To families, friends, and former prisoners of war....

From - Fri Feb 13 07:16:16 1998
From: "CYRUS PATEL" cysbar@pathcom.com
Subject: Fw: MIA Bracelet - JON REYNOLDS

February 12, 1998

Dear Mary & Chuck Schantag:

Thank you for your prompt response to us.  Listed below is a message I thought I would share with you. After all these years I was happy to finally express my feelings.

Again, thank you for all your help.


Barbie Allen

February 8, 1998

To Brigadier General Jon Reynolds USAF Ret.:

Last night, February 7, 1998, I was being introduced to the marvels of the Internet.  And so begins my story, for within hours I was given an answer to a 25 year old question "the whereabouts of Maj. Jon Reynolds 11-28-65."

My name is Barbie Allen, U.S. Citizen, currently residing in Toronto, Canada.

Back in 1971 I was approached to make a donation on behalf of the Vietnam MIA's.  In return if I so wished, I could select an I.D. bracelet to be worn to show my support.  I must tell you that when I put my hand into the bag I "peaked around" at some of the names.  I was drawn to the "Jon" on yours.  The bracelet went on, and stayed on until you returned home in 1973.  So you see, you and I have shared an unknown bond for over 26 years.

I remember the newspapers running lists of the returning servicemen ... but no Maj. Jon Reynolds.  When TV coverage started they announced that there would be other servicemen on the airplanes that had not been listed for whatever reasons.  I watched for hours as the airplanes arrived.  It was getting very late and no more airplanes were to arrive for awhile.  I went to bed, couldn't sleep so I got up and put the TV back on. There on the tarmac was a new airplane with servicemen getting off ... and then it happened ... within moments your name was announced and you were coming down the stairs.  I was overwhelmed then, and now, as I write this e-mail to you.  God bless e-mail.  I then smiled at my bracelet, cried, took it off and welcomed you home.

My immediate goal was to seek you out, but I knew it wasn't appropriate at the time.  You remained a part of my life, BUT I never imagined that days would turn into months, and months into 25 years!

About a year or so after your return I was looking through a Readers Digest at O'Hare Airport when I saw your name mentioned in an article. I tried to pursue the lead but nothing materialized.

When I took my bracelet off I was never able to just put it away in a box somewhere.  Instead, it has always found a special place, somewhere on a shelf, in my home.  A heartfelt reminder of that time in history. Every time I dusted, I'd pick it up, smile, and wonder about Maj. Jon Reynolds.

Thank you for letting me tell you my story.  I wanted you to know that your ID bracelet had created an uncanny bond between us.  I kept you safe in thought and so believed in your safe return.

Warmest Regards,

Barbie Allen

Fri Mar 27 18:03:18 1998
From: "Morton" morton@ocsonline.com
Subject: SFC Raymond E. Bobe

Just wanted his family to know that my husband continues to wear his POW/MIA bracelet for SFC Bobe. He's worn it since 1985, when he was 18, and continues to remember that we have men missing, everyday.

From - Sat Apr 25 07:39:09 1998
From: sneezy@minot.ndak.net
Subject: Col. Eaton


Thanks for the reply.  I've been wearing a bracelet with his name on it for close to six years.  I've always hoped I'd find out what happened to him, but the news he was reported killed, caught me off guard.  I guess I always hoped for the happy ending we Americans grow all to acustomed too.

As a member of our armed services, Col Eaton will hold a place in my heart forever.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to know a little more about him.  Part of me wants to send his family something...but I guess I wouldn't have the first clue what to say.  How much I appreciate his sacrifice and I'm sorry for your loss, seem so insignificant. 

Thank you again for your time.

Robert Jakcsy

From - Fri May 15 18:29:18 1998
From: "Marion Stanton" tlilbit42@lor.net

Hello. I have the bracelet of Quinlen Orell. Years ago I contacted the Navy and was informed that he had been declared legally dead. I asked that theyforward a letter to his family telling them that I have his bracelet, and was hoping to give it to one of his family members...possibly one of his children...but I never heard from anyone. Of course I still have it and would like to make another attempt to contact them. They can e-mail me at
lilbit42@lor.net. Can you make this possible? If for whatever reason they choose not to have it, I would like to know that also. Then I'll stop making attempts to get the bracelet to them. Also, if you can't contact them, or they don't want it, is it wrong of me to keep it? I want to do the right thing with it in both honor and memory of those who served. Thank you in advance for your help...Marion.

From - Sat May 09 21:31:53 1998
From: MosherJoe MosherJoe@aol.com

I have been wearing my pow bracelet for almost 10 years now, I'm looking for info on Elbert A Phillips, it is coming up on 30 years since he was MIA, and I would like to pass on my thoughts to his family if possible.  I am an active duty Air Force recruiter.   I have not forgotten, nor will I...
Great work, Keep It Up

                                  Joseph C. Mosher, TSgt, USAF

From - Sun May 31 18:12:43 1998
From: Mennolly@aol.com
Subject: Re: N. Grubb

Thank you for helping me locate news about Newt Grubb.  The information you provided was very informative, and I learned more about him than I did through the small pamphlet that came with the bracelet I wore.

If you know how to contact Evelyn Grubb, and believe it would help her any to know that her husband has remained in my thoughts all these years, please feel free to share that with her.  She and her children have my utmost condolences.

Teri Lorrence

From - Tue May 26 19:14:21 1998
From: snuffy@shore.intercom.net
Subj: Maj Terrin Hicks

I would like the family of Maj. Terrin Hicks to know that we pray for him and his loved ones/ I have his braclet and will keep it until he returuns/if his family wishes to contact me they can do so.

Linda Lynch
29466 Lands End Drive
Parksley,Virginia 23421

or Email snuffy@shore.intercom.net  

From - Mon May 25 10:36:48 1998
From: "Dustin Deissner" dustind@cet.com
Subject: Rick Medaris

May 19, 1998

My name is Christy McKee. I am looking for the family of Rick E.Medaris, who was lost in Vietnam. I wore Rick's POW-MIA bracelet from 1971-1978. Recently I visited a traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall, and realized that I never knew what happened to him. Many attempts were made back in the early '80s, but the State Department was still being very closed mouthed unless you were family.

That bracelet was a part of me for 7 years. I went through three of them, and always managed to get Rick's name again. There was always hope in my heart that he made it home. When I found his name on the wall I finally learned that his death was confirmed. It really hit me hard, and I knew then that I wanted to have some closure to something that was a part of me for so long. It saddens me that I can't be writing this letter to him.

I hope if you are his family that you will respond. Thank you so much.


Christy McKee

From - Thu Jun 11 17:31:04 1998
From: "Gilbreath, Kathi (kdgi)" KDGI@chevron.com
Subject: POW Bracelet GORDON HILL

I am a recent subscriber to the internet through my company and am learning to research different things of interest.  I was told of the website: www.no-quarter.org and through that site found your e-mail address.

I have worn a POW bracelet since I was about 14 or 15 years old.  I got it in the early 70's.  In checking the listing, he is still missing.  My bracelet is in good shape and has not been off my wrist except for one brief period (surgery) 4 years ago.  How can I find out more about him?  I did print the record details from the no-quarter site, but am still very curious.

I have written a letter to his family a thousand times, but have never attempted to have it forwarded to them for fear that I would be intruding or opening a wound that may have started to heal a little.  I have a mental picture of him, and have "known" him longer than I have known my own husband.

I live in Houston and a miniature replica of The Wall toured through here on Veterans Day a couple of years ago.  I found his name on the wall and was so emotionally touched by it that I left in tears.  All for a man I never met or knew.  I know his birthday, his "home town", and that he was in an F-4E when shot down over Laos. 

