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Branson 2001

5th Annual Military Gala & Banquet

MOZARK TROA chapter President, 
Cmdr Arnold Domiguez USN (Ret)
POW NETWORK Hospitality Liaison, Avis Gutz

The POW/MIA service with Honor Escort, Captain Heidi Whitescarver, U.S. Army Health Care Recruiting Team

The POW/MIA service honored 700+ servicemen with candles - a symbol they were present for the evening in thoughts and prayers.
Picture courtesy Branson Daily Independent

President of the Mess, LtCol Rick Ziegenfuss  USA (Ret), Medal of Honor recipient Col. Bud Day USAF (Ret), and TSgt Jasper Page USA (Ret).  Col. Day presented a POW medal to escapee Jasper Page.

Col Bud Day and Ms. Avis Gutz

BrigGen Connie Slewitzke served nearly 30 years, from 1957 to 1987 and retired with the title of Chief of the Army Nurse Corps.
Picture courtesy Branson Daily Independent

The presentation of the gift for the Army Nurse Corps' 100th Anniversary. Ambassador Mike Radford, Artist Richard Rezac,  Col. Deborah Gustke, Maj Debora Cox, Col. Darlene McLeod USA (Ret) and Col Claire Eike USA (Ret).
Ambassador Mike Radford, named the TRUE AMERICAN HERO for 2001 by MOZARK TROA for his continuous work for and with veterans.
Picture courtesy Branson Daily Independent
  • 712 people attended the GALA.
  • 26 States were represented.
  • Seven Medal of Honor Recipients from 3 wars were present.
  • One Active duty BGen and 3 retired BGens were present, along with 2 retired MGen.
  • The U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Missouri House were represented.
  • Forty nurses celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Army Nurse Corps.
  • Every veteran was our hero.


All Veterans Ball, American Legion Post 637

Col Susan Backs USA (Ret) and Mary Schantag

The cutting of the cake - a Marine Corps tradition.

Chuck Schantag, former POW Col Bob Stirm USAF (Ret) and LtCol Paul Backs USMC (Ret)

Command Center 2001

Ralph and Carol Wetterhahn [Mayaguez author], Sid and Ilene Slagter [Chicken Soup for the Veterans Soul author].

WWII Museum & Library curator, Joe Meehan.

Mid America Chapter of VHPA recruiting members.

The Command Center offered free Budweiser Beer, free Pepsi, free Golden Corral lunches, vendors and more.

Col Betty Antilla, USA (Ret) brought dozens of fellow nurses with her!

Local Lampe artist, Richard Rezac exhibited $150,000 worth of military artwork - adding an elegance to our exhibits and adding to the diversity for our veterans.

Rose Meehan, Al and Karen Smith, Mary Schantag, Bill Medsker, Diane French..... just a few of those that volunteered at the Command Center. Diane is the site manager.

LtCol Bill Groninger and his wife Lynn - Bill is the Executive Director of the Branson Veterans Task Force and fellow River Rat.

All in fun - a "prop blast" with former Special Forces members - Mary Schantag dressed for the jump..... LOOK OUT!!!!!

The wings awarded, prop blast "successful".....
Chuck and Mary Schantag 
Phonies beware! It's "authorized."

Always looking for a good parade - members of the Mid America chapter of VHPA marched proudly November 11th.

The Veterans Memorial Museum provided a free flag pin for every visitor to the Command Center.


Retired Army Nurse Corps members attended the opening
 of the Traveling WALL at the Welk Resort. 

BGen Connie Slewitzke USA (Ret), Former Chief, Army Nurse Corps and Col Darlene McLeod USA (Ret), President of the Army Nurse Corps Assoc, laid a wreath at the WALL.

Col. "Bud" Day addressed those interested in his "Broken Promises" Class Act lawsuit held at Branson USA. Several hundred heard the progress of the suit, and how to become a participant. The suit is soon to be heard on appeal by all 11 judges in the 11th Circuit Court.

more pics yet to come...


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