How can I return a bracelet? 

When is the right time?

First, check the status of the individual using the biography index.

History of the P.O.W. Bracelet


Vietnam War bracelets come full circle  Nov 2010
Los Angeles Times
Decades after the war's end, some who wore POW/MIA bracelets are reaching out to learn what happened to 'their' guy. By Mike Anton, Los Angeles Times In ...

If he is listed as

 POW (Prisoner of War)                                                 MIA (Missing in Action)

KIA/BNR (Body not Recovered)       PFOD (Presumptive Finding of Death)

Please do NOT mail us letters for families of those still unaccounted for
(remains NOT returned yet or no answers yet.)

We have NO addresses for those families and can only post EMAIL in LOVELETTERS.

Remember, ALL POW/MIAs have been "declared dead" since the war, but all those declared dead ARE NOT HOME.

Family members have bracelets made every day so they may continue to distribute this visible reminder of a lost loved one. Be reminded the family could be greatly insulted if their loved one was abandoned AGAIN by you returning the bracelet now.  The pledge with the bracelet is "till he comes home."  That means LIVE, body, teeth OR in this day of associative identification, when the family accepts what is offered. 

From: SHARON  
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 22:41:28 EDT

I just ran across your web site. I'm not quite sure how I got here but here I am.

My brother has been an MIA since 1969.  I'm starting to receive a few of his bracelets back from people that have worn them for years. God bless them all!!

One web site is telling them to return them to the family members, I know they really don't know what to do with these after so many years, but I thought you were to keep them until they came home... I don't know how to thank all these people for all the prayers for so many years. Words don't seem enough. 

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

It also means, if need be, the bracelet is worn for the next however many days or years or God forbid, decades. Broken or worn bracelets can be left at the WALL or a Memorial when replaced with a new one. A note and a POW decal with it can STILL focus attention on that man, even when left that way.  Rather than return the bracelet BEFORE he is home, feel free to leave a message for the family at LOVELETTERS. Then, please put the bracelet back on!

If remains have been returned.....

Rarely do we have contact with a family member.

The United States Government is the only entity having a list of family addresses of those missing after the war ended.

Again, the bracelet can be left at the WALL, or a Memorial. In addition, if you are just now finding out that remains were returned many years ago, it is suggested that the bracelet be left at the WALL, or a Memorial. Re-opening the wounds and memories years later can be very difficult for families, but a note can be posted at LOVELETTERS.

One of the last flights - 1973


If the bracelet belongs to a former prisoner of war that returned alive......

While we cannot disclose home address, telephone numbers, or email, we can forward mail.

If you choose to make contact, SEAL your item/note/letter. Address that package to the name on your bracelet. POSTAGE on the letter to be forwarded is appreciated! (DO NOT write rank; most were promoted and are now retired.) We will complete the address and forward your note the same day.

Mail your item/note/letter to:

Box 68
Skidmore, MO 64487-0068

We cannot guarantee that you will receive an answer, but in many cases the returnee will correspond directly with you. DO NOT send certified mail!

The following is note from another area on our web-site. 
It is an option for those wanting to write a family...


We have not forgotten: Open Letters to Families of POW/MIAS

Although we have no way to personally contact the many family members of
those still waiting to come home, whether in enemy hands, or God's
hands, it is our hope that the families will find this site.

Many inquiring about the status of the Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine
on their bracelet have asked how to write and tell the families they
still care.  The contact by activist's with family members is extremely
limited.  We try to maintain their privacy and cause no further pain or
grief.  As we have had to state many times, the United States Government
is the ONLY organization that holds a complete list of POW/MIA family
members and their home addresses.

Perhaps fate will guide us all and this site will form a bond among all
of us that wait - family and citizens alike.  It is our hope that the
families will find these "love letters" and realize they are not alone -
we have not forgotten.

PLEASE leave an e-mail address or mailing address for a family member to
respond to your message, should they choose to do so.  Also remember
this is a public forum - your letters are open for all to read.


NETWORK Note: All email received with LOVELETTERS in the subject area is publicly posted on the web site. We have no way of knowing if writers receive a response from family members or former POWs.

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