How can I find out more about him?  I guess I would like to contact his family, but am apprehensive as stated before.  Any suggestions, recommendations, information you can share?  My bracelet bears the name of Capt. Gordon Clark Hill with the date of 6/30/70.

Kathi Gilbreath

From - Sat Jun 06 18:20:18 1998
From: "John Neff" jcneff@savannahga.net
Subject: pow bracelet - Capt Horace H. Fleming III

My name is Kathy McCann and several years ago I purchased a POW bracelet and was given one with the name of Capt. Horace H. Fleming III. About 3 years ago the Savannah Morning News Sunday Edition ran an article on POW's and also published about 20 pictures of known POW's. Capt. Fleming's picture was one of them, I cut it out and have kept it in my wallet ever since. I tried to contact the reporter,who was associated with some paper in DC, but he never returned my calls. I wanted to try to contact someone associated with Capt. Fleming to let them know that I had his bracelet and that he was in my thoughts and prayers. I'm not sure if that is appropriate or not or if the family would even want to know. When I found out about this WEB Page I knew that I would be able to tell someone and they would be able to tell me what to do. If all I should do is wear the bracelet, I'll do that. I just wanted to let someone know that Capt. Fleming is not forgotten nor will he ever be.
                                                    Kathy McCann
                                                    Thunderbolt GA

RE: TSgt. Donald K. Springsteadah

Mrs. Debbi Yavorsky
6399 Suehaven Ct.
Cincinnati OH 45248

June 5, 1998

Dear Sirs:

My husband and I got your address from the POW/MIA Biographies from the Internet.  I wear the bracelet of Air Force TSgt.  Donald K. Springsteadah from Millville, New Jersey.  I have enclosed a copy of the information that we have on him so far.  I would like to know if it would be possible to get in contact with his family to find out more information on him - what he was like, what his interests were, etc.  If possible, I would like to have a picture of him.  I was born and raised in Vineland, New Jersey which is the town next to Millville.

My son, Stephen, joined the Air Force in 1996.  When we went to Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas for his graduation we went to the mini-mall one day to do some shopping.  While there, I noticed a table with many, many POW/MIA bracelets on it.  I specifically looked for someone from New Jersey since that is where I am originally from. TSgt.  Springsteadah's was the only one I found from my area.  Since then, I have tried to find out anything I could on him except I didn't know where to look.  My parents still live in Vineland so I had them look in the phone book for any names like the one I wear.  They gave me a couple of addresses.  I did send a letter off to one of the names but never received a response of any kind from the family.  I don't even know if they were related to Donald.

According to the information we have the families don't always want to respond to any inquiries.  However, I would like to know if your organization can help me in any way in finding out more information on TSgt. Springsteadah.  Is it possible for anyone to get in touch with his wife (or ex-wife) Flora to see if she would be willing to be in contact with me.  I would also like to know if she would like to have his bracelet or would like me to continue to wear it which is my intention.

Any assistance or information that your organization can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time in reading my letter.


Debbi Yavorsky

From - Sat Jun 20 06:54:03 1998
From: "kanaboy" kanaboy@gte.net
Subject: To the parents and family of Lt. Larry Stevens (Conoga Park Ca)

My parents had POW braclets for our whole family and the were returned has they were found. And so many years have passed and I was so young I hardly remember except for in the stories I have been told. My father passed away a few years ago, and my step-mother recently sent me some of his jewlery and in his stuff was a POW braclet with your son's name Lt. Larry Stevens 2-14-69. I looked his name up and the last update was 1990. Please let me know if there is any news? I am now wearing the braclet myself and have explained to my own children the importace of this braclet. God bless you all!!!

All of our love and Aloha,

Paula Epperson and family.

From - Sat Jun 20 06:54:08 1998
From: sgtclinger@torchlake.com (Sargent, C.)
Subject: Loveletters...

We still remember & care..... Cindi

From - Tue Jun 23 17:20:38 1998
From: Zepeda50@aol.com

I have been wearing a pow mia bracelet belonging to Trent Richard Powers. He was in the Navy and was found missing on october 31,65.  His b.o.d was Aug..24,1930 and his home town was Minneapolis MN.  I've been wearing the bracelet for about 30 years.  I hopping that this letter can help me find a family member that I can contact and get the bracelet to them.  Just recently I got the info. on Mr.  Power and now I can lay him to rest. Please if there is someone that knows the family please e-mail at this email.   My name is Emma. Please write back soon

thanks alot,   Emma

From - Mon Jun 22 08:52:58 1998
From: Mcury12@aol.com
Subject: Capt. Ron Sittner

This letter is to the family of Capt. Ron Sittner.  When I was around 17 in 1967, I began to wear a POW braclet for Capt. Ron Sittner.  I don't recall how I got the bracelet, but I do recall having written many letters to a number of Viet Nam war servicemen I had never met before that, ever since I was 13 or 14.  Those letters have been in my mind ever since, and will always be with me.  Over the years I wondered if Capt. Sittner had ever been found.  One recent day I was reading the Reader's Digest and came across an article about this web site.  I was then able to find out that Capt. Sittner's remains had been returned just on December 30, 1997.  I send my deepest sympathy to the family and I will keep the bracelet in a special place with the bio I printed out from here.  Thank you for the valuable information. If the Sittner family would like the bracelet back, they may contact me. It will be hard to part with, but I imagine it may mean very much to the family.

Joyce Cury

From - Wed Jun 24 17:44:54 1998
From: berning carol berningc@worldnet.att.net
Organization: rutherford county schools
Subject: Capt. Victor Apadoca


I wear the bracelet of Captain Victor Joe Apodoca, Jr.  To his  family, I wish you love.


From - Thu Jun 25 18:01:37 1998
Subject: Lt. Ladewig

Just wanted Lt. Ladewig's family to know that I have had his bracelet since I was in the 7th grade (I am 39 now).  I think of him and his family often and my prayers are with them.

From - Wed Jul 01 17:57:58 1998
From: "Linda Rietmann" linda@comprotech.com
Subject: Robert F. Scherdin

Hello.  I have a bracelet bearing the name S/SGT. Robert F. Scherdin. My father gave me the bracelet about 10 years ago when he became involved and concerned about the POW/MIAs.  At the time, I really did not understand what it all meant, and never really wore it.  In December, my father passed away and I put the bracelet on.  I just want the family to know that I have this bracelet and while on the Internet, located the history of how Mr. Scherdin came to be missing.  I do not know much about the Vietnam War, only what I've learned in school. (which isn't much).  I pray and hope that our missing will come home soon.  While in Washington DC this May, I visited The Wall and found Scherdin's name.  My prayers are with his family.  My e-mail is linda@comprotech.com

Linda Rietmann

From - Thu Jul 02 07:29:57 1998
From: Mcury12@aol.com
Subject: Capt. Ron Sittner

To the family of Capt. Ron Sittner: 

My heart goes out to you all.  I wore the silver bracelet with Capt. Sittner's name on it, and have now learned that his remains were just returned in December, 1997, 30 years after he was reported missing. 

If you would like to have the bracelet, or would like to contact me you may do so at mcury12@aol.com  I live in the Southern California area.

Take care.

From - Tue Jul 07 08:41:57 1998
From: "ChildressDebi" ChildressDebi@worldnet.att.net
Subject:  MIA - Major San D. Francisco


My name is Debi and I have worn San D. Francisco's bracelet  for over 8 years.  My bond with this individual goes very deep and till this date I do not know how and why.  All I know is that during my lifetime I have been so involved in my pursuit for answers about this war. During my high school years I visited the wall and stood there mesmerized by all the names, as my body shook and tears fell from my eyes nonstop. In college, I concentrated a whole year on the task of researching the Vietnam War and its many victims.  I graduated with no answers but I did shed more tears for those who gave their lives and left their souls in that country.   For many years people have asked me if I came from California, particularly San Francisco area..... to their surprise I have never visited the west coast.    This questioned followed me thru high school and college.

