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August 1999  
* * *   B A R   W A T C H   B U L L E T I N  * * *

**ABA Convention Preview**

...*  Citing scheduling conflicts, Jane Fonda has backed out of her earlier
commitment to host the ABA's 42nd annual Gavel Awards, which recognize
members of the media for fostering an understanding of the law.  Touted by
the ABA for her "activism and advocacy on environmental issues, human rights,
and the empowerment of women and girls," Ms. Fonda came under attack from ABA
members who objected to her participation at the Association's Annual Meeting
because of her anti-Vietnam War activities, including a 1972 trip to North
Vietnam to protest U.S. bombing.

For example, Ronald Bliss, a Houston intellectual-property lawyer and former
Air Force pilot who was shot down over Vietnam and spent more than six years
as a POW before returning home in 1973, said, "Because of her activities in
Hanoi and North Vietnam and the aid and comfort that she gave to the enemy
while our boys were dying in the field, I didn't think she's the kind of
influence we would like to have addressing our bar association."  ......