT forgotten and is being remembered by many.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and will be untill he is returned and there after.

If they see this and wish to contact me please do. I would really like to get to know about your son and your family.

Again my thoughts, prayers and love goes out to your family


From - Mon Oct 12 09:19:29 1998
From: Barbara Layne <layne@vax2.concordia.ca>
Subject:  Owen Skinner Family

To the family of Owen Skinner,

In 1971 I was a 19 year old student at the University of Washington, and sent in my $5.00 for a MIA/POW bracelet.  I received a stainless steel band with the name of Owen Skinner 12-12-70.  I was concerned for his family--did he have a wife?  children?  and was saddened to note that he was lost just before Christmas.

I wore the band for many years, until it broke.  (I have a terribly thin wrist, which required a lot of bending in order to stay on.)  Since then, the bracelet has followed me to various cities throughout the U.S. and now, in Montreal Quebec, where the two pieces reside on my bookshelf.

Although I had stopped wearing the bracelet long ago, I continued to wonder about, and hope for the best for Owen Skinner.   Last year, I found the web pages which list the status of MIA/POWs and was sorry to learn that Owen Skinner has not been found.

Now, when I consider the worn areas on the bracelet, I remember how young and naiive I was in the early 70's....I had several young friends who went to fight, and we were fortunate that they all returned physically unharmed. (Although no one returned unchanged).  For me, the significance of the bracelet  has increased in time.  It reminds me that not everyone made it back, and that each POW/MIA has a name, has a family who loves and misses them. I now check Owen's status report regularly....still concerned, still wondering, still harbouring a bit of hope.  It is always an emotional experience for me.

I would like to think there is some consolation for you to know that someone else--albeit a stranger--also cares.  I send you warmest wishes.

Barbara Layne

From - Mon Oct 12 09:19:33 1998
From: "Deborah Register" <The-Crow1@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Re: Robert W. Brownlee

    I have been wearing my braclet since Dec. 1991 when I graduated jumpschool.  To this day I still wonder what has become of the family, and  would like to know of the natives from Illinois. I to am from Illinois originally, which really made me choose the braclet I picked out.  I still wear my braclet as a reminder to me of the many people who
sacrificed their lives for this wonderful country of ours, and it means a great deal to me.

                                     Richard Lueth
                                     Airborne, "All The Way"

From - Thu Oct 15 17:29:40 1998
From: Frances E Griffin <FEG0097@tntech.edu>
Subject: Richard Hentz

My name is SPC. Frances E. Griffin, and i would like to here from the family of Richard J. Hentz. I have worn his POW/MIA braclet since July of 1995.  I acquired it at Ft. Lee, Virginia.  If they would like me to send the braclet  to them I will be very happy to do so. 

Fran Griffin

I wasn't there but I still care.

From - Thu Oct 15 14:16:42 1998
From: "T. P." <petrafirst@angelfire.com>
Organization: Angelfire  (http://email.angelfire.com:80)
Subject: Robert Rausch


My husband and I grew up near Ernest Harmon AFB in
Stephenville,Newfoundland (Canada)and still have many American friends. My husband got a one of the original POW/MIA bracelets we still have it. I just want the family of Maj. Robert Rausch to know that we continue to remember and his family.  God Bless you.


From - Sat Oct 17 20:33:12 1998
From: "D.Von" <d.von@pe.net>
Subject: Daniel Nidds

To the family and friends of Sgt.Daniel Nidds, MIA, April 21, 1967.

You don't know me but, I too still pray for the safe return of Sgt. Daniel Nidds. I have the original POW bracelet which bears his name and date of the incident.  I have a deep and abiding respect for Daniel Nidds and I never give up hope of his coming home.  I just wanted you to know that I sincerely care and I continue to pray for him and for you.

Sincere Regards,
Mrs. Donna Vaughn
5626 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA. 92506-1821
E-mail: d.von@pe.net

From - Sat Oct 17 20:33:18 1998
From: Heartygrl@aol.com
Subject: Domenick Spinelli

Dearest Family members,

  If anyone reading this is a family member of Domenick "Spike" Spinelli, please return my letter as soon as possible.  I have worn his POW bracelet and have always been worried about his fate.  I'm sure my worries for him and you don't measure up to the pain you have gone through, but I jut wanted you to know I still care and have not
forgotten.  Thank you.


From - Sun Oct 18 08:31:15 1998
From: "Steve & Nancy Brann" <ehands@rt66.com>
Subject: Sp4 Donald M. Shue

For years I wore another POW/MIA bracelet.  Then I read in the newpapers that he had been released.  I continued wearing it for a long time even then in the memory of all the others still there.

Now, after all these years I once again am taking up the cause.  On August 30, 1998 I felt a great need to write a letter to the men and women who made it back.  I put this letter on my web site, and in doing so I have heard from many!  Their voices reminded me that there is still so very much to be done!  For too many years I was, as so many, still holding the pain of that war deep within me.  But, now I know that it cannot be held within.  Our voices must be heard.  We will yell to the mountain tops every day until we
get results!

Part of my part is in the adoption of Donald Shue as my POW/MIA through Operation Just Cause.  I now have his web site up, and though it has only been on-line for a few days, many people have already visited and spoken their words of love and caring.  I want you to know this.  He is NOT forgotten!  Nor will he ever be.  Even when we obtain an accounting for him, he will still be in our hearts and our memories.  He is a hero, as are they all!  They were my heros then, and that fact has never changed!

If you would care to share more personal information about him with me, or perhaps even a picture, I will put it on the web site to let others better know that he is NOT just another statistic, but a son, a husband, and perhaps even a father.  At this point, I only have the details that were provided to me by POWNET and Operation Smoking Gun.

Also there were two other Americans with him in the same incident.  I plan to adopt them as well.  As they were captured together, so shall they be remembered together.  Their names are SSgt William Brown and SSgt Gunther Wald.  Any information or pictures of them would also be greatly appreciated.

I just wanted you to know there are so many of us that do remember, share in your sorrow, and pray for answers to the many questions that have yet to be answered.  God bless you, and I hope that you might find a bit of comfort in knowing that they are NOT FORGOTTEN!

If you want to contact me, please send me e-mail at:

If you want to see his web page, go to:

I hope the web page I made for him meets with your approval.  I want others to know of your son, your husband, and perhaps your father.

Nancy Brann
Roswell, NM

From - Mon Oct 19 10:05:08 1998
From: "Pam Frusha'" <rfrusha@email.msn.com>
Subject: Maj David Earll   10-2-66

I am looking for any family or friends of Maj. David Earll.  I have recently been introduced to the internet and God laid it on my heart to check for information on POW/MIA's.  I don't remeber how long I have had his bracelet but I think I started wearing it in the early to mid 70's. I am now 36 years old.  I found Maj. Earll's  bio on this web site.  I would love to hear from his family or anyone who knew him.  My father served in Vietnam with the Army, but fortunatly he returned home.  According to Maj.
Earll's bio his home city of record is Dallas.  I live just outside of Austin.  If anyone has any info please email me at pamfrusha@Juno.com  .  I will continue to pray for Maj. Earll and his family.

Pam Frusha' 

From - Mon Oct 19 12:19:57 1998
From: cheychey9@webtv.net (stayce markovitch)
Subject: Earl McBride

My mother is wearing the bracelet with LCDR Earl P. McBride's name.  We both were enlisted in the USN.  My mother went in on the same day  he was reported MIA.  She is currently a member of AMVETS and VFW POST 2124 In Allentown, PA.  We would appreciate any further information regarding him.  We send our hopes and prayers to his family and friends. She'll continue to wear the bracelet in honor of him until he comes

Stayce Markovitch
Susan Fenstermaker

From - Tue Oct 20 09:19:03 1998
From: gc <laurah@eagle.gdn.peachnet.edu>
Subject: Sgt. Steven Morris Hastings

To the family of Sgt. Steven M. Hastings:  Back in the early 70's when I was still in highschool I ordered and received a MIA/POW Bracelet.  I wore this bracelet for many years and later placed it on my dresser. Today, over 30 years later I still have this bracelet on my dresser.  I often wonder about the person associated with this name and his family. I researched this interent sight today to find out information about him.  He suddenly became real to me after all of these years.  Please know that I pray for him and his family, and if anyone in his family would like to contact me, I would be honored.  You can email me at laurah@eagle.gdn.peachnet.edu.

Thank you,

Laura Hayes

From - Wed Oct 21 00:15:12 1998
From: MESNewell@aol.com

My bracelet bears the name: Capt Wayne Gordon Brown, II. with the date 17 July 1972.  I wore it until it became so bent out of shape I was afraid that I would lose it. I now carry it in my purse. One of life's little ironies is that 17July is the day and the month my baby brother was born ! Capt. { now Major }  Wayne G. Brown has never been accounted for - however - there was a memorial service ca 1983 for him.

I fly my MIA/POW flag - I keep MIA/POW stickers on my car so that NONE  of the men will ever be forgotten !!!!!


From - Wed Oct 21 08:46:02 1998
From: glbailey@halifax.com (Gerry L Bailey)
Subject: Maj. Delbert R. Peterson

As a teen-ager in Germany I recieved two bracelets as a part of a Masonic project. One was for Richard A Fitts, and one was for Delbert R Peterson. I wore them both from 1973 until 1989 when R.A. Fitts remains were reported as returned. At that time I took his bracelet to The Wall in D.C. , but I continued to wear  D.Peterson's. I don't know how a family deals with the unknowns of a pow/mia, it is hard enough when you know what has happened to your loved ones. I just want Delbert's family to know that they are not the only ones to commemorate his dissappearance, I still wear his bracelet, and I go to the Wall every year  in March and lay a remembrance at the Wall for him. I never met
him him, but he has had a huge impact on my life. I will wear his brcelet for as long as it takes to know, one way or the other. My thoughts and prayers are  with you every day.

Sue Ann Bailey

From - Sun Oct 25 17:01:47 1998
From: "Welsh" <welsh@kua.net>


I still hold the bracelet for SP4 Wade Groth, missing since February 12, 1968.  I started wearing my bracelet in the early 70's and replaced it with his name again when it broke.  As POW's or their remains were returned I anxiously searched for his name but never found it.  I had hoped I had just missed it.  In the early 90's I wrote the State Department seeking information but as I was not family no information was forwarded.  Through a Reader's Digest article I just  found this site.  I was unprepared for the emotions that welled up inside me when I found his biography and found he is still listed as missing.  I will not ever forget Wade Groth and continue to pray for him and his family.


Marjie Welsh

From - Tue Oct 27 12:22:20 1998
From: "Pam" <merkley@elko.net>
Subject: John W. Armstrong & Walter L. Hall

I have two POW/MIA bracelets that I have been wearing for many, many years.  John W. Armstrong has been missing in action since November 9, 1967.  His F4C Phantom fighter was shot down over Laos.  In 1977, a Pathet Lao defector claiming to have been a prison camp guard, stated he had guarded an American named Armstrong.  I recently found a site on the internet that stated  "Armstrong, John W.--USAF--Laos, known captured. Interviewed by Soviet correspondent. (NSA intercorrelation)."  I hope and pray that he is alive, and will come home to his family.  It would be wonderful, but tragic that we left him there so very long. Walter L. Hall has been missing since June 10, 1965.  The UH1B helicopter that he was flying was shot down at Dong Xoai.  The helicopter burst into flames, but no bodies were found when  the crash site was secured and searched.  If all aboard were killed, their bodies were never returned.

He is listed as Killed/Body Not Recovered.