As a young adult, almost a decade ago...I visited the wall once again with the task of searching for someone who was somehow connected to me....and answer that would explain my obsession for this war. A Family member...same last name...same birthday or same hometown...I searched for anything and everything.  Would you believe that I found someone who was shot down hours after I had been born.  There was my bond.  What brought tears to my eyes was when I saw the name of the individual......His name was San D Francisco.  There was my connection......my unanswered question.

If there is any one out there who can help me find out more about this brave man I would greatly appreciate it.  Please contact me.  I would love to hear more from family members or friends who knew Maj. Francisco.  I will wear this bracelet until he comes home.  The last I have heard is that he is still MIA.   Thank you for listening!

God Bless......
We will soon be 30 this year.
Debi Childress

From - Tue Jul 07 13:56:57 1998
From: "Clelland & Corrado Family Grand Central Station Inc."
Subject: Re: Clarke

Thats ok what you have done for me already is great! I really appreciate all of your help! Thanks again!! I do have just one more question....if you have a family contact for Clarke, please let them know he is adopted and that I really feel for them, they are in my prayers. Thanks again!


From - Tue Jul 07 14:34:41 1998
From: "Robert E. Gibson" arlo@rhein-neckar.netdurf.de
Subject: Donald Iandoli (the family of) from Patterson New Jersey

To the family of Sgt. Donald Iandoli,
My name is Connie Gibson and I currently live in Mannheim Germany, my husband is in the US Army. Ten years ago we were living in Ft. Campbell Kentucky I was working in the Air Assault store and some Vietnam Vets came in and asked us all to sign a petition, so as the MIAs and POWS were not forgotten and I also purchased a bracelet at that time. I wore it for 10 years and never took it off until 2 weeks ago when my job made me, I then gave it to my 14 year old daughter Kristi-Lee she now wears it. I told her the meaning behind it, and she had the idea to go on line and try and find out some information about the family and the man himself. She printed out all the information she found and explains it to anyone who asks about the bracelet as I did for 10 years. As a military family we understand the importance of not being forgotten, we would love to know what he looks like, if he had any family and if they wouldn't mind writing to us I will understand if it is to painful, but if your out there, we want you to know that he is not forgotten, we tell everyone about him.
                        Thank you,
                                Connie Gibson, & Kristi-Lee Gibson


From - Fri Jul 10 12:39:39 1998
From: "Ed Evans" ecubed@inetone.net
Subject: Marshall I Pauley

Hello, my name is Lynda Evans and I live in southern West Virginia. I have worn a POW bracelet for 25 years. I was married in it, gave birth to my daughter in it and had surgery with it. I pray that some day peace may be found for and answers to questions in regard to Marshall I Pauley missing March 13th 1966. if any of the family wishes to contact me they certainly can. Mr.Pauley hailed from Milton W.Va. and I was raised about 25 miles from there. God bless all the families and loved one of these men. May history be taught that all generations will remember the ultimate sacrifices.

From - Mon Jul 13 09:17:37 1998
From: MyAnnie2@aol.com
Subject: Willard Marion Collins


I just wanted to send a message to the family of Willard Marion Collins.  I have just recently adopted your loved one from the Operation Just Cause site. I have set up my web page in honor of him and have written my Congressmen along with the President and Senators.  I want Willard brought home.

I just wanted you to know that Willard has not been forgotten and I will do everything in my power to do what I can to get him home.  God Bless you and be with you all.

From the State of Illinois

From - Tue Jul 21 18:48:07 1998
From: "Krisztina S. Rocco" Krisztina.Rocco@gartner.xom
Subject: Capt Richard Rich

To the family of Capt. Richard Rich,
I am really not sure where to begin... I only hope that this E-mail will reach someone in the family.

A month ago I broke my leg and was in the hospital. An intern noticed I was wearing a red bracelet and inquired about it. He mentioned that there was so much information available on the web regarding the status of POW/MIA's. I have been wearing mine since I joined the Navy in 1988 (no longer in active service). It is now a very worn shade of silver and red but it has given me hope,  encouragement and strength through some of the toughest times in my life. Times I'm sure would not come close to the pain you have endured in your lifetime.

The hero I adopted over 10 years ago is that of Capt. Richard Rich USN 5-19-67 NVN.

I am amazed at all the wonderful and educational sites that are now available on the web. I have just finished scouring the web for any information I could get my hands on when I came across a letter on the P.O.W. Network from Cristopher S. Rich, son of Capt. Richard Rich. Unfortunately, the E-mail address is no longer active for him.  Reading the synopsis of the incident that happened so long ago and yet is still a part of our lives today put so much into perspective. Information I had only wished I knew of finally came to light.

I have cried so many nights for Capt. Rich not even knowing who he was or where he might be. I only prayed that he was safe and in peace. I talked to him as if I had known him all my life and as if he was truly listening to me and acknowledging my deepest thoughts. 

If you receive this message I would love nothing more than to just say Hello and to express my deepest gratitude and love. I don't want to bring up the sadness but to tell you of the joy he has brought to my life. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him or glance at the worn but treasured bracelet.

With deepest regards,

Krisztina S. Rocco
Norwalk CT

From - Thu Jul 23 17:47:08 1998
From: TPAAriel@aol.com

In or around 1990 I wore the bracelet for Samuel M. Deichelmann.  I had taken a trip about that time to Washington, D.C.  During my stay I visited "the Wall".  Where I had an unusual encounter.

During the time I had worn the bracelet I didn't realize the reality of a POW. I wore it because I wanted to show my patriotism and belief that we would never forget our own.  I did not however pay particular attention to the name of the man borne on this bracelet.  Still I wanted to find his name during my visit.

Before my visit to The Wall however, I discovered I had lost the bracelet somehow.  Well not really grasping how many names were there, I thought I would have a look for it anyway.

There was a huge book at the end of the Wall that listed the location of an individual's name.  I was astounded by the sight of so many names, I tried and tried but I couldn't remember enough of the information on the bracelet to find the name.

I began to walk down the vast Wall of names and I glanced once somewhere near the middle at the wall.  It was him!!!!!

I didn't know much about the signs on the Wall that illustrate a persons status; POA, MIA, KIA.  I stopped a volunteer that was passing out paper to trace the names and asked her what the symbols meant.

As she told me that the  <long time ago can't remember the symbol> meant that the person was still listed MIA, I began to get chill bumps.

I searched my heart, what was all this coincidence?  I have a strong faith in God, and so I decided that either Samuel Deitchelmann or his family needed prayer that day.

So I prayed, today I will say another prayer for you.

God bless you and your family

From - Sat Jul 25 18:11:42 1998
From: Veda Mendoza vedamen@IDT.NET

I still wear the bracelet of MSGT Charles V. Newton USASF.  I just wanted his family to know that someone does still care.

Veda Bragg Mendoza

From - Sat Jul 25 18:14:35 1998
From: "mopanz" mopanz@nassau.cv.net

I have worn JAMES ARTHUR HARWOOD POW/MIA bracelet since Sep 1972. I did not learn until last year, with the help of the Internet, that he was declared KIA 1/15/78, MIA 1/15/71--never brought home.  James has become a part of me and I would like to let his family know that I will never forget him.  James was born in Omaha, NE, but enlisted in Dallas, TX.

If you know James, or one of his relatives--please know that he is always in my thoughts, with pride and sadness. If you wish to contact me (which I  certainly hope for), my E-Mail address is Mopanza@Yahoo.com

Long Island, NY

From - Thu Jul 30 05:31:49 1998
From: "Scott Young" scott.young@usa.net

I wore the bracelet of Captain Jon Busch (6-8-67)  for over ten years and then put it away. I found it today and it tugged at my heart, so I tried to find out whatever happened to him and found that his remains were returned in 1988. If any of his family ever reads this, I wanted to let you know how much I cared for him, even though I never knew him.

