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Note: This Document contains information affecting the national defense of the
United States within the meaning of the espionage laws. Title 18, U.S.C., Sec
793 and 794. The transmission or revelatin of its contents in any manner to an
unauthorized person is prohibited by law.


This report contains unprocessed information. Plans and/or policies should not
be evolved or modified solely on the basis of this report.
1.  COUNTRY:  VN, HANOI City           8. REPORT NUMBER:  6 029 1070 71

2.  SUBJECT: (U) US PW Sighting in HANOI  9. DATE OF REPORT: 18 Nov 71

                                       10.NO. OF PAGES:  5

3. ISC NUMBER: 723.600                 11.REFERENCES: DIRM:  6G1, 6G3
                                                      SICR:  D-7CX-49018,
                                                      BRIGHT LIGHT

4. DATE OF INFORMATION: Late 1969; Apr 70
                                12. ORIGINATOR: US Element, CMIC, USMACV
                           9 Nov 71
                                       13. PREPARED BY:  CLAUDE R. BRODEUR
                                                         SP6, USA
7. SOURCE:  Returnee Interrogation     14. APPROVING AUTHORITY:  (SIGNED
                                        LaVern A. Gustafson, Maj. for)
                                                      PAUL G. SPERO
                                                      LTC, USA
                                                      Dir, US Elm, CMIC

    (C) This report is the result of an interrogation arranged by DAO, PHNOM
PENH, and conducted at FANK Hqs by a MACV Go Team composed of CMIC and Det
6, 1021st USAF Fld Acty Sq personnel. This report is based on raw and
unevaluated information. On 9 Nov 71, HC IENG LIM, CMIC C-3759-71, was
interrogated by SP6 Claude R. Brodeur with the assistance of FANK
interpreter WO1 ALY-SA. This report contains information concerning the
sighting of one US PW displayed and exploited at the PHO BA DINH Market
Place, HANOI City, NVN, in late 1969. Of significant importance in this
report is information concerning the viewing of this PW in Apr 70, in a
motion picture taken at the same location where Source hadpreviously seen
    1. (C) Background Information:

        a. Name:  IENG LIM, aka IENG LON, CMIC C-3759-71

        b. Rank:  CPT

        c. Position and Unit of Assignment:  Member; Military Staff, SR-590,

        d. DPOB: Feb 38; DANG TONG Village, KOMPONG TRACH District, KOMPOT
Province, CAMBODIA

    DIA                    1 cy
    DIRNSA                 1 cy
    SAC                    1 cy
    CINPAC                 1 cy
    CINPAC AF              2 cys
    CINCUSARPAC            2 cys
    COMUSMACTHAI           1 cy
    MACJ212-2              2 cys
    MACJ213-1              1 cy
    MACJ23                 1 cy
    MACJ231               10 cys



DAAG-AMR-D# 850844
date:  11 Sep 85

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        e.  Parents' Names: Father, OEUNG IENG, deceased; Mother, MONH PREUM,

        f.  Circumstances of Return.  On 7 Sep 71, Source rallied to an
unidentified FANK force at KHDEY KHNONG Village, KOMPONG SVAAY District,
KOMPONG THOM Province, CAMBODIA, because he noticed increasing NVA Communist
influence in KHMER ROUGE organizations, and he could not tolerate the
occupation of CAMBODIA by any foreign country.  At the time he rallied, Source
had in his possession one automatic pistol, one submachinegun, one
antipersonnel mine, and various political documents (NFI).

        g.  Significant Activities:

            (1)  DOB to 1954.  Source lived at his POB where he attended
school until 1949.  From 1950 to 1952, Source worked as a buffalo tender at
RON RINH Village, KOMPONG TRACH District, KAMPOT Province, CAMBODIA.  In 1953,
Source joined the VIET MINH at KCHEAY Village, KOMPONG TRACH District, KAMPOT
Province, CAMBODIA, and remained with them until 1954.