These men remain close in my heart and in my prayers, and there is not a day goes by that I do not think of them and their families.  If the families of these men would like to contact me, please feel free to do so.

Pam Merkley

From - Tue Oct 27 08:56:35 1998
From: glbailey@halifax.com (Gerry L Bailey)
Subject: Delbert R. Peterson

I have worn  this bracelet for more than 20 years, longer than I have been married. I would like his family to know that I have always held out hope for his return and will not give up no matter how long it takes. It seems strange to feel a connection to the family of a man I never met and his family, however anyone who was raised in the military will understand the feeling of family you can have with complete strangers. As a teenager, I sold these bracelets as a fund-raiser for what would become the POW/MIA Network. {P.O.W. NETWORK NOTE:  NOT this organization} I purchased three at the time and wore them all.  One was for Jeremiah Denton, who came home shortly thereafter, one was for Richard Fitts, who finally came home in 1990, and one was for Maj. Peterson. Since he was reported to have survived on the ground, I can still hope. If you recieve any information about him, I would be happy to hear from you. I just wanted you to know that there are people out there who still think about you and your son, and will for as long as it takes to reach a resolution to your satifaction. He is not forgotten.

S.A. Bailey   glbailey@halifax.com

From - Wed Oct 28 09:00:19 1998
From: "al lopez" <lopez@watervalley.net>
Subject: Delmar G. Booze

To the family of Delmar G. Booze.  I just want you to know that your loved one is not forgotten.  I will wear his name around my wrist as proudly, loyally and as honorably as I know he served his country.  I can only have the utmost respect for him for all he has done in the security of democracy.  I know that one day God willing a sense of closure will come of this situation and the information about Delmar you all have been seeking will come.  Until that day I can only assure that I will bear his name around my wrist, and hope and pray for you all.  I would be honored to hear from someone in his family.  Please contact me at dainc@hotmail.com.  I give you all my love and compassion.

                                               Sincerely Yours,
                                               Dain Chastain

From - Thu Nov 12 19:19:11 1998
From: "Barbara Ruef" <triad_nash@email.msn.com>
Subject: Burt Small

30 + years ago I received a pow/mia bracelet.  I read it and thought "how sad" he's been missing almost a year.

To BURT C SMALL JR. 3/06/67

A lot of time has passed, but you're still on my arm and always in my prayers.

Barb Ruef

From - Thu Nov 12 19:23:07 1998
From: SWa6580283@aol.com

I have worn Chesters bracelet for many years. Only recently did I have any other information on him other than what was on the bracelet. I always hoped and prayed that one day I could hand it to him, but I know now that I will never get that chance. I just need to know that You the family knows that I cared and I will never forget him. Although I did not know him, in my heart I knew all I needed to know. If you read this it would mean so much to me for someone to respond. I would return the bracelet to the family, or I will continue to wear it for all the others. It is just up to you. I just had to
let you know that someone, a stranger that you have never met held you family member so dear to my heart and as long as I live, Chester will live in my heart. please e-mail me a SWa6580283@AOL.com. If you chose not to I will understand.
.....I just wanted you to know that I have worn Chester's bracelet for many years. I have just recently found out the fate of Chester and I just want to say that I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that it helps for you to know that I did not forget about him nor will I forget about all the others that are over there and waiting to come home. If you would like to contact me please feel free to do so. My e-mail address is: SWa6580283@AOL.com. I would love to here from the family.  Thanks, Sheena

From - Thu Nov 12 19:23:08 1998
From: SWa6580283@aol.com
Subject: To the family of Gregory J. Harris

My sister and I have braclets that we both wear proudly and we both have always hoped that one day we could hand them to the ones who's name we so dearly hold close to our hearts. My sister's braclet is engraved with GREGORY J. HARRIS. To you the family we just want you to know that he will never be forgotten. And neither will all the others who were left behind. There will be no end until they all come home. If you would like to have his braclet or if you had rather she continue to wear it in his memory please feel free to e- mail me.

From - Thu Nov 12 19:23:09 1998
From: SWa6580283@aol.com

To the family of Bruce A. Timmons:  My sister has worn his braclet for many years and she always held him close to her heart even though he was a perfect stranger. When you believe in a cause you become bonded, and she became bonded with Bruce when she put that braclet on. She wants the family to know that she has not forgotten and will always hold him dear in her heart. If you wish to have his braclet please let me know, or if you wish for her to continue to wear it  please feel free to e-mail me.

From - Thu Nov 12 19:24:56 1998
From: GreenSuede@webtv.net (G V)
Subject: 1Lt. Robin Frederick Gatwood

Hello my name is Debra Irvin. I recently adopted a POW/MIA by the name of Robin Gatwwod. I am hoping that his family will please get in contact with me. I have started a  page on my homepage honoring him. I want to know everything about him. I have written letters to the President, my local and state representatives. As of yet I have not received an responses. I want to know  if Gatwood's family would like to speak to me
and would like me to hepl them get their son home. Please if anyone knows them .... please help me. Iwant to get him back home. I feel the government has turn its back on him and he has a right to be home. I want to have piece of mind knowing he is where he should be. Since I have gotten his name from Operation Just Cause, I am unable to sleep without dreaming of the horrors he must be going through. Please help me.

Debra Irvin

From - Thu Nov 12 19:25:28 1998
From: Joslife@aol.com

I have been wearing Steven Heitman's MIA bracelet since '72, and have removed it only during surgery in '85.
I see his name is on the Wall....but until I see evidence of Steven, I shall take the bracelet to the grave if necessary, or unless his family contacts me requesting it.

From - Thu Nov 12 19:25:31 1998
From: "molly harnack" <167molly@chibardun.net>
Subject: LoveLetters   Maj Joseph Byrne

I just found this site, and it has helped somewhat answer my question as to what happened to the person who's P.O.W. ring I have kept with me since 1975. The name on the ring is MAJ.. Joseph Byrne,missing 3-13-68 -Laos

Although; I never knew this person, he has been with me in thought every day. I just wanted a way to let His family know there are people that still care and will keep praying for them. I have a family now myself, I can not imagine living without knowing where your loved-one could be. May God bless the family of MAJ. JOSEPH H BYRNE, and keep you strong.


Molly Hansen

From - Thu Nov 12 19:25:38 1998
Subject:      Fwd: Veteran's poem

I thought I'd pass along the following e-mail because I believe it was written for all of us and many more.  My son Brian was driving to work yesterday listening to a local DC radio station when they read a poem about veterans.  It touched him sufficiently to write the message to the station, and they acknowledged it.  It brings tears to my eyes every time I read it.


* * * * * * * * * * *

I too wish to thank you for reading that poem this morning.  It really touched me, for I know all too well the level of respect our veterans deserve.  On December 18, 1972, my father's B-52 was shot down over Hanoi during the Christmas raids (Operation Linebacker II) that Nixon had ordered to bring the Vietnamese back to the peace talks.  My father and three other crewmen were taken prisoner.  The two others became were added to that always too long "Missing in Action" list.  He finally came home in March of '73, and I was born 13 months later.

There has been a great revival of emotions in our family over the past few years.  His crashsite has been located, and one of the MIA's found.  My dad has also been interviewed by both the Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

Last Memorial Day, I had the honor of going to the reunion held in Dallas celebrating the 25th anniversary of their release.  The brotherhood and support shown by all these men who share one common bond was just amazing. Having met men like Paul Galanti, Dick Stratton and Doug Hegdahl, along with some of my father's crew members has permanently enriched my life.  And it doesn't stop there.  I am now part of a "sons and daughters of" mailing list, communicating with some people who I haven't even met, and yet we carry on like good friends.

When I feel like life is getting a bit out of control, I look at my father's POW bracelet and think about what he went through, and realize that he was only two years older than I am now when he survived one of the worst ordeals possible.  It puts it all into perspective, and I know all my problems aren't that bad.

I wish to say how proud I am of my father, Hank Barrows, and thank you.

Brian Barrows

From - Thu Nov 12 19:25:45 1998
From: Eaulicin@aol.com
Subject: Maj John Conlon III

To the Family of Major John F Conlon III,
I have a POW/MIA bracelet bearing Major Conlon's name, that I wore many years ago.  I have kept it all these years.  I just found this website and thought I would leave this message.  If you would like me to mail you this bracelet, just let me know.  
                                   Elizabeth Aulicino 

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:00 1998
From: Don & Jane Kay Poore <dpoore@computerland.net>
Subject: Russell Arden Poore

I wear the bracelet of LtC Russell Arden Poore - missing since 4 Feb 67.  I have his biography sheet, but wonder if there's more information.  For instance, three people survived the shoot down and were prisoners that were eventually released.  Wouldn't there be reports about what they know . . . if Russell Poor was still alive at the time
of the crash, did they parachute, if so how many parachutes were seen, etc.  Also of the six men involved in the shoot down, three came home alive, and two bodies have been returned, one in 1977 and the other in 1990.  Finding out why there was so much time lag would be impossible, I'm sure.  What did the three that were released (Jack Bomar, John Davies and John Fer) know about Russell Poor in captivity?  Did they see him, hear of him, etc.  Obviously, I think it's known what happened to Russell Poor.  But, I can't seem to be able to find anything.  Can you help me?

Also, what about his family.  Are his parents still alive, or did they die not knowing what happened to their son?  My "little" brother was in VietNam, so I know the anguish a family goes through.  I can not imagine not knowing and my heart goes out to this family.  Did he have a wife, children, pets?  Is there anyway to put a human face to this bracelet? Does the family know that someone wears his name and cares very much.
They're in my prayers each night, so it's be easier if I knew a few facts.  I don't know if that's allowed for bracelet wearers.  People ask about my bracelet and therefore him.  Most people are genuinely concerned, but for those that it's just have a passing curiosity, I carry a card with the information about Russell Poor that I give to them
hoping to peak their interest in our MIA's.

Thanks for your time!

Don & Jane Poore
Columbia, Mo

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:18 1998
From: "Delaney, Louanne" <LDelaney@alston.com>
Subject: Paul Getchell

Re: POW/MIA bracelet for Paul E. Getchell, USAF - 1/13/69

I wanted to send this e-mail to let the family/friends of Paul Getchell know that I still have the bracelet I received in 1973 while in high school in Chattanooga, TN.  I have always wondered what happened to him and now thanks to the technology of the Internet, I have been able to find out.  

Although I am saddened to learn that he is still missing I wanted you to know that I will continue to keep him in my thoughts and prayers. 


Louanne Delaney
5218 Haybridge Road
Charlotte, NC  28269

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:37 1998
From: "Jill A. Lorenz" <trek@penn.com>

Capt. Kenneth Backus  5-22-67
Maj. Martin Steen  5-31-66

I have bracelets of these two courageous men.  Anyone willing to contact me regarding either one may do so at  trek@penn.com

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:29 1998
From: rogerlf@webtv.net (roger ford)
Subject: To the family of SSG Billy J. Ellis

I served in the U.S.Army for ten years and fought in Operation Just Cause. I have been wearing the MIA braclet of Billy Ellis for 9 years now and just discovered that he is still missing. I want the family to know that I still care and still wear this braclet in rememberance of him. I would love to hear from his family and let them know how much I think of him and all those that gave all for us. As a combat vetern myself I am proud to know that if I had become a POW/MIA that someone cared. I don't want to open sore wounds for his family. But I do want them to know that I will wear this until I DIE or until he COMES HOME. GOD BLESS AND WE STILL CARE!!!!

