This project has been a cooperative effort between
Jay Veith, the National Alliance of Families, and the P.O.W. NETWORK.
Without these volunteers, this project would never have been completed.

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Researcher and Document Source: Jay Veith, Aston, PA

Internet Development: Chuck Schantag, Skidmore, MO

Researcher and Alliance of Families Co-ordinator: Lynn O'Shea, Ozone Pk, NY

Researcher, Document Imaging and Editing: Mary Schantag, Skidmore, MO

Pam Petersen, Glendale Heights, IL
Judy Brieske, Chicago, IL
Terri Howard, Skidmore, MO
Charles Schantag III, Davenport, IA
Carrie Mace, Maryville, MO

Those that made or collated our copies:
Stacey at Office 1, St. Joseph, MO
Ron and Pam Petersen, Glendale Heights, IL
Sam Cretaro, Pekin, IL
Lynn O'Shea, Ozone Pk, NY
Bob and Judy Brieske, Chicago, IL

Any and all donations are gratefully accepted and will provide funding
for continued document procurement and web site continuation.

Donations may be mailed to:

Box 68, Skidmore, MO 64487-0068