God Bless.

From - Tue Aug 11 10:50:35 1998
From: Sueatrcs@aol.com
Subject:  MIA Robert Joseph Di Tommaso

Dearest Mafalda,

I don't know if you remember me, or if this letter will even find its way to you, but in the early 1970's I corresponded with you because I wore Bobby's MIA bracelet.  I was a young girl of 15 back then and many years have passed as I've grown-up and raised 3 sons of my own.

I wanted you to know that Bobby hasn't been forgotten and I've often wondered how you've been.  As the Vietnam conflict came to a close and our servicemen were released and/or returned home, I searched for his name, needing to know that he was alive and well. My research leads me to believe that he is still MIA.  I still have Bobby's photo that you sent me, and my sons know of him as I've shared (and still have) the Christmas cards you sent.  Over the years my bracelet was lost and I was heartbroken, but recently found that I could replace it as a special order.  It's still very precious to me.

I know that his birthday was last week - and I'm painfully aware that he was only 24 years old on July 29, 1966.  My oldest son will be 22 in October and my heart shares your grief in just not knowing where Bobby is.

I would love to hear from you, or someone in your family, and find out what you may or may not know about our Bobby.  I remember your cards always ending with "Pray for Peace".  I did.

Susan (Graham) Peterson
e-mail:    sueatrcs@aol.com
mailing address:    5141 E. Orangethorpe Ave. #A, Anaheim, CA  92807

From - Fri Aug 14 21:11:58 1998
From: "Dorothy Balzer" 

It is August 14, 1998, at 9:33 PM, I have JUST found my soldier's name on a list for the first time in 26 years!  I am hoping to contact the family of Maj. Harold Victor Smith, lost on March 7, 1966.  I have been entering the wrong information, (1968) for sometime now, but when I finally saw his name in print, I was overcome with emotion.  I have been exploring the different sites on the internet to try to find info, and to have my request for the family to contact me forwarded to them.  I would like his family to know that I was 11 years old at the time I received my bracelet. I have prayed EVERY day for the Smiths and Harry has been with me through the many changes in my life...school, proms, single parenting(!) my wedding, my divorce, the births of my children etc...  Anyone with information, please e-mail me.

Thank you, Dorothy C. Balzer-Hogge

I had written in 1998, RE Maj Harold Victor Smith USAF....I've updated my e mail address since then and would love to hear from any family of or friends of Maj. Smith. Please! Thank you, Dorothy Hogge jerseymermaid@yahoo.com

From - Fri Aug 14 20:34:59 1998
From: PLINBERG@aol.com
Subject: Col WELCH

This is a note to the family of Col. Robert J. Welch, date of disaster 1/16/67. I have been wearing his MIA bracelet for many years--it is an original steel bracelet. I visited the Viet Nam moving wall today, and found his name. I have thought about him for many years, and found some closure in seeing his bio on this web page, and in seeing his name on the wall. He will never be forgotton.
                                     Thinking of you--Pamela Niedert

From - Wed Aug 19 18:21:17 1998
From: "Pat & George" capoisl@aug.com
Subject: Re:  Vernon Ligon, USAFand Richard Allee, USAF

Since 1969, I have worn a POW bracelet until last Tuesday.  The first bracelet I wore was that honoring Vernon Ligon, who was released in 1973, and was returned to his home and family.  How thrilled I was to see him come off the plane during the celebration back in the States.  I was sad to learn that he has since died, but at least he was able to spend time with his family and friends back in the US.

After learning that so many were still unaccounted for, I returned to the place where I got my bracelet, and was told, "Lady, don't you know the war is over?"  That's when I knew I must renew my commitment, and sent to Washington for another bracelet, which was that of Richard Allee.  I wore his bracelet from the Spring of '73 until last week when I learned that his remains have been returned and identified just this last Spring '98.  I am glad that he has been returned, and his family has some closure, but it was also sad to take another bracelet off.  Now it's time to recommit.

God bless all our brave men and women who have fought to help keep us free.


Patricia Canakaris

From - Thu Aug 20 07:44:10 1998
From: BEVPLANB1@aol.com
Subject:  Capt. TORKELSON

To the family of Capt. Loren Harvey Torkelson:

Hello! I have been on a 25 year search for Loren, since I wore his bracelet from 1968 to 1973 when he returned home. I would be so pleased to give this bracelet to any family member that would contact me. I just learned of this POW Network, and I am so sorry I didn't discover it before Loren passed away in 1995. I am a school teacher in California who has used this bracelet to help teach students about the Viet Nam War. I wanted so much to tell Captain Torkelson this myself, but the best I can do now is to pass the bracelet on to his family. If anyone out there can lead me to his family members, please contact me at my E-Mail address:

I will keep hope alive.

FROM: Kevin Kapatoes
        18 Park Street
         Hopedale, Mass. 01747


Please let me start by saying GOD BLESS for all the years of uncertainty of not knowing the where abouts of your loved one Monek Weitz.

I have been wearing his bracelet for almost 14 years now and it is the 4th one that I have had to date.  I'm often asked why or who and for what reason I would still have a bracelet on relating to what some people think is old news.  My response is always the same "The reason why you asked is the reason that I wear it, to keep people thinking about it and to never forget.,,

It is very difficult to obtain any information on Monek other than the "official,, record.  I would like to ask for any information that would help put a more clear picture with this
person who has been part of my life for so long.  If anything I am requesting is to hard or difficult to adress, please don't. Hopefully just hearing that someone out there still thinks of  Monek everyday is a satisfying feeling to you.

Thank you,
                          Kevin Kapatoes
                            USMC 82-94
                            SEMPER FI

Dear Ret. Lt. Colonel Schrump,

Hello, my name is Rick Bortz and back in the 70's, I received a POW bracelet with your name on it.  After moving several times, in the past twenty years, I was finally able to locate it.  After searching various ways over the Internet, I was pleased to find out that you were released and back in the States.  I am using the POW Network to relay this letter to you.  If you would like to communicate directly, I have enclosed my address:

         Rick Bortz
         5 Naragansett Drive
         Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

         E-mail address: rabjab@compuserve.com
Please feel free to contact by any means you desire.



From - Sat Aug 22 08:15:32 1998
From: Buffett422@aol.com
Subject:   Terry REED

I would like to contact or receive contact from the family of a Vietnam casualty whose remains were just released in June 1998. 

Name: Reed, Terry Michael
Service: USAF
Svs#: 18741620
Casualty Date: June 23, 1969
DOB: 1/22/45

Terry and I were close high school friends, he moved to Texas with his family after graduating but returned to stay with me and my family for 2 summers.  We lost contact.  After I returned from Vietnam in 1969 I heard of his death in late 1969 and assumed that he was returned home to the US and buried. No one knew how to contact him or his family.  I have thought of him mostdays since I learned of his death.  I happened upon this site after reading an article in Readers Digest.

Please help me if you can.  I served with the US Army in Vietnam from June 1967 - January 1969 with the 518th Signal Company in Nha Trang.

This site is wonderful.

David H Rogers
12300 Chastain Drive
Raleigh, NC 27614
        e-mail  buffett422@AOL.com

From - Sat Aug 22 22:20:20 1998
From: John &Vicki Storrie sabredog@iglobal.net
Organization: Storrie Parachute Works
Subject: Col. Donald F. Casey and Col. Stanley S. Clark

Dear Sirs:

I wore a POW bracelet for several years in the 1960's-1973 and was so grateful and happy when my original POW stepped off the plane.  As I was clapping my hands and crying, my bracelet broke in half.  I mailed the halves to him and his family in Mesquite, Texas.  I didn't have a bracelet for 8 years.  When I married in 1981, my father-in-law, Robert C. Storrie Jr., told me about two of his best friends from his squadron during the Korean War who had been recalled for Vietnam, and both pilots were shot down and still unaccounted for.  I immediately located a source and ordered bracelets with both names.