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:46 1998
From: <jammilehigh@uswest.net>
Subject: Capt Jack P. Dove

Hello. I hold the bracelet of Capt Jack P. Dove of Bluefield, Virginia.  My name is Jeff and I just turned 38 years old.  I believe I obtained this bracelet in 1972, and have proudly worn and displayed it since then.  I have never forgotten that this man is a hero, and have hoped for the day that I could return it to his family.  Through the internet, I recently learned that Capt Dove's remains had been identified and returned from Vietnam on 7/25/98.  I pray that this has provided his family with closure.  I am one that never gave up hope for these brave souls, and with the confirmation that he is returned, I am now fully able to let go of his symbol - to those who most deserve it. If anyone out there can assist me in finding Capt Dove's loved ones, please reply via E-mail.  I live in Colorado.  God Bless.

From - Thu Nov 12 19:27:36 1998
From: Jerry Blevins <jblevins@spk.usace.army.mil>
Organization: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Subject: Scott W. McIntire LT. COL 12-10-71

To Scott's family:

In respect and remembrance of Scott, I still wear the POW/MIA bracelet on Veterans Day (for a week). It has been many years but the price made by Scott and of many of my friends carries on forever in my thoughts.

May they all rest in peace with the Good LORD always.

           Jerry Blevins,   Fair Oaks, California,      blevins@ns.net

From - Thu Nov 12 19:27:45 1998
From: Partina@aol.com
Subject: Paul W. Bannon

Dear Jeff & family,

I think of you so often and hope that your health is still holding up.  I know from the brief time we spoke that you will fight your disease as long as you possibly can.  Your father is also on my mind a lot.  Finding a replica of his bracelet at the wall was such an incredible experience for me. I want you to know that I am wearing it now and since I now understand more than I did as a 12 year old, I don't plan to take it off.  

I was in Birmingham last week and wanted to call you but since I did not hear back from you after I sent the biography I decided not to.  I would really like to meet you and your family.  And to see pictures of your Father.  I thought (as did my family) that I was a little strange to have such an emotional attachment to someone I never met but from reading the messages posted here, I realize that I am just one of thousands.

I have moved since we talked. Please email me if you get this.

Ami Partin 

From - Thu Nov 12 23:20:22 1998
From: "Michele Hoffman" <towerbel@lodinet.com>
Subject: Rick Medaris

Re: Rick E. Medaris
Date of Loss 11/4/69

To the Family of Rick E. Medaris,
In 1970 I sent away for a braclet of a POW/MIA and recieved one with Rick's name on it.

I proudly wore that braclet for many years.  I always wondered about Rick and the outcome of his fate.

In Sept. of 1997 I took a trip to Washington DC, and had to see the "Wall". It was raining that day and as I looked over the many names, I wondered if Rick's name was there.  I was unaware that I could have found it by the use of an index in the area.

I left the area still wondering about him.

It wasn't until I heard on the radio today that I could find this site and and gain some information.

Sadly tonight I finally learned of his death in a helicopter accident.

Over the years I have explained to my children and now, grandchildren, what the braclet represents.  It has been a tangible tool in teaching them all about war and the real people who don't always come home.

If Rick's family wants this braclet I would gladly give it to them.  If not, it will be kept safe for many years to come with my daughter's family.  She is a family historian and cherishes the importance of memorabilia.

After 29 years of not knowing what happened to Rick, I finally feel some piece of mind, while at the same time a great deal of sadness.

He lives on in my memory and also will in the memory of my family.

Michele Hoffman

From - Thu Nov 12 19:26:15 1998
From: Lorr47@aol.com
Subject; Frederick Cristman

My email address has changed since I last wrote. I thought I would update by sending this again.

I proudly wear the bracelet for FREDERICK L CRISTMAN. I have  worn it only a short time, but it gives me great comfort somehow in my everyday life.  Would be glad to hear from any family, relatives, friends, or anyone else who knows of him.    Thank you.      Lorraine

From - Sat Nov 14 08:17:40 1998
From: BUFFY114@aol.com
Subject: POW Bracelet Capt. Earl Brown

Hello. My deepest sympathies at your loss so many years ago. I apologize for waiting so long to try to find this family. I just found my parents' bracelets and decided to try to return them to their rightful owners. I am hoping that someone from the family or friends of the family of Capt. Earl Brown (11- 24- 69)  will see this and respond. If you do not wish to respond, I will hold on to the bracelet, but I felt that I should at least try to contact you. Please, anyone with any information, email me. Thank you very much, and I want you to know that reading these letters and going through this page, even at only 15, I feel a sense of reverence and honor has been properly given to these brave people who fought for the country I live in today. 

  Allison Hofstetter

From - Mon Nov 16 11:04:43 1998
From: JMatthews26@compuserve.com
Subject: RICHARD  E. NYHOF   USAF  6/18/72


               19 CURTIS RD.
               CANTON ,  MA   02021



                        YOUR IN MY PRAYERS
                        CHERYL MATTHEWS

From - Mon Nov 16 11:04:47 1998
From: "Linda Boehmke" <lindabmk@carol.net>
Subject: Barton S. Creed

Since April 3, 1998, I have proudly worn the pow bracelet with the name  Barton S. Creed.  He was shot down over Laos on March 13, 1971. As my  father was in the Navy for over thirty years, I felt a bond as soon as I saw Mr. Creed was in the Navy.  I would appreciate hearing from friends and relatives so I may know a little more about Mr. Creed.

Thank you.


From - Mon Nov 16 14:45:16 1998
From: StrsNBrs76@aol.com
Subject: LCDR John B. Tapp

I have the bracelet of LCDR Tapp, I found his name and info about him on the websites.  I chose this bracelet because he is from KY, like my family, including my grandfather who served in Vietnam.  If any one knows him or is related to him, please contact Dawn at StrsNBrs76@aol.com.  I have had this bracelet for almost 4 yrs and will have forever if necessary. 

From - Mon Nov 16 11:04:46 1998
From: IQMTJO@aol.com
Subject: Request for assistance

I'm retired Air Force Colonel Thomas J. O' Connor trying to locate Mrs. Betty Castillo, wife of Richard Castillo (a prior MIA).  Richard was an Air Force Captain whose AC130A aircraft was shot down in Laos on March 29, 1972. Mrs. Castillo's last city of residence was Corpus Christi, Texas. Please provide information and/or forward this message on to those who may help me in this search. E-Mail is:  IQMTJO@aol.com

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Thomas J. O'Connor, Colonel (ret.), USAF

From - Thu Nov 19 14:34:55 1998
From: BERLIN & CATHY LOPEZ <"berlin@li-fish.net"@li-fish.net>
Subject: Capt. Murray L. Wortham

To the family of Capt. Wortham,
I have worn the POW bracelet of Capt. Wortham for nearly 30 years, and today it is worn by my 18 year old son. It is a constant reminder of how precious life is, and of the dedicated men and women who sacrificed thier lives for all of ours.

We have only recently entered the world of computers and instant information, and are thankful for this opportunity to possibly reach out to you. It is our desire to give the bracelet to a member of Capt. Wortham's family. It seems only right that it be passed down through the hands and hearts of those whom he loved. Until that time, we are honored to be the ones to wear it proudly.

We can be reached at: berlin28@juno.com
or by writing to: PO Box 833
Jamesport, NY 11947-0833

From - Tue Nov 24 17:54:29 1998
From: WOLF2022@aol.com
Subject: Donald Lee Sparks

This is to the family of Donald Lee Sparks. I have had a bracelet with Donald's name on it for some time. I have just recently got a computer and found information about him. I wanted you to know that I wear the bracelet everyday. I have tried for a long time to find out what happened to Donald and now with this website I know. I have a lot of people ask me about the bracelet and now I can tell them, Donald's story. This letter leaves me with tears in my eyes. I don't have the words to say. I just wanted you to know that he is thought about everyday.

Sgt. Phil Davis

From - Wed Nov 25 11:33:54 1998
From: "Anita Martin" <awmartin@aristotle.net>
Subject: George Spitz

I have the bracelet for Capt. George Spitz, USAF, shot down in Laos on Feb. 5,1973.  I would like to know if his family has email or if they would be interested to know that someone still wears his bracelet. My address is:  anitamartin@yahoo.com
I originally received my bracelet from Kinston, North Carolina ( that is my home state)

My home address is :  113 Mulberry, Cabot, AR 72023

Anita Martin

From - Fri Nov 27 08:18:16 1998
From: LHSXCNTRY@aol.com
Subject: Stephen W. Harris, SSG, USAF

I was in the Air Force from Mar 73 to Dec 76, and after being out for a short period enlisted in the Missouri National Guard and am a currently serving SSG. Shortly after I enlisted in the Guard, a good friend and fellow Guard member introduced me to a group of Veterans who helped me get an MIA braclet of a USAF NCO from Missouri who was listed as MIA. The name on the braclet was Stephen W. Harris from Springfield MO and I wore that braclet for years.  I often stopped and said a prayer that one day this fellow warrior would return to his family one way or the other and today I have learned that his remains were returned in 1995.

I don't know if any of the family of this brave man will ever read this message, but in the off chance that someone knowing them does, please relay to them that I mourn the loss of their loved one with them and that I kept the faith.  I wish I could return the braclet to the family, but it broke on a training mission some years ago and the pieces were lost.  Even though the braclet was gone, I never gave up hope, and I would like to thank POWNET for putting this page together.

I will continue to prayer for Stephen, and for his family.  My hope is that God in his wisdom and mercy has enabled the family to carry on.

Sleep well Stephen, and thank you,

Jeffrey M. Smart

From - Sun Nov 29 08:25:48 1998
From: "Junny Jackson" <jack121@ibm.net>
Subject: Wilbur Brown

To the family of Capt. Wilbur Brown of Wilmington, NC. I have put up a webpage for Capt. Brown and would like to get some pictures of him to put on the page. Also any personal information you would like to put on the page. The current URL for Capt. Brown's Page is:    http://members.tripod.com/~Tarlander/powmia2.htm

If you would like to contact me my email is jack121@bigfoot.com and my address is:

Junny Jackson
307 Greg St.
Archdale, NC  27263

Please feel free to contact me at anytime. I want you to know that someone else will be standing the vigil along side of you until Capt. Brown is accounted for.

My deepest regards,

Junny Jackson

From - Mon Nov 30 08:43:50 1998
From: "1WindRider" <pegasus@dsuper.net>
Subject: MIA Robert Joseph Di Tommaso

  I would like the family of Bobby to contact me if at all possible... I was wondering if anyone knew if he was ever found.

After doing the family tree, I strongly believe that Robert Joseph DiTommaso is a cousin as we have a Robert in the  family tree with the same DOB and a branch of the family in the US.

Thank you and hope to have news soon.

Joanne Di Tommaso
Montreal, Canada

n.b. i can be emailed at     pegasus@dsuper.net

From - Mon Nov 30 08:47:11 1998
From: Striker22 <striker22@innocent.com>
Subject:  LTJG Edward B. Shaw 9-5-65

To the Family and Friends of LTJG Edward B. Shaw (as of 9-5-65),

        I am writing this in hopes that one day you may find this site; I am an active duty service member who has been wearing the bracelet bearing the name of Edward B. Shaw for 9 years now. I received my bracelet while I was stationed in Hawaii and have served on color guard details, in change of command ceremonies, and I have driven dignitaries during the 50th anniversary ceremonies/remembrance festivities for the bombing of Pearl Harbor all the while saluting commissioned officers with my right hand proudly displaying my bracelet, our reminder for "brothers still serving". My fear that I would never have any information sent to me or find out anything regarding Edward Shaw due to my continuing changes of address with the military were relieved with the discovery of this site! The once scarlet covered bracelet is a bit faded, scratches and scrapes mark it's constant wear, but, it is nothing that will hide the fact that I still care. I have gotten 'thanked' by Vietnam Veterans for still displaying loyalty by wearing a POW/MIA bracelet, but it is I who would like to thank my brothers-in-arms, their families, and my POW/MIA Edward B. Shaw for the highest sacrifice; fly Old Glory by the Throne of God, Shipmates, we will all come Home. God Bless and serve proudly.

