Name: Richard D. Storr
Rank/Branch: Captain, US Air Force
Age: 29
Home City: Spokane WA
Date of Loss: 01/31/91
Country of Loss:  Iraq/Kuwait
Loss Coordinates:
Status: Prisoner of War
Status in 2002: Released 03/05/91
Other Personnel in Incident: (unknown)
Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 09 March 1991 from one
or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources,
published sources, interviews. Updated  by the POW NETWORK in 2002.
SYNOPSIS: The Pentagon released the name, rank and branch of service of
Capt. Richard D. Storr at the end of January, 1991. No further information
was released. Storr was Missing in Action.
It was later learned that Storr was the pilot of an A10 Thunderbolt
"Warthog" aircraft. The "Warthog" is a close-air-support aircraft originally
designed as a tank killer. The missions assigned to the A10 require them to
fly low, making them vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
On March 6, 1991, Dale Storr was released in a group of 15 American POWs.
The group had apparently been held near an intelligence complex at Basra.