Col. Donald Francis Casey, USAF, from Tennessee was shot down over NVN on 23 Jun 1968.  Col. Stanley S. Clark, USAF, from California was shot down over Laos on 14 Feb 1969.  I have faithfully worn Col. Casey's bracelet for almost 17 years, and my husband wears Col. Clark's bracelet.  We are always amazed at the people who ask what the bracelets are and why we are still wearing them.  We always use the opportunity to educate people about the POW/MIA situation.

We just wanted  their families to know that we pray for them and think of them everyday.  I am a middle school teacher, and I teach a special unit on the Vietnam War to my students.  (I just can't seem to find the chapter on it in our Texas History books, but I improvise!) Many of my students have ordered bracelets when we are studying the war, and this study has opened up avenues of conversation between students and their dads, uncles, and grandfathers who went to Vietnam but had never talked about it.  I bring in guest speakers who do a marvelous job.

We would like very much to be in contact with the families of Col. Casey and Col. Clark, if they would like to write to us.  Our email address is:


Thank you for this opportunity, and God Bless our men and their families.  We need to bring them home.  Never give up hope.  We are good friends with David Hrdlicka whose father is a POW/MIA (David Hrdlicka, USAF, May 1965), and his mother is very active in the Family organization.  If they haven't given up hope, how can we?  They are not forgotten.

Vicki and John Storrie
1418 E. Windsor Drive
Denton, Texas 76201-1292

From - Sun Aug 23 14:20:26 1998
From: "Carter" bandnerds@tyler.net
Subject: Frank Green

I just wanted the family of Frank Clifford Green to know that I am wearing a bracelet for him---and that I will wear it until the day he returns home---I have also written numerous letters to the president and to Senator Hutcheson---I pray for them daily, and for their loved one to have the strength to endure what ever his circumstances may be. They can e-mail me at bandnerds@tyler.net or if they choose not to I will understand. Thank you, and God Bless Them Everyone---

From - Sun Aug 23 15:37:10 1998
From: Jim jcfab@junct.com
Subject: Martin Scott

Please Help!!!

I'm hoping to get further informatin or get in contact with the family of Martin Ronald Scott USAF.He was shot down in March 1966.

If anyone can help me with information or names of fellow comrades it would be greatly appreciated.

I can be contacted at jnfc@hotmail.com

Mick Morris

From - Mon Oct 19 15:14:45 1998

I'd like to say thanks for allowing me to place a love letter on the love letters site. As of today I now have contact with the wife of one of my adopted POW/MIA's.She saw my letter and sent me an email this morning.To say I was in shock was an understatement...


Mick Morris

POW/MIAs-Lets bring them all home

P.O.W. NETWORK is looking for the family of
former P.O.W. Darrell E. Pyle
the family of Lee Cornwell III
(remains returned) (remains returned)

sep.gif (1967 bytes)

From - Thu Aug 27 08:08:20 1998
From: Scott scottharri@nac.net
Subject: Joseph David Puggi, Kenneth James Patton, Joe Harold Pringle, Charles Leroy Adkins, Donald Dawson Burnham

I am looking for any additional information about the soldiers listed in the subject line of this email.  I have adopted them for my webpage and would like to put up any information I can in order to put faces with these names.  The more I can learn about these men The less they are simply statistics.

If there are any family members who have expressed interest please foward this to them and let them know that their loved one is remembered on my web page and I would be happy to publish anything they would like to contribute.
The url for my website is: http://www.users.nac.net/scottharri/ .
Thank you for any help you may be able to provide me.


From - Thu Aug 27 16:57:48 1998
From: BPMW75A@prodigy.com (CDR HUGH MAGEE)
Subject: Re: Lt. Marik

Would like to have contact with Lt. Marik's next of kin, or any info on where I might find his pilot Dick Weber.

Thanks, Hugh Magee                    

From - Sat Aug 29 07:25:28 1998
From: "LadyMacMauser/Beth" bethp@snowcrest.net
Subject: Col.Stanley Scott Clark USAF

Hi I love your site. I wear a bracelet for Col.Stanley Scott Clark USAF 2/14/69 Laos. I would like very much to get in touch with is son and make a  page dedicated to him. I have no way of locating him although I do know he is in California. I would like to add a link to your page from mine if that would be ok.

Thank you

Beth Price

From - Sat Aug 29 07:25:37 1998
From: SweetK31@aol.com
Subject: POWMIA.....Col.Joseph Christiano USAF

To the family of Col.Joseph Christiano,

I wanted  to let someone know that I am wearing his bracelet, and have been for 10 years now, would someone please contact me I would like to know more about him and his family, you have been in my hearts now for 10 years and he has as well, every night I say my prayers and hope he returns home soon, i know he will someday.... my thoughts are with you on Christams Eve as well i know it has to be real hard to deal with I have a friend who has helped me find this page he is a Vietnam vet as well his email is vet@bellatlantic you can reach him as well at url........ http://www.angelfire.com/nj/vet20/index.html

email me at SweetK31@aol.com

Thank you,

From - Sun Aug 30 22:01:17 1998
From: "avants" <avants@enid.com>
Subject: PFC Brian Kent McGar

I am tring to locate the family members of PFC Brian Kent McGar. I have a bracelet that I would like to return. If anyone knows of how to get ahold of a family member please e-mail me at avants@enid.com. Or write to Toni Avants, 2717 Indian Drive , Enid, Oklahoma 73703

From - Mon Aug 31 20:39:09 1998
From: Wildtalk@aol.com
Subject: Re: Loveletters

Thank you for helping me with this quest, and it has been a quest mainly to ease my pain of losing someone as well.  You are doing a great job and I will be purchasing some new bracletts for my now grown children.  If you ever need my assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via the e-mail.  I can answer a lot of questions and if not I can put you in touch with those who can.

I thought I'd leave you with a poem I wrote for Col. Campbell when I was 16. God bless and good luck, 

Ty Neuharth


A Quest for Visions

pictures of limbless bodies line the street where flowers should be
blood stains my eyes as I look for the answers
        why must people kill and mutilate others
the smell of burnt offerings are pungent to my naive American nose

I didn't know Viet Nam existed
        until everyone in my world that I loved left
        some to never return
we are not a race accustomed to murder
        yet we learned to survive

where will we find the quiet solitude of harmony
        in the eyes of frightened children
        or in the slain bodies of our brothers

in my quest for a vision of peace
        I realized that power and ignorance are the enemy
not the hollowed eyes of these strangers
        for they too are someone's brother.


From - Tue Sep 01 21:53:16 1998
From: "bassist" <bassist@erols.com>

I just wanted let the family of JOHN W.CONSOLVO JR. know that I wear their son's bracelet and will until he is returned.  I would like to hear from any of his family or anyone who knows him, if JAMES J. CASTONGUAY sees this message I would really like him to drop me a line. I am just curious to know if anyone has any info about his whereabouts or any sightings of him.

Please write me at
Megan Moore
671A East "G" St.
Purcellville, VA 20132

Thank you for your time, I know this is an emotional subject but I am very interested in the cause to bring home all our men and would like to hear from those involved with the man on my bracelet.

From - Wed Sep 02 08:39:18 1998
From: Unicorn135@aol.com
Subject: Larry Fletcher Potts and Edward Ario Willing

I just wanted the familys of Larry Fletcher Potts and Edward Ario Willing to know that they are not forgotton. Always in my heart. I'm learning more and more each day about these hero's. The family can e-mail me at :

Patricia McNeese
1307 Rodman Road
Wilmington,Delaware 19805
We LOVE them ALL!