UT1(SCW) ChetPaila RL. Shaw USN

From - Mon Nov 30 08:47:27 1998
From: DixiJaz@aol.com
Subject: Kenneth Lancaster

I have been wearing a POW/MIA bracelet for close to fifteen years now. The name is almost illigible. I received it as a gift from a former POW. The name on the bracelet is Kenneth R. Lancaster.  As of my last search, he was still reported as missing.  This is just a note to his family to let them know that they are not the only ones to remember him, though I never met him. If you wish to resond email me. dixijaz@aol.com

From - Thu Dec 03 08:09:07 1998
From: "Gray, Chad" <gsi16468@gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu>
Subject: Sgt David Parker

To the family of Sgt. David Wayne Parker:
        My name is SPC Chad C. Gray with SVC BTY 1-118th FA, Georgia Army National Guard.  I am a student at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia.  I recently received a POW/MIA bracelet with Sgt. Parker's name inscribed.  I specifically requested the name of a Georgia native.  I wear the bracelet every day in remembrance of him and the sacrifice he made.I am somewhat familar with his disappearance from research that I have conducted.  I would like to find out more about him if possible. If you would like to e-mail me my address is gsi164682gsaix2.cc.gasou.edu.

Chad C. Gray

From - Thu Dec 03 08:09:14 1998
From: RacinYank@aol.com
Subject: family/friends of EDWARD A. WILLING

I wear EDWARD A. WILLING's bracelet.
US Marine Corps
Company D, 2nd Battalion, 13th Marines
Home: Wilmington, DE
B-date: 28 Aug. 1949
Date of loss: 21 July 1968

I would very much like to get in contact with his family or anyone who knew or served with him.

I have been on this 'search' for a long time.  If it were not for responses from Marines ( thru postings at various pages ), I would not even have known of this ( wonderfully caring, informative and well done) page.

Edward and his family are in my heart and thoughts daily.....I often 'speak' to him.

Pat       RacinYank@aol.com

From - Mon Dec 07 10:10:40 1998
From: "tropical" <tropical@isni.net>
Subject: LCDR Terry Dennison

If a family member of LCDR Terry Dennison would like to respond, please email me at tropical@isni.net .  Thank you

From - Mon Dec 07 20:45:49 1998
From: "teresa" <tjohnson@bootheel.net>
Subject: Maj Richard Allee


This message is to the family of Maj. Richard Allee, MIA 12-21-68.  I wanted you to know that I have the bracelet that was issued in his name.  I have had it for at least 25 years; I really don't remember when I got it.  Anyway, I have never forgotten his name or his purpose or what he stood for, even though I never knew him.   I have not had a family member who has fought in any war so I cannot imagine what you went through for so many years just waiting.  I feel that if Maj. Richard Allee had been my father, brother, or son, I would want to hold on to all of the memories that I could and that is why I would like to give "his" bracelet to you if you want it.  You can e-mail me at tjohnson@bootheel.net if you wish to respond.


N5799 Nighdngak Rd.
Wittenberg, WI 54499

Monday, August 31, 1998

To the Family of Captain Lee Cornwell III

I have been in contact with the POW organization and am following their directive to communicate with you.

For over 20 years I have been wearing the POW bracelet of Capt.  Lee Cornwell III.  Ironically, when I picked the bracelet at random, it turns out that his date of disappearance is my birthday.  I have always wanted to know a little information about Captain Cornwell's family and to let them know that I am dedicated to wear this bracelet until he is found.  Because I am allergic to metal, the bracelet is painted inside with fingernail polish which is covered with felt.  It has cracked and is taped together, but it is still religiously wom.

If you should care to communicate with me or share any details with regard to Captain Cornwell, I would greatly appreciate it.  If not, I understand completely.


         Debbie Kersten

From - Thu Dec 10 22:28:02 1998
From: david doebele <david.doebele@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: John Huntley, MIA.Vietnam war

Dear family members:

I have carried your son's MIA/POW bracelet for years, and will continue to do so that his memory will not be forgot.

I remain a fellow brother in arms,


From - Thu Dec 10 22:28:07 1998
From: mickey.merrell@ibm.net
Subject: Larry Greene

I have been wearing a bracelet for USMC CPL GREEN, LARRY E. (missing since 26 Mar 68) for nearly 12 yrs. now.  I just wanted his family to know that he is still remembered.  The last known location of his family that I have found is in Mt Clemens, MI.  You can contact me at my E-mail address



                MICKEY G. MERRELL, SSGT, USAF

From - Sun Dec 13 07:28:07 1998
From: kara <khevener@kent.edu>
Subject:  Capt. George W. Morris Jr.

        I have been wearing Capt. George W. Morris' bracelet for a little over a year.  I am very curious about him and am interested in any information. Also, I would like his family and friends to know I wear the bracelet proudly and think of him daily. In a few years I will be an Air Force officer just as Capt. Morris was and I hope I can serve
my country as honorably as he has done. I am also curious if anyone else wears a bracelet with his name on it.  I realize there are probably more than just one bracelet for each person. I would be interested in contacting his family, but I do not want to reopen wounds. Thank You so much.

Kara S. Hevener

From - Tue Dec 22 07:41:02 1998
From: Marlene Aultman marss@execpc.com
Subject: Richard Bowers

I am hoping to hear from the family of Richard Lee Bowers, Wisconsin.


"Have A Good Day!..
"Marlene & Baby Cat"

From - Wed Dec 23 07:55:58 1998
From: Tweenunme@aol.com
Subject: Larry Lehrke

To the family of Larry Lehrke,

For many years I have worn and/ or carried a POW bracelet belonging to S/Sgt Larry Lehrke, a member of the USAF who disappeared in June of 1972. It was just tonight, Dec. 22, 1998, that I finally learned of his fate via a link sent to me for a website offering the information. I am saddened to know that my POW, and your loved one, did not survive that senseless war. But I am also glad to know what finally happened to him. My prayers and thoughts are with you, his family, especially at this time of the year.

May God bless you....
Mary Elliott
Vancouver, Washington
email at Tweenunme@aol.com

From - Wed Dec 23 07:55:59 1998
From: robynsnest@simflex.com
Subject: M/Sgt Robert J. Sullivan

In the early 70's when I was a young girl I picked out a special bracelet. Today over 20 years later and a mother of 3 grown sons, I still have that special bracelet. If anyone knows any information on Robert J. Sullivan, killed in Laos on July 12, 1967 please contact me at robyn_415@yahoo.com.

From - Mon Dec 28 08:13:11 1998
From: SBDlearner@aol.com
Subject: Arthur Ecklund

To The Family of Arthur G Ecklund;
        During this time of Joy and Festivities (Christmas) my thoughts are with you and Arthur. May God Bless you and protect Arthur. I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!

                                          GOD BLESS

From - Tue Dec 29 14:09:35 1998
From: "Kenneth Slavin" <kenslavin@email.msn.com>
Subject: S/SGT. Richard Fitts

December 29, 1998

To the family of S/SGT. Richard A. Fitts:

It was with great sadness that just today I have learned of the death of your loved one, Richard Fitts.  I have owned the original POW/MIA  bracelet with his name engraved on it since 1973 -- when I was 12 years old.  For many years as a teenager, I wore the bracelet.  And as a devout young Catholic and an altar boy, I aways  included Sergeant Fitts in my prayers at Mass.  The bracelet had very special meaning to me, not only because of memory of an honorable soldier, but also because my own father is a surviving veteran of the Vietnam War (1968-69).  My brother and sister and I grew up with tremendous respect for those who suffered in that war -- both in Vietnam and back here at home.  And our mother -- indeed, our entire family -- has known the pain that many families of Vietnam veterans go through.

As the years went by and I started high school, I stopped wearing the bracelet, but kept it in a shoebox with other important personal items and souvenirs.  It moved with me wherever my father was stationed in the U.S. Coast Guard-- even as far away as Alaska.  II often wondered if my POW/MIA had made it home safely and I always hoped he had.  The bracelet always made me feel that I was somehow spiritually linked to him.

I only recently rediscovered my bracelet while unpacking boxes in my home office.  Having recently bought a home computer and started experimenting with the Internet, I decided to begin researching what happened to the bracelets across the country -- and to see if I could find out anything about Sergeant Fitts.

This morning, within only a few moments of looking up the POW Network, I had my answer.  I am so very disappointed and saddened to discover that his remains were returned nearly 10 years ago.  I had hoped --perhaps naively -- to discover that he had returned home safely and had envisioned contacting him and returning his bracelet to him.

My sympathy and prayers go out to the Fitts family for their loss.   I hope it will bring some comfort to know that a young boy -- and now a "30-something" man -- never forgot the name of Richard Fitts and that many prayers were said in his honor.  And knowing that it has been many years since they put Richard to rest, I will respect th family's grief and will not try to contact them.  However, I plan to follow the POW Network's instructions and take the bracelet to a Vietnam memorial -- probably the one
here in San Antonio, Texas.  But just in case the family reads this letter and would like to claim the bracelet, I will hold onto it for a few weeks before leaving it at the memorial.

If family or friends of Sgt. Fitts see this note, feel free to contact me at kenslavin@msn.com.

With deepest respect and sympathy,

Kenneth R. Slavin
San Antonio, Texas
December 29, 1998

From - Sat Jan 02 07:31:27 1999
From: "Rainbow Dancer" <rdancer@gte.net>
Subject: Peter Sherman

To the Family of Capt. Peter Sherman

I don't know what to say.  I have been wearing Capt. Sherman's bracelet since   early 73, always hoping that somehow he would survive.  My son teethed on it, and more recently his son has done the same.  Today I found the POW Network and discovered Capt Sherman's remains were returned in 91.  I know  my families feellings are not as deep as yours, but we want you to know that we care, and that your husband, father,
brother has been a part of our family too.  I want to continue to wear my (our) bracelet as people still ask about it and become willing to learn more.  I've had people that I haven't seen for years remember his name!?!  May they remember the lesson as well. rdancer@gte.net

From - Sun Jan 03 07:44:39 1999
From: Casmyra@aol.com
Subject: John Ware

I just want to let the family of John A. Ware know that there is someone that has not forgotten him.  I have been wearing his bracelet since November 3, 1970, one day shy of one year of his date of disappearance. I have wanted to contact his family for several years, but did not want to upset them.  There are people in the U.S. that still care about the soldiers that gave their lives for our country.  My husband was in the USMC from 1971-79, but was not sent to Nam.  He feels deprived, but I feel he was very fortunate.  It is a shame the way this country has treated those that have returned.  Sometimes I wonder if that is not why some of them have not returned.  John was doing his job and gave his life, whether it be spiritual or physical.  I pray that John A. Ware will return one day soon and will be greeted with open arms.  If any family member or friend of John's reads this, you can contact me at Casmyra@aol.com.  I would love to hear from you.  God be with you.

