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Transition back to civilian life 
The purpose of the website is to provide you with a source of current accurate  list of troop’s that are serving in Harm’s Way with a complete MAILING ADDRESS  so that you can send a care package to our troops ANYTIME.  

'To Educate the Public'

As Advocates for those that are being/have been held as Prisoners of War (POW) and for those who carry the master classification Missing in Action (MIA) next to their name, our job is "to educate the public". To do that effectively and efficiently we must make sure that we are knowledgeable on all aspects of the POW/MIA topic.  

Please - open the link above - there is enough documented information on this site that you could create a college course that would fill a semester at least on the topic of COLD WAR and Korean War POW/MIAs.

Pass this link on to all your advocate friends as well as your Veteran friends and when you have confidence with your knowledge on the topic, send it on to your elected representative - State & Federal - let them know that contrary to popular/their opinion - you and your fellow advocates have NOT Forgotten those left behind in Korea and other communist countries.

Someone must stand for those that are not able to stand for themselves – let that someone be you.

Until they all come home……….


Former sailor Ron White is a memory expert who used his skills to honor the fallen from Afghanistan on
March 19, 2013 in San Antonio, TX:



Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana,   The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905 

To Vietnam Veterans: 
"Welcome Home!" 


American Ex-Prisoners of War --  National Headquarters

American Merchant Marine Prisoners of War or Civilian Internees During WWII

American Veterans Search - Searchable message centers - Locators, DC photos

Andersonville National POW Museum /

AN ENORMOUS CRIME; The Definitive Account of US POWs Abandoned in SE Asia  
was published by St. Martin's Press. The authors, former US Congressman Bill Hendon and MIA daughter/lawyer Elizabeth A. Stewart, have now launched

by Henry Mark Holzer
Vietnam POW/MIAs: An Enormous Conundrum

June 20, 2007 02:00 PM EST

An Enormous Crime: The Definitive Account of American POWs
Abandoned in Southeast Asia
, by Bill Hendon and Elizabeth A. Stewart

(Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press)

In the Twentieth Century the United States fought three wars in Asia: World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. In all three, thousands of Americans were captured and became prisoners.

The fate of live American POWs in World War II was comparatively easy to establish, because the Japanese were vanquished, they surrendered unconditionally, and virtually all the territory they had occupied came under American or allied control. After the surrender, there were few, if any, places the Japanese could hide live American prisoners of war, nor any reason they would want to.

Not so in North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union....

click on the above link to read the entire review..   

Annual Military Gala & Banquet, Branson, MO

Army Moms Safe Haven  need a poem or prayer?? Start here.

 A Timeline Of World War II   It's an easy to read and informative timeline of WWII events, plus it has other educational resources at the bottom.  Very clear and concise.

Beasley, Jesse -  Navy pilot Lt. Jesse Beasley, disappeared in a Korean/Cold War loss...  He and his crew are not listed as casualties on any government lists to date nor are they recognized.

Bendell Enterprises  Cañon City,  Colorado. - Military jewelry for couples

Branson Veterans Homecoming -- Largest Veterans Day event for vets from ALL wars. November 5-11 every year.

British National Ex-Prisoners of War Association

Caged Heroes : American POW Experiences from the Revolutionary War to the Present

Care packages  Sending Smiles Overseas

Chosin Few

Coalition of Families of Korean & Cold War POW/MIAs

Dearest Dolly....Love Letters from the Pacific, 1944-45 WWII memoirs, Available at Amazon,com, Barnes and Noble, and

Deliverance It has Come; WWII POW Diary Book, WWII Links and more     Cap Games proves that love and life are conditional, and both can be measured by a simple act of kindness.

Don Logan's Aviation Books  USG POW/MIA official lists

Duffy, Capt George  WWII POW page

Eddies Place  If you know a former POW..... the History of ejections, losses, survivals and more  by  Michael C. "Mike"  Bennett    

ENIGMA MACHINE - has a lot of information about the enigma machine and its role in the WWII.

Europe Defense Veterans of America 

Ex-Prisoners of War  Stories of Faith, Integrity and Courage


Fall of Saigon Marines

FAMILY  -  MIAs requiring updated family contact information
This is outreach effort to families of certain Korean War and South East Asia MIAs.  The sole purpose is to put those families in contact with the appropriate military Office handling the case of their missing loved one.  All this is an effort to support the JPAC teams performing the recovery operations, and to inform the families about the government's DNA Testing and Family Support efforts. 