From - Wed Sep 02 14:59:02 1998
From: Dan McCarthy <dpmmaom@highfiber.com>

An open letter to all who care:

I am a proud member of a very special, very dedicated group of people who undertake a motorcycle ride across the heartland of America each May..."Run for the Wall".  Our mission is clear:  to raise attention through our efforts to address our POW/MIAs.  The ride takes ten days one way and culminjates with "Rolling Thunder" (a motorcycle 'parade' of more then 250,000 this year!) from the Pentagon to "The Wall".  We won't
go away until all of our missing from all wars are accounted for. Please support us as we support all of you!  Thank you.

(our web page is: "www.rftw.org". Keep the faith!

Dan (LittleMac)

From - Tue Nov 25 07:13:15 1997
Return-Path: <eliotb@earthlink.net>

Dear People:

I would like to thank you for all of your efforts to provide accurate information and support for the POW/MIA cause.  I am related by marriage to an MIA, Dennis G. Pugh.  His Aunt was my Aunt (now deceased). Although I do not believe that I have ever met either of Dennis Pugh's parents I would like them to know someday that I have often held Dennis in my prayers over the years.

As a little boy growing up in Denver, CO in 1965 or 66 I met Dennis when I was about 8 or 9 years old when he frequently visited my Aunt & Uncle in Denver while he attended the Air Force Academy.  He was one of my heros, and I didn't quite understand at the time of his incident in Laos why our country would not just sweep down and pick him up and bring him home.  I have a better understanding now, they (Government and Political Officials) were essentially liars and cowards thgat were unwilling to sacrafice their fat offices to save men and women who were essentially
heros with honor and courage.

I would like to know as much as possible about Dennis Pugh's case as I can.  If there is anything I can do to help him and his family I am willing to do it. If he is still alive, which there is that possibility I sincerely belief his recovery is long over due.  If he is deceased, his family needs to put resolution to his life and theirs.  I do not know if either of his parents are still alive, I hope and pray that they are and their answers are found before their time is up.

I appreciate your efforts and hope you are able to give me a reply.

God Speed,  Eliot D. Barton

My Email is eliotb@earthlink.net

From - Sat Jan 24 18:11:22 1998
Subject: Re: Charles Cudlike-MIA
From: BBLACK <boboo7@swbell.net>

Having recently logged on to the internet, I searched for information on a fellow pilot who was MIA in Vietnam.  I came across the bios on these missing men on the POW-MIA network.  While a Dustoff pilot in Vietnam, I had the terrible experience of having a soldier fall from my helicopter from a high altitude and knew he was listed as MIA because his body was not found.  Searching the bios I found the name of that soldier, Charles Cudlike.  I would like find any living relatives and let them know that
if they have the need to verify the information about the incident, I will help them.  The information in the bio is extremely accurate, but I can add first hand information to that account.

I have found out thru other veterans on the internet that Charles was single and he was a draftee.  Although his HOR is listed as Detroit, my understanding is that was where he entered active duty and does not mean he was actually from Detroit.

I want it clear that I don't want to open old wounds.  It would be their decision if they want to initiate contact.  Thank you for any help you could provide.

From - Thu Sep 03 18:22:25 1998
From: "Lisa and Brad Jackson" <jackson_123@hotmail.com>
Subject: James T. Egan

To the family of James T. Egan, Jr who disappeared in Vietnam on 21 January 1966.

I am a married 28 year man living in England, a country which never knew the full horror of the conflict in Vietnam. I am also too young to have ever known any kind of hostilities myself, for which I am always thankful. However, I would just like you to know that my wife and I will remember James T. Egan and carry him in our thoughts.

Love and peace,

Brad and Lisa Jackson.

From - Tue Sep 08 19:42:53 1998
From: AuntAnneM@aol.com
Subject: Col. Robert Carl Wistrand......

In May I adopted Col. Wistrand. I have all kinds of information on him that I have been able to obtain from the various sites on my computer. However I would like to know more about him and his family. I have a mental picture of him and his family. It is important for me to honor this man and his family. I do not want to open any old wounds or cause any pain to his family, but I would truly like to correspond with them. Even though I only "know" Col. Wistrand a few short months I feel very attached to him. Please if his family or friends of his family are reading this letter please contact me at AuntAnneM@aol.com. Thank you.

From - Thu Sep 10 07:22:25 1998
From: Catgrrl11@aol.com
Subject: LtCol Joesph Kearns

I would sincerely like to thank you for the existence of your website. Over the years I have often wondered what ever became of "my" MIA/POW (the man on my bracelet): Lt. Col. Joseph T. Kearns, Jr.  He had been listed as MIA/POW as of 6/3/67 (3 months before I was born).

When presented with a choice of bracelets, I chose him since his death was so close to my own birth.  I have been wearing this bracelet for 12 years (I went to my high school prom with it and several weddings over the years) and I've tried in the past to obtain information on him, always to no avail. (From unanswered letters addressed to different
organizations as well as making calls to centers who just had no singnificant information on him).

Your website (and I'd searched thru many others) was the most informative I've come accross.  And in fact, I now know that his remains were returned in Aug 1988.  I've always wanted to contact his family to let them know that although I did not know him, I've thought about him nearly every day for the past 12 years.  I know that your organization does not keep family records, so perhaps I will do as you suggest and
just leave the bracelet at a memorial site. I have to admit that I won't be doing it VERY soon because I really hate to remove this bracelet. After so many years it will be very hard to part with. It really brings home the point that if I'm having a hard time parting with a bracelet that has only his name etched across it,  I can only begin imagine how
his family must feel about parting with him.

Again, thanks so much for maintaining this website.  You've really made a difference.

Peace -
Ms. Jaret Segovia

From - Sun Sep 13 23:32:36 1998
From: Unibean@aol.com
Subject: the Joe Palmer Pederson family

You are in my thoughts and prayers - I have worn his bracelet since I was 17 -
I pray for his return to you.

From - Mon Sep 14 18:30:32 1998
From: Kay Simcoe <wrs@lebpub.net>
Subject: Fielding W. Featherston III

I love you. I miss you. I pray for you and yours every day. I have your bracelet. I have had your bracelet since 1970. I will keep it for you always. Thank you for your gift of my freedom. Be safe. Go with God.
Please come home... Kay Simcoe  (kay049@hotmail.com)

From - Tue Sep 15 19:19:32 1998
From: "cathy m. gioia" <gioiaski@frontiernet.net>

Dear families,
                   This Friday,September 18, 1998 (national POW/MIA recognition day),a group of VietNam Veterans and concerned citizens will place a wreath at The Wall in honor of all those still serving their country as POW/MIA'S.We will also pray for them and their families.We will be there at noon.
                                                    God Bless!!!

From - Wed Sep 16 08:08:58 1998
From: TubbsRW@aol.com
Subject: Lt. J. Forrest Trembley

My husband wore a bracelet for Lt. J. Forrest Trembley for a long time. He would like information on any surviving family members.

From - Wed Sep 16 19:32:39 1998
From: "Gerry Bailey" <glbailey@halifax.com>
Subject: Fw: Gary LaBohn

To the family of Gary LaBohn, I was initially happy to hear the gov. report that he had been ID'd and returned. Then I heard the evidence that he may not have been ID'd at all. I have worn his bracelet for more than 17 years and will continue to wear it until you are satisfied that he has been positively ID'd to your satisfaction. Please know that while
my grief cannot match yours' in the loss of a family member in war, I have carried the memory of a man I never met in the form of a simple band of stainless steel and a name on black marble for many years. I will continue to do so untill he comes home.  I think of you and Gary always.....