From - Sun Jan 10 06:31:58 1999
From: ECBJCJC@aol.com
Subject: Mitchell Sadler

Hi. My name is Elaine and I have a MIA bracelet.  I just now thought of looking his name up on the Internet.  He is Capt. Mitchell Sadler Jr. 6-30-70. I can't tell you how sad I felt, when I looked up his name and found it.  I have worn my bracelet off and on and it is kept in my jewelry box. I have thought of him often and my hopes and preyers were with him and his family.  I guess I thought if I didn't look him up he always had a chance to be alive! The reason I'm writing is to find out if the family or anyone else wants it. Not that I want to give it up but if it was my brother, son or father I think I would want it.  I don't know for sure but want to check.  I don't know if you can help me or not.  If not thank you very much for your time for reading this.  Thank you very much and may god be with you.

       Thanks again,

From - Mon Jan 11 13:27:17 1999
From: PacBack311@aol.com
Subject: The Commander

To the family of Bruce A. Nystrom --
I have had The commanders POW bracelet on for approximately fifteen years I also have his history and a picture that was sent to me when I spoke to the commanders wife back when I lived in St. Augusitne Fl. and she was in Jaxsonville. You should know that I think of The Commander often and tell people of him when they see my bracelet. I don't know what more I could say, But if you have anything new, you can write me at 7-H Brookside DR. East, Harriman, New York. 10926 or Email Pacback311@aol.com  My name is Steven Rago

For the Commander...

From - Tue Jan 12 08:30:36 1999
From: "scott howard" <dabuddha@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: SGT Joseph A Matejov

I have been wearing a bracelet for SGT Joseph  Matejov for approx. 11 years now, while visiting the Wall for the first time, I was able to look thru the bins of bracelets that were for sale there.  Having seperated from the USAF a year earlier I was looking for an Air Force bracelet and had a hard time finding an enlisted man, like myself, they were mainly officers in the bin.  That's when I came across Joe's bracelet,  He was a SGT, like myself, he was from New York city, like myself and he went down on my 10th birthday.

I have taken Joe everywhere with me, he went to Bora Bora on my honeymoon, been in the deliveryroom when my two youngest were born and he is a constant reminder to me of what real sacrifice and commitment mean.  My oldest boy is aware of him although he is still too young to understand.

I would like his mother Mary to know I still think of him and his family,  and that if my family and I can be of any help to her to please contact us.

My email address is dabuddha@worldnet.att.net

God bless and take care.
Scott Howard
USAF 82-86

From - Tue Jan 12 13:52:14 1999
From: "Aanenson, Ted MAJ" <taanenson@pollution.org>
Subject: Thomas Moore

To the family of CMSgt Thomas Moore/ USAF/ 31 OCT 65:

Dear Terri,

It's been a while since I last talked to you. Hope you are doing well.

I have your father's MIA bracelet on. Have only been wearing it for a little over a year now but plan to keep wearing it. I am still working full-time for the Army National Guard so I'm around people who know what the bracelet is and what it stands for. I also volunteer at the Texas Military Forces Museum. Its a lot of fun, especially when I get the chance to give a tour to the kids.

Drop me a note if you get the chance. Take care.

Ted N. Aanenson
tednaanenson@juno.com  (home)  or  taanenson@pollution.org  (office)

From - Tue Jan 12 14:02:12 1999
From: "Jayson Gehri" <jgehri@hotmail.com>
Subject: The family of Donald W. Downing

     I am currently an Air Force ROTC cadet and recieved a POW/MIA bracelet.  I had the name Donald W. Downing.  I have always held respect for those who fought for our country, since being in ROTC that respect  has sharpened.  I wanted to research this man because I wanted to know  what happened to him in order for his name to show up on my bracelet.  I am also from Wisconsin and was also born in Janesville.  I currently
live in Edgerton, WI.  I don't know what it is, but that makes the bond  even more strong.  I want any relatives to know that I will always  remember this man and will carry his memory with me through out my own  Air Force career.  I pray to God that he is either safe or with God.   Thank you, this will live with me forever.

                                        Jayson A. Gehri
                                        AFROTC Det 028
                                        Prescott, AZ

From - Wed Jan 13 18:13:48 1999
From: "Pete Pontius" <pilate@gte.net>
Subject: Ronald Janousek


I am writing with hopes of finding family of Ronald Janousek.  I attended a VietNow parade as a senior in High School in 1987 and purchased a POW/MIA bracelet bearing his name.  It started out as red and has since turned silver from wear as I've worn it every day except my wedding in 1995.  The bracelet was with me however, as I wanted him to have something he may have never had.  I searched for 4 years until I found an organization who was able to send me a report documenting what I had hoped I would never read.  He was shot down on a secret mission on the border of Laos and SVN.  I'll never forget that day as I cried uncontrollably for the longest time.  I wrote a letter which was to be forwarded to family.  I never heard back, so I don't know if it was ever
received.  I want his family to know that although I was only 41 days old when he lost his life, I feel a deep connection to him.  When stressed, worried or nervous, I rub the engraving of his name for comfort.  It always seems to help.  Thank you Ronald Janousek!


Angie Pontius
1102 Winston Court
Normal, IL 61761

From - Tue Jan 19 08:15:42 1999
From: JoiMac@aol.com
Subject: RE:  Edward Arlo Willing

I am hoping to find any friend or family member, or veteran buddy of Edward. I have worn his bracelet for years and years.  I really wish I could find someone who knew him.  Please contact me at  JOIMAC@aol.com


From - Sun Jan 24 08:26:33 1999
From: Harriet Keith <hck@mindspring.com>
Subject:  SgtMaj Ronald Dexter

I would like to contact family of Ronald Dexter; I've had his bracelet since I was a teen.  His hometown was Abilene, Tx, and he was married at the time of his  death in Laos.  Please e-mail me at hck@mindspring.com or hck@fngp.com

From - Sun Jan 24 08:26:43 1999
From: Stormey1@aol.com
Subject: Robert Bauble

To the family of SSGT Robert Leo Bauble, MIA 28 August 1966

I am in Washington, DC this week (January 23, 1999) visiting my daughter and son-in-law, who are in the air force stationed at Bolling AFB.

Today we visited the 'wall '  It was important for me to go for several reasons.  First and foremost to remember the brave soldiers who served their country, and as a result lost their lives.  Two of my older brothers were marines, and one served, and was wounded in Vietnam.  We were fortunate enough to have him return home alive.  Unfortunately, I lost my 3 oldest brothers at sea a few years later.

Today, I purchased the bracelet of Robert L. Babula, and I will remember him in my prayers from this day forward.

I just want you to know, he did not die in vain, and he is not forgotten.  God bless.

From - Mon Jan 25 18:14:17 1999
From: PFSSTAR98@aol.com
Subject: Col. Baras

Family of Col. Barras...

May I extend my family's most sincere condolence to your family on the news of Col. Barras.  Tonight we found out alot about this man we only knew as "Gregory Barras 12-18-68" as listed on a bracelet that my wife has had since her highschool days.  She wore it until the bracelet litterly wore in two...then placed it in her jewler box.  After I met her in 1977, she showed it to me while discussing the Vietnam War one day.  I was supprised to see that no other information was on it (except what is listed above). I repaired the bracelet the best I could, but it isn't strong enough to wear. Over the years, she has mentioned the bracelet, wanting to find out more about "Gregory".  We tried several different addresses and organizations over the years, but with no results.  Until now...

Since the ability to get on "the Web", I have researched many things. And tonight, 24 Jan 1999, I researched (for the first time) "Gregory Barras".  I wasn't prepared for the information I found.  As my wife said, and I'm sorry to say, I never really thought of "this name" as a person, until tonight.  As Col. Barras's name appeared on the Bio-list I
had found, I was overcome with grief.  I am a Christian, but the feeling of helplessness came over me... I could barely utter my wife's name to come to my side.  And then... when we read that just this past month, Col. Barras was "returned home"...we cried.  We are so sorry that he was killed over in Laos...and so long ago, but we never forgot his name (sorry we never got to know more about him sooner).

My wife and I would like to know if, as the family of Col. Gregory Barras, you would want to have this bracelet.  I feel it would mean alot to my wife to know his family had it.  May I pray that you, Gregory Barras's family, find peace and comfort now that he has been brought home.  May God bless you all.


Reed & Pam Litch

From - Fri Jan 29 14:12:03 1999
From: Nanci Olender <olenden@scc.losrios.cc.ca.us>
Subject: Lt. Barton S. Creed

I just wanted the family to know that I still have my bracelet and pray for your all.  It was nice to look up his name on the MIA/POW listings and finally put a face to name.  He is not forgotten....

From - Sun Jan 31 08:27:42 1999
From: david doebele <david.doebele@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: John Huntley, MIA.Vietnam War

Dear family members:

I have carried your son's MIA/POW bracelet for years, and will continue to do so that
his memory will not be forgot.

I remain a fellow brother in arms,


From - Sun Jan 31 18:09:38 1999
From: Pufky@aol.com
Subject: Maj. William Thompson

My bracelet says Maj. William Thompson, 8/1/68, with a blue star.

I have held the POW/MIA bracelet of Maj. Thompson since the beginning. Although I have not worn the bracelet (since I became allergic to it many years ago), this man has been in my heart.  Through the technology of the internet, I have learned of Maj. (Col.) Thompson's status.  It's strange how I can be here with tears in my eyes caring for someone I never knew, but my heart is so full.  Not only of tears, because he hasn't come home yet, but of the sacrifice he has made, I will always be so grateful.

Thanks to him and his family. I will continue to pray for you.


Dee Riggs
E-mail add: Pufky@aol.com 

From - Fri Feb 12 20:32:59 1999
From: LadybugsGM@aol.com
Subject: "Memories"

I recently found the site and was really impressed. I had often wondered about my soldier whose name I wore on my bracelets. The names were more than imprints on metal. These were men, fighting for our country. I finally learned that my men did not come home alive. They are both listed BNR. This is sad for me and the family they left behind. I wonder what life has brought to my men's families. I knew several men in Nam
but they survived and returned to Garland, but they never talked about their tour. Now that I am older and the daughter of a W.W.II vet I understand why. I had to see Saving Private Ryan, to fully understand the silence a soldier has within.

The strange part of my men, is they from 10 to 40 miles from where I live and lived while wearing the bracelets. I let my 3 year old grand daughter wear them yesterday. I tried to explain to her the value of them.

May you rest in Peace my two heroes.
James Harwood  1-15-71  Dallas
Cecil Hodgson 12-09-66 Greenville

Cecil was lost the date my Great grandmother died and a day before the date I was born on in different years of course.

Thank you Vets for the freedom we have here in the USA.


From - Sun Feb 14 08:11:29 1999
From: "Ann Rogers" <arogers@simflex.com>
Subject: Joseph Davies




From - Thu Feb 18 08:13:14 1999
From: HHMmbr@aol.com
Subject: Robert Phillips

Hi, my name is Ann Smith.  I wear the POW/MIA Bracelet for Robert P. Phillips from Ohio, lost 23 June 1970 in South Vietnam.  I am a veteran of the military myself, having served in the Army for 5 yrs.  Being away from my family was hard, so, I can only imagine what this family has gone through.  I recently found some information on Mr. Phillips and would love for someone to contact me.  I wear this bracelet, giving it a
rub daily......wondering if someday I can hand this over to the family, to the historical collection or the Wall, one day.   In the mean time, it'll always be with me.....a constant reminder of him and his family. You may e-mail or write to me at the following:
E- Mail: HHMmbr@aol.com or

Ann Smith
P.O. Box 1646
Hooks, TX  75561

From - Thu Feb 18 20:30:00 1999
From: ALKOL@webtv.net

If you are a family member or friend of Ron, please know that he is still in my heart. I wore his name on a Mia bracelet in the 70's,and have NEVER forgotten him. I visited the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C. 3 yrs. ago and found his name. I took some pictures and left flowers at the bottom of the wall, underneath his name. Please, feel free to contact me.

