Name: David R. Ames
Rank/Branch: Staff Sergeant/US Army
Age: 30
Home City: Schuyler NY
Date of Loss: March 1991
Country of Loss: Saudi Arabia
Loss Coordinates:
Status: Missing in Action
Status in 2002: KIA/BR
Other Personnel in Incident: unknown
Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 09 March 1991 from one
or more of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources,
published sources, interviews. Updated by the POW NETWORK, 2002
SYNOPSIS: During the weeks of the Persian Gulf War, several dozen American and
Coalition military personnel were captured by the Iraqis or declared Missing in
Action. Information was scarce and hard to find relating to these individuals.
In most cases, those who were missing were at least identified by name, age and
branch of service.
In early March, 21 Americans were released by the Iraqis. Nine of these were
acknowledged to be POWs by the U.S. Government prior to their release. At least
one had been declared Killed in Action. Two were reported missing in non-hostile
environments. Some were a complete surprise to everyone, including the U.S.
Also without fanfare, during the first week in March several names were added to
the missing lists on whom no apparent information was available. The list
        SSgt. David R. Ames, 30, Schuyler, New York
        SSgt. Michael R. Allen, 32, West Point, Mississippi
        CWO Michael F. Anderson, 36, Frankfort, Indiana
        Spec. David Bush, 21
        Sgt. Christopher J. Chapman, 25, Charlotte, North Carolina
        Maj. Rhonda L. Cornum, 36
        Pvt. Troy A. Dunlap, 20
        SSgt. Crystal L. Rickett, 31
        SSgt. Daniel J. Stamaris, 31
As it happened, Cornum and Dunlap were released by the Iraqis on March 6. The
public had not previously known they were missing. The two were on a helicopter
sent near Basra to rescue a downed pilot, William Andrews, who was also
captured and released.
Five individuals were reported killed on the helicopter on which Cornum and
Dunlap were passengers. It is not known if any of the other missing were also on
board the aircraft.