            (2)  1954 to DOR.  During late 1955, Source departed CAMBODIA with
the VIET MINH and arrived in NVN on an undetermined date.  In 1956, he was
discharged from the NVA, and attended a course in the Vietnamese language at
the MHAN KY THUAT Technical School, HAIPHONG Province, NVN.  In 1960, Source
was recalled into the NVA, and sent to attend a course at an officer academy
in SON TAY District, HA BAC Province, NVN.  After completing this course, he
was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, and reassigned to QUANG BINH Province,
NVN, to train aspirants at an undetermined basic training camp.  From Mar 67 t
Mar 70, Source was a student at the VINH PHU Province Military Academy, VINH
PHU Province, NVN.  After completing this course, he was promoted to the rank
of captain, and given a leave of absence in VINH PHY Province, NVN.  During
Apr 70, Source was ordered to resign his commission and to be repatriated to
CAMBODIA.  He traveled through LAOS with a group of 40 personnel, arriving in
CAMBODIA on 29 Sep 70.  The purpose of his repatriation was so that he could
fight with the KHMER ROUGE.  Upon his arrival in CAMBODIA, Source was assigned
to MR-304.  He remained with this KHMER ROUGE infrastructure until he rallied
on 7 Sep 71.

     f.  Additional References: CMIC PW/Rallier Exploitation Guide; MACV/JPRC
Photographs of Missing and Captured Personnel in SEA, dated 12 Sep 71; Det 6,
1021st USAF Fld Acty Sqdr IR 1 516 0543 71

2.  (C) US PW Sighting in LAOS.  The following report is based on SICR
D-7CX-49018 (Prisoner of War Intelligence), and SICR D-6C2-26423 (POW
Information, VN):

     a.  Circumstances of Sighting.  In late 1969, while Source was on a leave
of absence from the VINH PHU Province Military Academy, he was at the PHO BA
DINH Market, HANOI City, NVN, where he observed a US PW being exploited for a
propaganda film by personnel of an unknown NVA file unit.  In Apr 70, when
Source graduated from the VINH PHY Province Military Academy, he was provided
the opportunity to see the completed film, which included the same US PW he
had previously seen at the PHO BA DINH Market Place.

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     b.  Capture Data.  Source did not observe the actual capture of this US
PW, but added that at the time of the sighting at the PHO BA DINH Market, and
in the completed film, the US PW was wearing a placard on his chest which
stated the date and place of his capture.  Source could not remember the date
that was written on the placard.  The place of capture was designated as being
in THANH HOA Province, NVN (NFI).

     c.  Identification of the US PW:

         (1)  Name: Unknown

         (2)  Rank and Branch of Service: Unknown

         (3)  Nationality: US

         (4)  Type Aircraft: Unknown (Interrogator's Note: Source did believe
that the US PW was a pilot downed over THANH HOA Province, NVN, since he was
referred to as a pilot in the motion picture).

         (5)  Physical Description:

              (a)  Height: Two meters

              (b)  Weight: 100 kilograms

              (c)  Color of Hair and Eyes: Black; brown

              (d)  Race: Source could not determine whether the US PW was
Caucasian or Negro, and stated that the US PW appeared to be of Latin-American
origin.  (Interrogator's Note: Source believed that the US PW looked like
Latin-Americans he had previously seen in his high-school history books.)

              (e)  Complexion: Light

              (f)  Hair: Short

              (g)  Nose: Short, straight

              (h)  Scars: None observed

              (i)  Tattoos: None observed

              (j)  Birthmarks: None observed

              (k)  Build: Heavy

              (l)  Age: Approximately 30

              (m)  Glasses Worn: None

              (n)  Rings/Watches: None (Interrogator's Note: Source stated
that rings and watches were normally confiscated from all prisoners prior to
their internment and exploitation.  For information provided by the Source
concerning the treatment of US PW in NVN, see Det 6, 1021st