From - Tue Feb 09 08:21:56 1999
From: John Cary <lemuel@uswest.net>

To the Family of Gerry Mundt:
My name is John Cary.  Gerry and I went to pilot training together.  He was the best man at my wedding and we were assigned to Cam Ranh Bay together.  He was my best friend!!

Mrs. Mundt when Gerry was shot down, I wrote you and asked how I could help.  You wrote back and asked the specific location.  At the time it was classified and I told you that I could not give you that information.  In retrospect, I think I was wrong and have regretted my dicision for 30 years.  Please accept my apology.  I loved Gerry and feel
his loss daily.  He is always in my prayers.

John Cary
5452 W. Desert Hills Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85304
email: lemuel@uswest.net

Keri Bowers
email:   Keriduway@webtv.net or keribowers@earthlink.net

February 2, 1999

To the family of Capt.  Robert Kent

         I'm not sure how to begin the salutation of a letter such as this, let alone what I might say to you, so I will start with the purpose of my writing.

         I have possessed a POW bracelet etched with Capt.  Robert Kent's name and the date, 12-20- 68 since 1973.  At the time I bought the bracelet, I was a 13 year old girl, utterly ignorant of the significance of and meaning behind the bracelet I wore.

         Because I was so young, I understood little about the Vietnam war.  I had no grasp of the ramifications of war, of its horrid reality, or of the very real pain and destruction it caused to so many lives.  In truth, my fiiends and I wore the bracelets because at the time it was the fashionable thing to do.

         Somehow over the years, despite my own challenges and ever-changing life's circumstances, I have managed to hold the bracelet in safe keeping.  It has followed me through a move away from home to college at 16; the upside-down turn of my life when, at 25 my husband of five years died and most of my possessions were sold off and only a few things remained to be put in storage.  After that, a very rocky year
with several moves followed.  When I was 26, 1 entered a rehabilitation hospital for drug abuse, and once again my few belongings were moved to yet another storage facility.

         By the time I was 28 and to some degree or another I had settled down, I had my first child, Taylor.  Taylor was bom autistic - and I had yet another challenge to face and overcome.  With time, strength of conviction, and a deeply spiritual commitment, by the time I turned 30, I had come to find peace in the loss of my husband and for
the fact that my son was special.

         I mention these very personal things, because they have much to do with my growing understanding of the significance of the loss of Robert.

         Today, at 38, 1 can appreciate the life of one man - and of many men - who gave their lives in a thankless war.  And because of my own history, I can empathize with the pain of a family who lost a loved one.  Finally, I know what it is to go on, and in my case to triumph, in honor of the husband I lost and the "normal" child I will never have -
all despite those losses.

         Over the years, throughout my many moves and ever-changing circumstances, I have had occasion to take out the bracelet and wonder: what happened to Capt.  Robert Kent?  What of his family?

         Last October, my son, then 9 years old, decided he wanted to be a hippy for Halloween.  I rummaged through my belongings to find old love beads and other regalia of the era.  I once again came upon the bracelet.  But this time, my curiosity was more urgent.  I wondered how I could contact the family of Capt.  Robert Kent.  I considered writing to the defense department, but had no idea where to start, and so the idea that came, once again went.

         Last weekend, I opened the box containing the bracelet yet again.  I decided that the intemet was undoubtedly a resource worth looking into.  And so I came upon the P.O.W. Network Biography.

         As I looked through the long list of names, I sat with anticipation of finding the name - Capt. Robert Kent - and there, in alphabetical order, I found it.  As I pulled up t'ne page ano read what little information was there about Robert, I was struck with an amazing, chilling feeling.  I got goose bumps as the man named Capt.  Robert Kent
became real.  He belonged to somebody, and sadly, he never came home. Most of all, he was no longer just a name on a 13 year old girl's fashionable bracelet.

         And so I come to this point of writing to you.  It says on the Network home page that to return the bracelet would be an insult to the family if their loved one was abandoned again by returning the bracelet now.  And so I write to you instead, to say that for me, your loved one has been with me for a long time, and that the meaning of his life has become more personal to me with time, and that my prayers and thoughts
are with you, and forever with Robert.

                            Keri Bowers

From - Mon Feb 22 08:18:18 1999
From: knudsen@pacbell.net
Subject: Sgt. Steven M Hastings

To the Family and Friends of Sgt. Steven M Hastings,

I have, for so many years, had Sgt. Steven Hasting's bracelet.  It was given to me by an elderly woman that was nearing death and feared it would be discarded upon her death.  She gave it to me.  She must have known I would care; that I would keep caring.  Although I discussed it as often as appropriate,  I could not find the strength to wear it.  I was afraid I would lose faith.  The bracelet has sat out on my dresser for the past few years.

Recent events, added years, and maturity,  have made me more aware, more in touch with my own feelings regarding life and family; the lives of service men/women, my father among them.  Perhaps it is my own mortality or witnessing my child grow that gives me this new sense of being.  It is with the power of the internet, that I write.

I sorry for Steven's sake that  I didn't have the guts to wear it.
I am sorry for my father's sake that I have not been more vocal, more demanding of my government.
I hope you all have had the strength I have lacked.
I pray that your lives have been filled with  love and hope.
I pray that others find a new sense of compassion, understanding, and tolerance for the fellow human beings as I have.
I pray that we as a people can hold tight to are faiths (in all things).

I pray nothing I have done or said offends you in any way.
I pray for you all,  Gods blessings


Samuel S. Knudsen

From - Tue Feb 23 11:56:00 1999
From: "Eric Knipp" <eknipp@AMFAM.COM>
Subject: Capt Chorlins

I have been wearing the bracelet of Capt Richard D Chorlins now for about two years and this is the first time I've tried to find out some information about him.  He was MIA on Jan 11, 1970 and if their is any one out there who knows anything about him I would love to hear from you.  If anyone would like to would like to contact me my home address is: 
Eric Knipp
14236 E 35th Terr                                  
Independence, MO 64055    email:  eknipp@amfam.com

From - Wed Feb 24 22:18:57 1999
From: "edward levanduski" <edl@penn.com>
Subject: Capt John Baldridge

A few years ago when I was in high school I made a donation and received a POW/MIA bracelet and wore all through high school. After I was married I put it away but I never forgot about it or the man whose name is on it Capt. John Baldridge Jr. missing November 20, 1969.  I found it when we moved last and I have had it out since trying to track down information about him and his family but to no avail.  I found your site and was able to get some information and his status as of today, to say the least I was hoping for him to have been found or his remains to have been returned home it looks like neither has happened. I just would like his family to know that even though I was a kid of 14 this bracelet meant a lot to me and now, a wife, a mother and a woman of 40 it still has a meaning to me and will always have one.  It has a meaning every day I
get up because with out these men and women our country would not be free..... I am raising my children to respect and love this country and what the men and women do for it in the armed forces. If Capt. Baldridge's family reads this I would love to hear from them to know a little more about him and his family and what kind of man he was. Thank you for providing this Love Letters section it gives me a chance to express how proud I am of Capt. Baldridge and his family for making the ultimate sacrifice. You can email me at edl@penn.com or write me at

Mary Levanduski
P.O. Box 104
Weedville, Pa.  15868

From - Tue Mar 02 14:22:57 1999
From: "McFarland, Stefanie SPC - 45th CSG (F)"
Subject: Arthur Kerns
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 10:20:27 -1000

I was writing to the family of PVT Arthur Kerns TX.  I wear your sons bracelet and I pray everyday that he be found.  I choose a Army Vet form Texas because that is where I am form but currently serving in the Army at Schofield Bks, Hi.  I pray for yall also.  Thank you and I salute you for your son being in the Army and helping to defend our country. 

I would like to know if there are any family and friends that would be able to talk to me so when I talk about the man that I wear his bracelet I can be more proud then I already am.  I think about him all the time, what he did, what happened and about his family.  I lost my dad from improper care in the hospital and that was hard enough for me to deal
with and I know that this much be more difficult. Please if you would like to talk or contact me please do so.

HHC, 45th CSG Box 302
Schofield Bks, HI  96857


From - Thu Mar 04 20:20:25 1999
From: SnoCat <snocat@denalics.net>
Subject:  Jon E. Reid

To the Family of Jon E. Reid : )
Many years have I waited to find the answers to the where abouts of Jon E. Reid.  In my heart he is with me always, as is the bracelette I wear today bearing his name.   His name is spoken in my home and my chilldren know his name and  story by heart.  He has lived a lifetime with me and has seen me through many hard times.  He has been with me through births, deaths, Open-Heart surgury with my oldest daughter and he was even there to help me get through a Wild Land fire that took our home.   Jon is a great stability in my life and an excellent way to bring this new generation in touch with his.  I can only imagine the joy he brought into your lives.  I am sending this to you on a wing and a prayer.  May god be with you.


From - Fri Mar 05 19:52:51 1999
From: SUOPENG@aol.com
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 17:47:34 EST

To the family of  Msgt. Bodden, Timothy R. USMC
   I've worn the bracelet of your son for some six years now,with the greatest respect. I have just now found sites to give myself any intel in regards to loved ones.

                                    with upmost respect,semper fi.
                                             bravo 2/0

From - Sat Mar 06 21:36:05 1999
From: Cmpa1984@aol.com

I currently am serving in the US Army (19 Years) and have been wearing SFC Stinson's bracelet for the past 10 years and just wanted to send my prayers and let his family members know that he is not forgotten.

God Bless,
MSG Scott R. Hardiman

From - Sun Mar 07 18:16:22 1999
From: Krismccune@aol.com
Subject: Lt. Col. Erich Englehard, born 1931

I wore Lt. Col Erich Englehard's POW bracelet for many years.  I am hoping to hear from someone in his family.  On Wednesday, March 3, 1999, my daughter (age 15) and I went on a fieldtrip to the Vietnam Memorial.  I took my POW bracelet and was saddened to find Lt. Col. Englehard's name.  This was a moving experience for my daughter and I to share.  This man was apart of my life for many, many years as I wore this bracelet and continues to be apart of my life today.  I would like for his family to know I have not forgotten him and now a new generation (my daughters) continue to know about him.  Please contact me at  krismccune@aol.com

From - Tue Mar 09 08:14:29 1999
From: Vicki Clements <vclements@galena-park.isd.tenet.edu>
Subject: Bruce C. Walker

I have a POW/MIA bracelet for Bruce Walker.  Information I have encountered through Internet searches show him still missing in action. I have had his bracelet in a printer's tray for many years.  It originally belonged to my sister back in the late seventies.  I have
never paid much attention to it until lately.  I have several relatives that served in the armed forces, and have three in-laws that are army reservists.  I have gained a tremendous respect for veterans, and reading the news reports of Bruce's crash and disappearance have made a significant impact on me.

If anyone in his family could let me know if he has been found I would gladly return the bracelet.  However, if last reports are still that he is missing, I will keep the bracelet in my possession until I find out otherwise.

My prayers and thoughts go out to you in what must be a trying time for all of you, even twenty-seven years later.