Sue Ann Bailey
836 North Main Street
South Boston, Va. 24592

From - Sat Sep 19 17:04:55 1998
From: H1504@aol.com
Subject:  Lt. Colonel Thomas Arthur Finney

My name is Michael S. Vogt and I live in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1971, I purchased a MIA-POW bracelet in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to show my support and to help fund the efforts of the families of the missing. I received the bracelet of "Lt. Colonel Tom Finney, 8-1-66" . I have worn this stainless steel bracelet ever since. It has never been off my wrist. My right wrist bears the indentations of the ends of the bracelet and serve
as an ever present reminder. Many prayers have been said for Lt. Colonel Finney and his family and not a day has past that I haven't thought of them.

Over the course of the past 27 years, this bracelet has stimulated much conversation with family, friends and strangers. Each of my 6 children learned of the horrors of what had happened in Vietnam, how I came to wear the bracelet and why I continue to wear it to the present day. It is due to men like Lt. Colonel Finney that my family can enjoy the
precious gift of Freedom. We all have a debt that can never be repaid.

In checking the listing, I determined his remains were returned on 8/14/85. I was saddened upon learning this and angry with myself for allowing so many years to pass before discovering it. I would like the family to know that he was in my thoughts and prayers for all of these years.

According to the information on your Web site, understandably many of the families do not wish to respond to any inquiries.  However, I would like to know if your organization can assist me in obtaining additional information regarding Lt. Colonel Finney beyond that contained in the Biographical section of the Web site. Would it be possible for anyone to get in touch with his family to see if they would be willing to be in contact with me? If the Finney family would like the bracelet back, they may contact me. If not, it would be my privilege to continue to wear the bracelet in memory of him.

Any assistance or information that your organization can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your time in reading my letter.


Michael S. Vogt
Address: 120 Fieldstone Drive, Fairburn, Georgia 30213-1157

From - Sat Sep 19 22:18:52 1998
From: DG1923@aol.com
Subject: To The Family of Patrick Carroll, Jr.

I am writing this heartfelt letter to the family of  Patrick Carroll, Jr., Date of Loss 11-2-69.

I hope this letter reaches you in my effort to let you now that I have held and cherished this bracelet bearing his name for approximately 25 years.  His memory lives on in my heart.  He is not forgotten.

May God comfort you and bless you,

Highland, MI                (DG1923@AOL.COM)

From - Mon Sep 21 08:16:20 1998
From: Laurie <violetblue@mindspring.com>
Subject: Harry Coen

As I was cleaning out my desk, I came across my POW bracelet.  I sat back and remembered when I got it, so long ago and how I wore it each day, checking and hoping he made it home. 

I have just checked the listings and find he is still MIA, how my heart sank, tears down my face.  My children looked at it and asked so many questions and I told them how proud I was to wear it and now again it graces my wrist.

His name is Harry Coen.

Laurie Holbrook

From - Thu Sep 24 19:13:43 1998
From: "Kim White" <crwte@cport>
Subject: Captain Hail

To the family of Capt. W. W. Hail,

With the world of cyperspace I have found the web site of the POW/MIA's.  I have had Capt. Hail's bracelet since I was in high school 25 years ago.  Several years ago I made a trip to Washington DC and found his name on The Wall.  I have often wondered about his family and have said many prayers for them.  I grew up in a military family and spent from 1965 to 1970 in Hawaii.  We had a different view of the war over there. Many of my friends fathers and brothers were in Vietnam.  I hope and pray that his family is doing well and would love to here from them.  I will continue to keep Capt. Hail in my thoughts for as long as it takes to hear anything about him coming home.  My address is 245 Cummings St SW  Castle Rock, WA 98611 and my E-mail is crwte@cport.com.

                                            Kim White

From - Thu Sep 24 19:13:52 1998
From: Bonzart042@aol.com
Subject: Capt. Fredrick Mervyn Hall

I am still holding the POW bracelet from Fred Hall. 
I noticed that Mr. Hall never returned and I am deeply saddened not to be able to return the bracelet to his family.  If a family member does read this and would like his bracelet please respond to me by e-mail and I would be proud to turn it over to you.

Leesburg, Virginia

From - Thu Sep 24 19:15:44 1998
From: george <gmjungbluth@students.wisc.edu>
Subject: George W. Clarke

To the family, friends, and colleagues of Major George W. Clarke:

I purchased a POW bracelet over a year ago during my fourth trip to the wall.  Visiting the memorial was a powerful experience, just as powerful as the preceding three trips.  I purchased the bracelet with George Clarke's name on it almost arbitrarily, mostly because he shared a common first name with me.  Along with it came a short biography and a picture.  The experience and the bracelet became much more personal after I read that bio.  I had seen the war movies, and read the books and talked to some of the veterans who never wanted to talk about those days again, but never before had I felt a connection so personal.  My father had been in the Army during the war, but he had been sent to Korea.  I felt connected, and I began to care about Major Clarke. I wondered what he had been like, what kind of life he had led, what kind of family he had left behind.  I felt outraged that more wasn't done to bring him and his fellow soldiers home after the war.  I felt discouraged that more people didn't remember or even appreciate the gift Major Clarke and many others made for us at home, people they didn't even know, people (like me) who weren't even born when they swore their
lives to their country.

I have worn Major Clarke's bracelet ever since that day, rain or shine, no matter where I am.  I lit a votive candle at my church and said a prayer for Major Clarke on the 30th anniversary of his disappearance.

Often, people will ask me about the bracelet I wear on my wrist and I tell them the whole story (as I know it) of Major George Clarke. I tell them why I wear it, and hope to God every time that the walk away appreciating all those unknown, unappreciated men and women that died for them over the history of this nation.  I know that since I picked up
that bracelet, I have.

I know that none of you will ever forget Major Clarke and the others like him that made the supreme sacrifice for their countrymen.  I just wanted you all to know that you are not alone, that others remember Major Clarke too.

George M. Jungbluth
Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison

From - Thu Sep 24 19:15:41 1998
From: TELELADY1@aol.com
Subject: John Willard Swanson Jr.

I still hold the bracelet for this pilot.  I started wearing my symbol of support in 1973, when Capt. Swanson was listed as MIA.  To his family, he is not forgotten.  I am so very proud and grateful to all who serve and have served our great country.


From: "John Swanson" <ohmdr@comcast.net>
Subject: Help in contacting someone
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2013 23:31:08 -0500

Good evening,
I found the postings page (http://www.pownetwork.org/tletter.htm) and saw a posting from Vicky from September 24, 1998 saying that she continues to wear my uncles MIA bracelet.
I wanted to thank her for not forgetting about him and all of the other men and women who have served, but the email address has changed since the posting.  I am wondering if you captured, but didn’t display full names when these were originally posted, and if so, could I get a first and last name so that I can attempt to locate her and let her know how much this means to us.
I also wanted to share that while I do not have a POW/MIA bracelet for anyone, I have wear a POW/MIA hat daily. It is amazing how many people stop me and asked about the hat and why I wear it.
Recently I was in San Diego on a business trip and had an early morning flight back home. As I passed through security I forget to empty my pockets completely (I had left some cash and my ID in my pocket) and the TSA official “scolded” me for this before letting me gather my belongings from the conveyor belt/bins. As I put on my hat, he asked about it and we had a brief conversation (thankfully it was early morning and not a lot of people present, so we could talk). I told him about my uncle and that I wear the hat for all of the service people (past, present and future). We had enough time for him to share that his uncle, also a pilot, was shot down, crashed, and was listed as MIA as well.  He then told me that his family was contacted a couple of years ago with news that his uncles remains had been found. After their return, his aunt passed a short time later... She had held out, praying for closure, and was able to go the Lord peacefully.
Again, If you can help me contact Vicky, so that I can thank her remembering, I would appreciate it...... It means a lot to see people who remember and continue to care.
John Darren Swanson
Bloomington, IL

From - Thu Sep 24 19:15:47 1998
From: Luc Lambert <llambert@topsurf.com>
Subject: Michael F. Dean

To the Family of Michael F. Dean,

Since 1988, I have faithfully worn Michael's bracelet and I have prayed for both his return and your comfort.  I chose to wear his bracelet because I was also [at that time] an Air Force Staff Sergeant.  You should know that I found great strength from him, and it wasn't until my entry into Officer Training School in 1993 that I discovered he was KIA.

