River Rats/Nam Pows Reunion
Fort Worth, TX 
May 2002

Lynn Groniger, Ross Perot, Mary Schantag, LtCol Bill
Groninger  USAF (Ret), Exec Director, Branson Veterans
Task Force.

Mary and Chuck Schantag at the Perot Ranch, founding 
members of the P.O.W. NETWORK.

Drew Cottril, Network Board of Directors.

Author and Professor Emeritus 
Henry Mark Holzer

Former POW TSgt Jasper Page USF (Ret) and his wife 
Yvonne. Network Advisory Board.

Henry Mark "Hank" Holzer and his wife Erika. Co-Authors 
of  Aid and Comfort and Fake Warriors
Photo during CSPAN, BOOK NOTES taping, 
AID AND COMFORT - Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

THE Col Jerry Driscoll USAF (Ret) explaining the
 HOAX email  (Jane Fonda and the little bits of paper)
 during the CSPAN taping.

POW returnee, Capt Mike McGrath USN (Ret) and "Leroy" 
Schantag. No phony is safe, no fairy tale unchallenged -  
with them around! 

Network Chairman Chuck Schantag, wife Mary,
Phyllis Hivner and husband, 
former POW Col Jim Hivner, USAF (Ret),
 Network Advisory Board.

CW4 Bill Medsker USA (Ret) didn't make the reunion. He 
was on duty. Bill's also on the Network Advisory Board.
Bill was a Cobra pilot/instructor in Vietnam.

NEVER forgotten.......

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