From - Fri Mar 12 08:11:04 1999
From: "hellraiser" <hellraiser@navegante.com.co>
Subject: To Family James Michael Ray

Hi, my name is Rodrigo, and I live in Colombia. Since December 31 of 1998, I made a bracelet with the name of your son on it. I made a promess that I will wear it, until we all hear some news on him. I just want to tell you that he - and you - will always stay on my heart and in my prayers.

Please feel free to contact me.


Rodrigo Villegas.
Ad: Av. Pepe Sierra No 24 - 03
Bogota Colombia.

From - Fri Mar 12 10:43:03 1999
From: "Danielle" <Danielle@kluwen.com>
Subject: Melvin Thompson

I'm looking for relatives and friends of Melvin Carl Thompson (born 24 May 1935). When I joined ojc to adopt a POW/MIA  I got his name. I'm making a homepage  so that others can help finding him. I hope I can get some more information to put on this page. I hope to get a response soon


From: KutAbov2@aol.com
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 1999 09:54:56 EST
Subject: Re: Paul Getchell

                   Thank you for answering my e-mail. I used your site to read more about Paul Getchell, I am a beginner and had trouble.  I didn't find anything out about the family themselves, which is understandable, just info on him. My bracelet isn't from the 60's,  I probably got it in the 70's, but I've always wondered if more information was out there.

Barbara Brezinski

From - Sun Mar 14 06:08:53 1999
From: kiwi@maverick.mwis.net
Subject: Lt.Col.Galileo Bossio

To Lt.Col Bossio's loved ones-

Hi I have had Lt.Col Bossio's POW bracelet since 1970 or before. It was one of the first original bracelets.  I have proudly continued to wear or display and protect this bracelet for 30 years.  IT is in perfect shape and has both star stickers on it- to represent the POW and MIA status.  He has and will always be a part of my life and thoughts.  I was always very proud to wear his bracelet, and I loved the name of
Galileo.  I was thrilled to see his bio in this net site. I would love to hear from his family- I have thought about you often ,and considered how painful each day was for you.  You will continue to be in my prayers and thoughts. My prayers and thoughts will always be with the great man that Lt. Col Galileo Bossio will always be.   You can E-mail me at smkiwi@yahoo.com

                                Thoughtfully    Sheila

From - Mon Mar 15 21:03:15 1999
From: pat burdo <patriciaburdo@nti.net>
Subject: Love Letter to Ben Danielson and Family

My name is Patricia and when I was a teenager and living in N.Y. I sent off for a POW bracelet, I received a (Capt.Ben Danielson 12-5-69) MIA, and afixed a sticker (a white star in a blue background) over the tiny whole on left side of the bracelet (per instuctions that came with it) and wore it until what we believed was, the day our boys came home.I having a MIA wondered and looked all theses years for this brave young
man and anything about him or his family as I still have and look at this bracelet everyday (it sits here on top of my computer). Through this Web site I became aware of the situation that lead to his dsappearance, it was not easy to read. My family and I have always honored anyone that paid or continues to pay such a high price for our freedom.I believe there to be a reason that with all the years that have passed, this bracelet engraved Capt. Ben Danielson 12-5-69 never became missing or never got left behind,never got lost, unlike Ben. He will never be forgotten. He lives on through family somewhere and me!!!
Love to Bens Family from mine.

From - Tue Mar 16 15:41:39 1999
From: "Robert Aronson" <RSMAOlympia@worldnet.att.net>

Albert H. Altizer you are not forgotten. I serve in the army and I am also from WV. Godbless you                                                                 

Sgt Robert S. Farmer


From - Tue Mar 16 17:29:10 1999
From: Presario660 <croyhab@sbnnet.com>
Subject: Robert Coady

To the family of Robert Coady-

You are gone but not forgotten.  My mother passed his bracelet on to me, and I am sad to learn that he is still listed as "missing"

Please know that my family prays for him still- gone but not forgotten.

From - Thu Mar 18 08:23:35 1999
From: HEYJUDE415@aol.com
Subject: Anthony Persanti

D.O.L.  12/15/70



*****************PLEASE BRING THEM ALL HOME******************

From - Thu Mar 18 08:24:03 1999
From: Mike and Charla Stephens <charlie@texomaonline.com>
Subject: Capt. Lonnie Bogard

I have had the bracelet of Capt. Bogard since 1973.  I searched the pownet site for information regarding Capt. Bogard and learned that he is still missing.  If there is anything I can do besides wear the bracelet to further the search for our MIA's, please let me know.  My prayers are with Capt. Bogard and his family.

Charla Stephens

From - Thu Mar 18 08:24:14 1999
From: GD72056@aol.com
Subject: Benson, Lee David

Dear Family of LTJG lee Benson, I have had the privilege of having your family members  POW bracelet and wore it to a 60's dance in remembrance of the men that were lost.  I would be honored to return it to you if you do not have one.  Please e-mail me...
                                sincerely, Gail Darwin

Subject: P.O.W. Major Bruce Johnson
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:45:05 -0800
From: joel mianecki <mianecki@klondyke.net>

I would like to let Maj. Bruce Johnsons family know that he has never been forgotten.  My father and I purchased these bracelets when I was a young girl. For years I wore my bracelet and watched for his return.

I am now a Girl Scout leader planning to take a trip to Wash. D.C. with my troop.  I have been having discussions with my girls about my bracelet.  We decided it was time for me to use the internet to try and find any info. I could.  I wasn't sure what I would find but I didn't expect it to be this.  I sit at my computer crying for a man I never met
but one whom my family has prayed for, for years.

I would like his family to know that his memory will live on.  I am teaching his name to young Americans so that they will know the tragdy of war. I plan on finding him at the wall, continuing my prayers and teaching a new generation to pray for his return. God Bless you !

If anyone has any information on Maj. Bruce Johnson I would appreciate it.  Any info. to pass on to my Girl Scout troop would be appreciated.  You can email me at mianecki@klondyke.net.

                                     God Bless all Veterans my prayers are with you,

                                         Kathy Mianecki

Subject: Merrill Lewis
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 1999 13:52:56 -0600
From: "ingrid" <ipatt@i1.net>

To the family of Merrill Lewis,
  I have had the bracelet of your loved one for a short time now. I have just recently learned of the fate he came too. This bracelet has opened my eyes and heart to the men of the war as well as their families. I am a young woman of 29 and do not remember the war, although I can and will attest to the impact it has on Americans still today. I have recently adopted a POW MIA named Smith. I have also composed my first message to the White House in refrence to him. I will continue to take an active intrerest in the Pow MIA status. I hope and pray for your family that you have found peace in you unfortunate loss of Maj. M. Lewis, I was hoping for a different outcome, my prayers are
with you.

     Sincerly, Iva Patterson

Subject: James R. Thomas
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 11:31:17 -0500
From: "D. Ruth" <ruthd@mail.rickards.leon.k12.fl.us>

Hi my name is Giovanni Cozzarelli. Just a couple of days ago I adopted a USAF MIA from Vietnam his name is James R. Thomas, he was an E-6 and with the Pararescue Unit at Danang. I would appreciate it very much if somebody can contact me  to give some info or a story that had James Thomas in it. If somebody has a picture of him, please contact me.

Thank You for your help.
e-mail: c_sgt_cozz@hotmail.com

From - Fri Mar 26 18:30:02 1999
From: "Cheryl M Blow" <freemanct@earthlink.net>
Subject: Lt. Terence Hanley

I recently found this site and found the name of Lt. Terence Hanley in the biography section. I starting wearing his bracelet when a friend gave it to me in the 70's and I still have it and have kept his name in my heart. The date on the bracelet is 1-1-68. If anyone in his family reads this and would like to have his bracelet, please contact me via email. If I don't hear from any of his family, I'll proudly keep it as I have for years.


From - Fri Mar 26 18:34:08 1999
From: "Kathy McNeely" McNeely@dboone.k12.pa.us
Re: Captain Frederick J. Sutter

Thanks to this Internet site I have finally found information on Captain Sutter.  I have proudly had his bracelet in my possession since the early 1970's.

I wish his family to know that I have held him close in my heart and prayers and my thoughts have been with them through the years also.    I would love to communicate with his family and they can reach me at either of the following e-mail addresses:

Thank you for this opportunity to finally reach out in attempts of making contact with the family.


From - Sat Mar 27 10:41:46 1999
From: Kevin & Marcy <kmmaloney@banet.net>
Subject: SFC Richard J Lacey

My name is Marcy Maloney, I wear the bracelet of SFC Richard J Lacey from Pittsburgh, PA. To the best of my knowledge he is still MIA, if anyone has information about him I would be interested. I believe no one should forget the men left behind. I am only 24, but am deeply interested in the Vietnam War and the men we must never forget. I want to tell the family of SFC Lacey he is remembered everyday, in my heart. We all have to help bring them home! Thank you, please email me if you have any information.

From - Sun Mar 28 15:18:30 1999
Return-Path: <HAPPYH0PES@aol.com>
From: HAPPYH0PES@aol.com
Subject: To the Family of CAPT. WOODROW WILSON PARKER II

Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Parker,
   I pray that you find this and I pray that Our God has given your hearts comfort.  Our Hero, will always be loved and Never Forgotten.  I have had his bracelet since the early 70's.  And thru the years I have watched the in coming news for his safe return, but I never could find anything out.  The other day my friend went on her computer and located the 1998 (latest report) on Woodie.  I am heartbroken.  And, I like you don't know what to believe.  I do not live far from you and I would very much like to meet you as I feel we have shared the same love for so many years "Woodie."  I would love to learn more about his life.  I already know that he was so brave and wonderful. Also, would you like his bracelet?  I have carried it with me for what seems like a life time.  I just needed in my heart to let you know that our Government may have failed him, but there are so many of us out here that are still loving and waiting for word about "our Hero's" and we know so little and feel so helpless.  Please, contact me by my "email address" if you would like to meet me or if you just want me to mail his bracelet to you.  I promises to Honor your wishes, no matter what they are.  I do not wish to cause you any more pain then you both have already indured.  I have prayed for you also.  We
live less than an hour apart.  I pray this letter finds you if, that is what God wants.  I would love a picture of Woodie.  He has been a part of me for almost 30 years.  Please remember, he will always be with you.  I saw how hard you both, fought for your son and I can feel the Love you have for him and the hurt you've lived with.  You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.   Sincerely Yours, Kathy Becker Email Add:  Happyh0pes@aol.com Please be advised that the letter 0 in the word h0pes is the # zero.

From - Wed Mar 31 17:39:56 1999
From: MaLoBou@aol.com
Subject: Re: M/Sgt Hodgson

Thank you so very much for your prompt reply and the information on M/Sgt. Hodgson.  Until now, as hard as I tried, he was just a name on a bracelet. Now, I know a little bit about him, and can think of him as a person.  I have not decided if I  am ready to give up the bracelet.  I can no longer wear it as it has a crack and I am afraid of losing it.  However, it remains in my jewelry box and I see it every day.

You have my permission to give the above information to his family if you wish.