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USAF Fld Acty Sq.  IR 1 516 0543 71).  The following information is provided
as a guide to ascertaining Source's ability at estimating the height, weight,
and age of US personnel; the subject for the comparison is the interrogator:

                ESTIMATED               ACTUAL

Height:         1.7 meters              1.72 meters

Weight:         80 kilograms            91 kilograms

Age:            30                      29.75

     d.  Clothing Worn by the PW at the Time of Sighting.  The US PW was
wearing an olive-grey, two-piece uniform with the shirt tucked into the
trousers. A brown leather belt was also worn on the trousers.  No hat or socks
were worn by the PW.  He had footgear consisting of rubber, shower-type
sandals.  No insignia or unit/branch identification markings were visible to
Source; Source believed that these markings were covered by the placard which
was hung over the US PW's chest (sic).

     e.  Physical Condition of the PW.  Source noted no injuries or wounds on
the US PW at the time of sighting.  The US PW appeared to be in a very good
state of health.  Source believed that the only reason this US PW was not
suffering from some type of illness was because of the necessity for keeping
him in a good state of health for proper propaganda exploitation by the NVN

     f.  Disposition of the US PW.  During exploitation of the US PW at the
PHO BA DINH Market Place, he had his hands tied behind his back.  At that
time, the PW was being guarded by approximately 20 NVA soldiers, who had the
responsibility of protecting him from being stoned by local civilians.  Source
believed that the PW would be taken to the BA VY Mountain PW Camp, SON TAY
Province, NVN, after his exploitation at the market place.  (Interrogator's
Note: Source has never been to the BA VY Mountain PW Camp.  This camp was
mentioned by SONG TUNG (SOONGL, TUWNG), Secretary of the Foreign Affairs
Committee, NVN, during a lecture at the VINH PHY Province Military Academy
after the showing of the film that included US PW he saw in HANOI City, NVN).

     g.  Motion Picture Exploitation of US PW.  The title of the motion
picture in which Source saw the previously identified US PW was AO NGU.  This
title translates as Sleeping Dress.  Source could not provide any correlation
concerning the symbolism of this motion picture title and its relativity to
the US PW subject matter.  The film depicted US aircraft (exact type unknown)
being shot down over NVN, and the interview of several US PW (identification
unknown) by interrogators and interpreters.  The motion picture did not reveal
any of the living conditions in VNV PW camps.

     h.  Interrogations of US PW Depicted in the Motion Picture.  At no time
during the motion picture were the interrogation of interpreting personnel
depicted.  The US PW were shown answering questions.  Source

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could only recall two questions that were asked of the PW.  He cold not
remember any of the answers given.  The following are the two questions
recalled by the Source:

     Question 1:  Colonel, your country flies spaceships to the moon, Why,
then, do you bother to fly to HANOI?

     Question 2:  During your internment and detention in the Democratic
Republic of Vietna, Colonel, do you wiish to correspond with your family at
any time?

     I.  Lecture Following the Showing of the Motion Picture. During the
lecture that folowed the showing of the motion picture, the guest speaker,
Mister SONG TUNG, discussed the hatred that the North Vietnamese must have for
Americans.  Although SONG TUNG was a man given to exaggeration, he sincerely
believed that he was telling the truth concerning the maltreatment of US PW he
had stated in his lecture.  (For information concerning the statements made by
SONG TUNG in this lecture, see Det 6, 1021st USAF Fld Acty Sq  IR 1 516 0453

     J.  Photo Identification of the US PW Sighted.  Source was shown the MACV
JPRC PW Photo Identification Album, and stated that the US PW he saw in HANOI
City, NVN, looked similar to CPT CHARLES RICHARD CONNOR, US Marine Corps.

(C)  COMMENTS: Source was cooperative and appeared sincere throughout the
interrogation.  Control quesitons revealed no attempt at deception.  Source is
presently working with the FANK forces in the Public Information Office under
the supervision of COL AM RONG, Director of Public Information.  This report
partially satisfies the requirements of SICR D-7CX-49018 and SICR D-6C2-26423.

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