Family hero

FINDING AMERICA’S (WWII) MISSING    File: FindingAmericasMissing.pdf  This report has taken 14 years to prepare.  FINDING AMERICA’S MISSING  By Ted Darcy and Ray Emory  Click On :  PDF ARCHIVE

Fleet Air Arm Archive -  Prisoner of War (POW)   PRISONERS OF WAR 1939-1945 (including all known FAA aircrew captured by the enemy Axis forces of Vichy France, Italy, Japan, German as well as interned by Neutral countries including Eire, Portugal, Spain, Sweden) 


Forgotten Eagles

  when the truth is known and the phony no longer controls your life.

Freedom Flight -- POW/MIA Hot Air Balloon

French POWs in Vietminh. The pictures "photographies" need no translation!  FRENCH LANGUAGE SITE

Frontlines of Freedom  Radio

Give Back A Smile

Gold Star Siblings "WAR Siblings Helping WAR Siblings"

Col. Guy's Hanoi Hilton 
Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda)



Henry Mark Holzer - Commentary on current legal & political issues

HISTORY - record it NOW


IBOT -  working to find a way to return the iBOT to production again. 

ILLINOIS MOTORCYCLE FREEDOM RUN - Middle East conflict memorial

Indian POW/MIA Motorcycle

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  Donations to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund can be made directly on the Semper Fi website or by mail. Please indicate that the donation is being made in response to Team Semper Fi.   

Internees or POWs?? WWII and the Swiss

Everything Iraq, from About Iraq to Weapons Iraq.

 Everything Iraq, from About Iraq to Weapons Iraq


John Birch Society - Historical look at Vietnam, the POW issue and more

Kilroy Was Here --WWII and Korean War Secrets

Kitchen Table Gang HELP OUR VETS

Korea/Cold War Families of the Missing

Korean War Educator

Korean War Facts

Library of Congress POW/MIA Database --       Index of USG document titles (full document available only by mail order)

Life on a Short Fuse   by Lt. Col. Jack Drain

Lima Site 85 - Laos --  A covert military operation that resulted in the largest  USAF ground combat loss during Vietnam.

Linebacker II:



Provides extensive resources for Veterans suffering from conditions and experiences facing Veterans transitioning back into civilian life, including:

  • VA approved treatment and support resources
  • Hundreds of video testimonials from Veterans who overcame various conditions and addictions – such as transitioning from service, PTSD, and alcohol abuse
  • Information on how to recognize those conditions and seek treatment

Medal of Honor - Heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan

Merchant Marine and links to more sites

99 sites dedicated to Military American history covering the World Wars, Vietnam and Korean, Middle East Conflicts, and overall sites 
that any service members or war history enthusiasts would find useful. You can see the list at

MILITARY JOBS & FEDERAL GOVERNMENT JOBS -- Schools, Loans, Resources & Employment Opportunities

OPERATION: Military Resource:


Minnesota Won't Forget POW/MIA

"Missing, Presumed Dead" - Choices Video has just released Bill Dumas' documentary film  "Missing, Presumed Dead"  about his search for his brother, Roger Dumas, a Korean War POW.    The film, along with a guidebook, is available on the website

Mothers of the Military - "As one we are weak, together we are strong" 


NAM-POWs Inc. The organization of Vietnam Returnees

National Alliance of Families - online Newsletter and Archive

National POW-MIA Balloon Launch site:

  NO GUTS NO GLORY - the expose of phony SEALS

Officer Down Memorial Page is home to more than 17,000 officers who have been killed in the line of duty.

Operation Iraqi Children

Operation Just Cause  Adopt a POW/MIA

PDA 4 Memory Project 

Memory Compensation Using the Pocket PC: Making Cognitive Connections for Brain Injury Survivors (Windows Mobile 5 version) is the first in a series of books and training materials designed specifically for use by brain injury survivors. Survivors of acquired brain injuries (ABI), also known as traumatic brain injuries (TBI), typically experience struggles with memory and cognitive skills which affect their daily functioning, their relationships and their self-esteem.


"P.O.W. - A Kriegie's Story" or  WWII vet and author will autograph books ordered direct: Frank Farr, phone 505-488-5608 (17.00 including shipping).  