However, this did not change my commitment.  On July 18, 1998, I attended many events honoring POW/MIA Recognition Day.  It was on this day I learned Michael's remains were returned [in 1995] and I was to return the bracelet to the Wall.  I am somewhat embarrassed it took me so long to find out something so utterly important to you, but nevertheless, I am elated he now rests eternally on American land.  Yet, I will not place the bracelet anywhere except in the possession of Michael's family.

I have always held Michael, and his ultimate sacrifice, very close to my heart.  Please rest assured that he changed my life in a very positive way.  I will continue to pray for him and his family.

God bless,

Luc J.F. Lambert, Captain, USAF
email to:  llambert@topsurf.com

From - Fri Sep 25 21:10:26 1998
From: Jennygiff@aol.com
Subject: Lt. Col. Irby David Terrell//CDR. Frank E. Fullerton

When I found the Love Letter site I knew I was not alone with the feeling that I have had for Lt. Col. Irby David Terrell.  During the Vietnam War I wore his name on my bracelet, capture date 1-14-68.  When he returned to the United States I saw him get off the plane waving to everyone with  a smile on his face a mile wide.  Like many others who had watched their POW's get off the freedom flight , that was the last time I saw him.  During his capitivity I was lucky enough to receive letters from his family and when my POW returned home he wrote everyone a letter with a  personal note. He said "please keep the bracelet on until eveyone is home". What a thrill for a 16 year old high school student.

I never forgot the man who's name was on my bracelet.  For some reason when the hostages were in Iran during the Jimmy Carter presidency my thoughts were with my POW.  I sent him a card with a letter hoping he would receive it, to tell him I was thinking about him, and wishing him well.  I could never forget him.  The card did not come back. So maybe he got it.

At the time I wore my bracelet I lived near Pittsburgh, Pa. In 1985 I moved to Georgia.  There is town in Georgia called East Point, it is near the Atlanta airport.  I could not remember at first why I knew this name.  It turned out that this was the town where  my POW lived  before he went to Vietnam, and where his letter and his families letters came
from.  I tried to find him, but there was no listing in the phone book. In 1996 when the movie Andersonville came out, all the old feeling returned and I had to find this man.  I contacted the Andersonville museum and they in turn gave me a name of a contact person.  Not only was my POW still living he lived 45 minutes from my present home.  After 22 years I thought I will finally meet this man.  I did meet Dave in Sept. of 1996.  I got to give him his "welcome home" hug 22 years later, but I got to do it.  I know I am a very blessed and a very lucky person to have met my hero after all these years.  It is something I will never forget for the rest of my life.

I will never forget the POW's and MIA's .  This is something so near and dear my heart like a lot of other people.

I now wear an MIA bracelet with the name: 
CDR. Frank E. Fullerton  USN  27, July 1968.  He was from Riverdale, Ga. IF CDR Fullerton's family reads this would someone contact me?  I have worn the bracelet for over a year now.  I would like to know about your brother, son, uncle, cousin  or husband. He is not forgotten.

Jenny Gifford

From - Fri Sep 25 21:10:23 1998
From: BNDWALT <BNDWALT@att.net>
Subject: Found POW

Can't think of what to say......

When I was a kid, my Mom ordered bracelets for our whole family.  She has worn hers on her wrist for over 20 years.  The only time I ever saw it off was when she would clean and polish the stainless steel as if it were a unique precious metal.  I used to see her sitting quietly, with a sad expression on her face, tracing the letters on the bracelet with her fingers.

I remember wearing my own bracelet for a little while - it was (is) copper, and how I used to paint the back of it with fingernail polish so it wouldn't turn my wrist green.  After a while, I quit wearing it as kids will do when the newness wears off; but I kept it around because even though I was too preoccupied in my youth to really care, I understood that it symbolized something special.

Most recently the bracelet has resided in the top middle drawer of my desk.  And as the years have passed, I've been increasingly aware of it's presence.  I had seen a POW page or two on the internet - read a few reports & statistics, etc,  it renewed my interest in that bracelet, and the man whose name it bears.

I was amazed at the depth of emotion that welled up when I read his name somewhere other than that bracelet.  I suppose that even though I hadn't worn it in years, it was never far from my mind.  It's a wonderful thing when a grown man cries over the discovery that someone he never met endured a fearsome captivity and was returned to his home alive (in my case).  My Mother's soldier was KIA, but his remains were returned in 1988.  She also cried, for his loss, but also in thankfulness that his family could family could put him to rest.

I just wanted to say thanks to you for your hard work and diligence. People like you do so much to restore hope and faith, and to put a body's fears to rest - you are like angels.

From - Sat Sep 26 08:15:12 1998
From: George Netherby <BCJNetherby@compuserve.com>
Subject: Michael Bouchard

My name is Bernadette Netherby

I have had LCDR Michael L. BOUCHARD, (12-19-68) since 1983.  I want to let the family know that I have not forgotten either.

I they would like to contact me I would be most proud.



From - Mon Sep 28 09:08:00 1998
From: Larronna@aol.com

My daughter wore Davids' POW bracelet for many years.  At one time, it broke, and we spent some time going through a huge box looking for another-she was adamant that it had to have his name and no one elses. Somehow, my mother contacted his mother, in the SoCalif beach area, and they were able to meet. If anyone connected with David's family can contact my daughter, she would be so grateful.  Please send an Email to
me and I will get it to Lori.

Ronna Payne

From - Mon Sep 28 19:38:19 1998
From: CHARLES DOBSON <charles.dobson@gte.net>
Subject: First Lt. James Harry Taylor

I am trying to find more information on Lt. Taylor. He was with the 159th ASHB, 101st Airborne Div. Lost on 15 Feb 71 over Laos. If possible, I would like any family members to contact me, as I was in the same unit at the same time he was, although I was in a different company. My e-mail is CDo51@aol.com. My name is Chuck Dobson, 6117 Ebonywood Ct. Citrus Heights,Ca. 95621. Lt. Taylor is from Oroville, Ca. about 70 miles from where I live. Thank you.

From - Wed Sep 30 11:38:41 1998
From: "Patsy Smith" <hicoton@missconet.com>
Subject: Maj Howard Keith Williams

To the family of Major Howard Keith Williams....

Please know I have faithfully kept Maj. Howard's bracelet all these years. Many days passed between 3-18-68 to 012/96....all, I know, in heartache.  Our first born son was born 7-22-68 and his father left for Viet Nam 5 weeks later. He did return and we are here 30 years later. The irony of this to me is our connection with your family with the
bracelets and the dates for April 3, 1996, our firstborn son's beautiful wife and 48 day old daughter were killed by a drunk driver.  1968 and 1996 years of joy and heartache.  Thank heaven for the joys which sustain us.

I have Maj. William's bracelet but I know it is yours.  It is rubbed down because with almost every prayer I said for him and his family I was holding the bracelet or it was on my wrist. It is on my wrist as I write this to you now.  I am thankful I found this sight which is in a link from a drunk driving victim's site...yet again another painful connection.

I know he is at peace as are our Laurie and Mary Witten.  God's peace and love to you.

Patsy Fisher Smith



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