Lorraine M. Bridges

From - Thu Apr 01 17:33:07 1999
From: "Lee W. Klughers" <leek@mindspring.com>
Subject: love letters

Hi .. I just found your site. I have 2 bracelets. I can't really remember when I got my first one. The name on it is Capt. John Hill 4-27-70. My second bracelet I got around 8 years ago. We were at a county fair and there was a POW MIA booth and I was so proud.. yet sad...to show them my bracelet. Yes it was on my wrist. That was when I
decided to get another. This one has Cdr. James R. Dennison 1-1-68.  The funny thing is that I was working at JFK airport at the time and one bracelet was always setting the metal detector off. Now I had 2. I always wondered if Capt Hill had come home and at the time I asked at that booth how I could find out and they told me to write to an
organization.. Omega something .. which I did but never received an answer. It never occurred to me to check the internet. It was great to find all the bios and be able to read about my Pows but it was so sad to find out that Capt Hill is still missing. If the families of either man would like to tell me about them or send a photo.. please do.. it would
be my privilege to know more about  these brave men. My email is leek@mindspring.com

From - Sun Apr 04 08:32:25 1999
From: Eric Hoagland <4hoagie@gte.net>
Subject: Peter Sherman

Hello, My name is Eric Hoagland and it's Easter morning 1999, for some reason this morning it came to me that I might find some information on Capt. Peter Sherman on the Internet.

With much hope I found the site for the Vietnam War Memorial and with much more hope found that there was a listing of all the names on the wall. At this point I almost stop, in that I really did not want to find Capt. Sherman's name listed. I had always hoped over these many years that Capt. Sherman was leading a happy and productive life. It was with great sadness that I found his name as one that gave his life for his

He may not be leading a happy life on this earth but he has been very productive!

Memorial Day and Veterans Day have always meant a great deal to me, giving me time to reflect on the great sacrifice that have been made for this Country of ours. In finding Capt. Sherman's name on the Wall, will now make everyday Memorial and Veterans Day for me.

I was one of the lucky ones that just happened to be born just at the right time, six months before my 18th birthday the war came to an end. If Capt. Sherman's family would like to contact me please fell free to do so, in that it would be an honor.



From - Sun Apr 04 21:31:46 1999
From: HAPPYH0PES@aol.com
Subject: Love Letter To All Of "Our Hero's Everywhere"   OUR U.S. SOLDIERS

To Our U.S. Soldiers Everywhere,
   God Bless and watch over you.  You are so very precious to us.  Today is Easter Sunday 4/4/99 and how my heart aches for all of you that are still in Nam (POW/MIA's) or on any other foreign ground.  We will always love you, don't give up hope.  Many of us are still fighting for you, please don't give up.  I am asking everyone who reads this to please, take a moment and say a prayer for our men (all of them) put a yellow ribbon on a tree at home or your mail box and tell everyone else what it means.  Write all the letters you are able to write to help let Congress know that we will not go away!  Ask friends to join in and help.  We must not stop, we are the only ones they have, that can ever make a difference.

   There are many of us, lets "join together" and show them that the Viet Nam war is NOT over and it will not go away until our men are home!  Please keep our 3 young men in Kosovo in your prayers, Sgt. Andrew A. Ramirez, Sgt. Christopher J. Stone and Spc.  Steven M. Gonzales, along with all the troops and the families.  Lord, please protect these men from harms way. 

   My brother, Derreld E. Ferrier III USMC, came home and we are so thankful for his return, even with all the seen and unseen scars.  But, the men left behind are also my brothers and yours.  Remember that and it may give you the strength to write that letter, tie that ribbon and pass the word to friends.  "Please, help them."  This is my Easter Prayer, but it is not for me that I pray. 

   For all you that have come home, I am thankful and I can't imagine the feelings in your hearts.  Although I was a 10 year old child, I know some of the pain in the pages of your lives and if I could change any of it I would.  I am sorry that you indured this.  I am Proud to call you my brothers and I love you all.

God Bless You,

Thank you, to all the volunteers who give so much of themselves for this cause, at pownet.

Please be advised the letter 0 in h0pes is the number 0

rom - Mon Apr 05 08:10:41 1999
From: Bphilpotjr@aol.com
Subject: For a High School Friend

To the family of Jackie McMillon (KIA), I saw Jackie daily for the four year period of high school until we graduated in 1963, I knew him as a friend, and I now regard him with the highest esteem that I can give, a boy yet a man I feel much love for Jackie, He gave his life so that we would have a more prosperous country and we could live in a country free from communism and agression,

deepest love,
William Philpot, Jr.

From - Tue Apr 06 11:47:27 1999
From: YOODELL@aol.com
Subject: LT. NEAL CLINTON WARD 6-13-69

Dear Family,
Thankfully in the Internet has finally allowed me to find word on Neal. I have had his bracelet since 1970 when I was a high school student passionately against this war. I have thought of Neal so often through the years but was unable to locate any family or information about him until recently when I found the Vietnam Vets web site. I am so sorry there has been no closure for you. Please know that he is in my thoughts and always will be. I have carried a picture of what he looks like in my mind for all these years and was wondering if I might ask a tremendous favor. Would it be possible for
me to obtain of picture of Neal? I certainly respect your privacy if that is your wish and I would not intrude if that is what you feel.I would welcome a letter from you if possible, or an E. Mail.Please know he will never be forgotten by me.

With Love and respect,
Patricia (Patti) Nadler
16 Driftwood Drive
Somerset, New Jersey  08873
E Mail  Yoodell@aol.com

From - Wed Apr 07 08:20:59 1999
From: Joan Wilson <"jwilson@hamilton.net"@hamilton.net>
Subject: POW-MIA  John Jakovac

My name is Joan Wilson, I have the braclet of  S/Sgt John Jakovac, 5-29-67. I just became aware of this web page, and looked for the name on my bracelet. I found the name of John A. Jacovac 5-31-67. There are a couple of days different on the date, so I am hoping it is the right person. I have wondered for years about John, and  if he had ever  come home. I got his bracelet in 68, and wore it for ten years until it broke. A few years ago I had it repaird and begane wearing it again, but sadely it broke again. Tonight I learned that John came home. I am very saddened that such a young man was taken from his family, but most of all, that it took so long.  If any of John's family would like to have his braclet, please let me know and I will be happy to send it to you. My deepest sympathy to you for your loss.  Joan Wilson: e-mail jwilson@hamilton.net

From - Wed Apr 07 22:37:59 1999
From: "Michael S. Reed" <mcreed@swbell.net>
Subject:   Captian Robert R. Barnett

This letter is for the family and friends of Captain Robert R. Barnett. Today marks 33 years since he was reported missing.  I just want to let you know that I wear his bracelet every day and remember him in my thoughts and prayers.  He is not forgotten and neither are you.

Christy Reed
Corpus Christi, TX

From - Thu Apr 08 18:12:32 1999
From: "cadida" <cadida@redshift.com>

To the family and friends of Donald Gilbert Cook,

My name is Cassandra Ryan.  I am 20 years old.  I used to live in Fairfax, Virginia and I first visited the wall when I was 13.  There I bought a POW / MIA bracelet that read Col. Donald G. Cook.  Needless to say, this bracelet became a part of me.  I went back to the wall many times, and one of those times I rubbed his name off of the wall.  My husband joined the ARMY and we now live in California.  I wasn't sure about how to find out Donald Cook's biography, and turned to the internet.  I found what I was looking for in one search and I am now in tears.  I plan on returning my bracelet to the wall, just as soon as I am back in Washington D.C.  I would like to do it in person, myself.  I wish I would have known this information sooner.  My heart goes out to
you all.

With much love,

Cassandra Ryan

From - Fri Apr 09 07:52:55 1999
From: ChentesGal@aol.com
Subject: SFC William T. Brown, USASF   11-3-69 LAOS

To the family of SFC William Brown,

     My name is Susan Bariletti and I am currently serving with the United States Navy. I am writing the Loveletter to assure you that SFC Brown will never be forgotten. I proudly wear his bracelet and pray daily for his safe return home. God Bless you and keep you safe in his care.

                                                     Susan Bariletti
                                                     Jacksonville, FL

From - Sun Apr 11 18:07:07 1999
From: "Von A Ehman" <VEHMAN@prodigy.net>
Subject: S/SGT WILLIAM T BROWN 11-3-69

Family and Friends of William T. Brown,

I have a copper POW/MIA Bracelet with the name S/SS William T. Brown inscribed on it. I purchased the bracelet mail order from the advertising section of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1970. Like many of that generation, I just wanted to be of some help to those caught up in the war.

I wore Bill Brown's POW/MIA bracelet till the end of the Vietnam War. Even though it broke in half several times, I always managed to put it back together with electricians tape so I could continue to wear it. For some reason I just couldn't take it off. It almost became a part of me. In my youth I learned to play the guitar while wearing Bill's bracelet on my left wrist. Looking back I believe wearing Bill's bracelet probably inspired me to be a better musician, especially one on an emotional level. The Vietnam War touched a lot of people, in a lot of ways and hopefully some were positive.

I had always wondered of Bill Brown's fate and have thought of him often over the last 29 years. I got a computer this year and I wanted to find out what I could about the man's bracelet that I had worn. From what I read in his POW Network bio, Bill Brown is a good man. Bill reminds me of my own Father, he also loved people from all walks of life and he enjoyed working with them. My Dad was in the Navy in WW II. I found it
coincidental that Bill Brown had two Brothers, I have two Brothers, my Dad had two Brothers and so it went all the way down our family line.

I was very bothered by the war and how our people were treated and I still am.
I hope and pray for Bill Brown and his Family that someday something will be known.
God Bless America.

Von Ehman
1610 Bigley Avenue
Charleston, WV  25302

From - Tue Apr 13 08:08:56 1999
From: Kiwi630@aol.com

HI... My uncle has worn a POW/MIA bracelet for as long as I can remember.  Ever since I was a little girl, I had asked him to get me one.  Finally, when I was 18, I received one.  It belongs to 1LT Kenneth A. Berube.  He was in the United States Marine Corps and was shot down over SVN on 8-11-67.  I never knew where to look to find out information on him.  Finally, I found a website that gave the most recent status on POW's.  I was saddened to see that he was killed and that his remains had not been returned.  I have had this bracelet for 9 years now.  I keep it with me always.I just wanted to tell his family, that he is not forgotten.  I am now a USMC wife, and proudly stand behind my husband and all of the military.  I am thankful everyday for all the people that have fought for our freedoms. And I wanted to say a special thank you to the family of Kenneth A. Berube.  Your husband/father/son/ brother is an American hero and he will NEVER be forgotten. 

                                             Sincerely,  Kelly Russell

From - Fri Apr 16 20:46:33 1999
From: "Lisa" <lbaucom@excite.com>
Subject: Terry Lee Beck

I have been wearing a bracelet for almost ten years now, with the name Terry Lee Beck on it.  I have a special connection to him.  I want to know about him.  I want to know what happened to him.  I hope and pray that there is a chance he maybe alive.  His bio says, "There is little hope that they will ever be found."  There is a song sung by Garth Brooks.  It's called The Chance.  There is a line in it that says, "As long as one heart still holds on, hope is never really gone."  I won't ever let go. I won't ever forget. I think about him everyday.  I wonder what he looks like.  I wonder what he sounds like.  I pray for him everyday, and for his family.  I know him in my special way, and for that I can never forget him.  If you knew Terry Lee Beck, USN, please contact me at lbaucom@excite.com  Thank you.



Proverbs 3:5-6

From - Sun Apr 18 09:37:43 1999
From: spooky@cabnet.net
Subject: Spec Bunyan Price, Jr.

To the family of Spec. Bunyan Price, Jr.

    I have had his POW bracelet since 1971, and just recently discovered that he is still listed among the MIAs.  The bracelet  is broken but I intend to hold it as long as necessary.  This note is just to let you know he is not forgotten, nor are any of the MIAs, and my thoughts are with you.



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