 POW Camps in Japan


POW MISSION OF HOPE The James Preston Case 

P.O.W. NETWORK, book, remembrance coin


Race For Time

Rangers lead the Way

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association (River Rats)

 Return with Honor - THE STORY OF THE Vietnam POW returnees


SOLDIER DEAD  "This superbly researched, beautifully written book should be read by every person in Washington with authority or responsibilities associated with 
American military forces and their families. This is a history that begged to be written out of loyalty to and respect for the American military men and women killed during their service in war or peace. No area of interest is left unexplored. This is an extraordinary book, written with compelling empathy, candor, and compassionate sensitivity." —Harold G. Moore, Lt. General, U.S. Army, Ret., coauthor of We Were Soldiers Once and . . . Young: Ia Drang-The Battle That Changed the War in Vietnam

Sons and Daughters In Touch  (Father's KIA or POW/MIA during Vietnam)

Son Tay Raider Association

Special Operations Memorial Foundation


Stan Willner, POW, and others on the River Kwai

Art Starratt's WWII POW Website

Still one MIA in Vietnam

Survivors of the Battle for Cu Chi 1966

TALES OF SE ASIA by Commander Dick Stratton (Vietnam returnee)

TET 68 -- Survivors Reunion

The 101st Rosary

The Flag -- My Story: Kidnapped by Red China  "NOT ALL MIAs & POWs WERE BROUGHT HOME!"  Steve E. Kiba, author

The History Channel - New Veterans Locator, Discussion Forum and more

The Hostage Crisis/Rescue Attempt In Iran, April 24-25, 1980

The Korean War Project -- Information on Korean War POW/MIAs

THE MAYAGUEZ INCIDENT - Exec Editor Phillip Turner - 212-627-8590, ext 12

The Misrepresentation Of The Vietnam War


National Security Archive


Air Force Histories Reveal CIA Role in Laos, CIA Air Strike Missions, New Evidence on Nuclear Weapons, Air Force Policy Disputes, During Vietnam War Years

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 248

Posted - April 9, 2008

For more information contact:  John Prados - (301) 565-0564

The Truth About the Vietnam War   vietnam_war_truth (

THE VIETNAM WAR, LIFE AS A POW  (one of a series - March 2001) by Diana Saenger and Bradley Steffens 1-888-408-3224, NOT available in bookstores  
American War Library - Books for Libraries and Teachers



Thick Luck  is an account of POWand MIA recovery expeditions into the jungles of Laos and Cambodia - the search for America's POWs and MIAs missing from the war in Southeast Asia.  This telling provides insight into the U.S. Governments quest to account for our  missing through Joint Task Force Full Accounting (JTF-FA), Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), and  Central Identification Laboratory - Hawaii (CILHI). Written by David Combs, a POW/MIA Investigation Team Leader at JTF-FA 200-2003. 

Thomas Moore Law Center - defending the Haditha Marines

TLC-Brotherhood.Org - Information source on those who flew from Thailand or were lost in Laos and Cambodia. Also involved in Humanitarian Projects in Laos and Cambodia.

TOUR OF DUTY - the Diaries of a Psychic, Bill Ward

TRAILS OF DECEIT  by Larry J. O'Daniel




USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

U.S. Merchant Marine POW's

USS PUEBLO -- Links, Crew list, reference books and more

USS PUEBLO -- (official site) the History, the Crew, the Aftermath

Verizon -- As part of their commitment to support all who have served our country, this program offers discounted wireless service to all active military personnel as well as veterans. A great explanation of the program can be found here:

Sharing information on a little known and hidden VA benefit called Aid and Attendance that millions of veterans, spouses and widows are missing out on. With the number of Baby Boomers now faced with caring for elderly parents, this pension is a financial resource to help pay for care and can be the saving grace for the quality of care to be afforded.

The Directory of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses

Veterans  Survival Finding Support for those that Gave us Freedom

Vet seeking a Vet

VETWRITER -- What was it like??  Books for students and the classroom.

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association - VHCMA

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Assoc. - VHPA

Vietnam Veterans Home Page Links to hundreds of sites

Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club of Wisconsin 

Vietnam War Bibliography: Congressional Committee Documentation: POW and MIA Issues

Vietnam War Bibliography: POW and MIA Issues -  Private Sector Publications

Vietnam War Resource Page

Viper's Vietnam Veterans Pages, A Vietnam Veteran & Proud!  -

War Dogs!

War memorials and monuments

Welcome to Stalag Luft I, the story of WWII POW Art Starratt

Whispers from an Empty Coffin by Kathleen Belfiore Schuman ISBN 1-4120-6745-6 Order online:  
A testament to American veterans past and present, and what began as a simple family tree project, evolved this true-life tale of an 'ordinary' man's extraordinary life as a WWII POW.

Wisconsin Vets Day Incorporated

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Life Member of

Honorary Members of

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NAM-POW's Inc. Red River Valley Fighter
 Pilots Association

Special Forces Association

MOPH U.S. Army Ranger Association Disabled American Veterans Military Officers Association of America
MOZARK Chapter