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From:   Tom Hanton
Sent:   Thursday, April 29, 1999 5:22 PM

Just received this from a friend.  Not a lot of response time left,
though! I responded and encourage you to do same, thanks.

Barbara Walters can do better than this with all the great women in this
country of ours.>

OK all within reach of this Email and all your friends and all veterans that you can send this to. Just click and give Barbara Walter's your views and thoughts as to Jane "Hanoi" Fonda being featured/honored on her "100-Women of The Century" special. Remember if you want to have you e-mail read "BE PROFESSIONAL" say it with class and don't be vulgar and or insulting, just air your feelings.

I told Barbara, in my message:  "As a former American Prisoner of War, held in Hanoi, North Vietnam in 1972, I strongly take offense at any consideration of Ms. Jane Fonda for inclusion in the 100 Women of the Century. Her role in aiding and abetting our enemy by actively broadcasting her condemnation of our country and its servicemen, while on enemy soil, over the Voice of Vietnam was disgraceful and discouraging. She performed this on more than one occasion, while American servicemen and women were engaged in combat operations and held captive by a regime which failed to either follow or honor the Geneva Convention. I was personally FORCED to listen to her propaganda tapes while being interrogated by the North Vietnamese while in solitary confinement in the Hanoi Hilton. This treasonous activity DOES NOT merit recognition as 100 of the Century's greatest women - let alone what a model women should be. I will defend our right to free speech - but not the activities Ms. Fonda undertook during the Vietnam War."

Remember numbers of messages and quality of content count to get ABC's attention. So ask 10 people to do the same and ask them to ask 10 people to do the same. Remember 10x10 x10 adds up real fast to a lot of
messages. Post this on all Chat rooms and WEB Sites (Military) and media sites you can. This has to be a team effort and done now to give ABC a chance to react.

 I doubt if ABC will cut "Hanoi Jane" but if enough people write and we get other networks and or media sources to ask questions they may have to say something disclaim her "Hanoi Jane's" choice. Remember CNN's Ted
(Hanoi Jane's) Turner also said that Peter Arnett would not be fired...REMEMBER...Time is of importance "Do your part NOW!!!..if not for yourself, for those 58,000 that did not return.