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NUMBER NIYD 96F002, BY  RB/VSW, DATE 2/16/96

Note: This Document contains information affecting the national defense of
the United States within the meaning of the espionage laws. Title 18,
U.S.C., Sec 793 and 794. The transmission or revelation of its contents in
any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law.


This report contains unprocessed information. Plans and/or policies should
not be evolved or modified solely on the basis of this report.

                                                [RAND STAMPED

1.  Country: VN

2.  Subject: (U) SAM Site and Foreign Assitance in NVN

3.  ISC Number: 723,200

4.  Date of Information: Jan

5.  Place and Date of Acq: CMIC, SAIGON, VS 28 Sept 71

6.  Evaluation Source F Information 6

7.  Source: PW Interrogation

8.  Report Number: 6 029 0978 71

9.  Date of Report: 22 Nov 71

10.  No. Of Pages 5

11.  References: DIRM: 1A2, 1P7d, 4D1h(3)                                              

12.  Originator: US Element, CMIC, USMACV

13.  Prepared by: ROBERT E. DANNAKER, JR.
                  SP6, USA

14.  Approving Authority: (signed Lavern A. Gustafson, MAJ for)
                          PAUL G. SPERO LTC,
                          USA DIR,
                          US Elm, CMIC

15.  Summary: (C) This report contains information concerning a SAM site
and foreign assistance provided by Soviet advisors in THUONG TIN District,
HA TAY Province, NVN, to include location, type of missiles, details of
the site, launching pads and electronic equipment, firing of missiles, NVA
personnel, and Soviet personnel.

1.  (C) Background Information:


b.  Rank: Asst Squad Leader

c.  Position of Unit Assignment, Asst Sqd Leader; 1st Sqd, Protection
Plat, Current Affairs Committee, SR-4 Party Committee

d.  DPOB: 1948; YEN PHU Hamlet, VAN PHU Village, THUONG TIN District, HA
TAY Province, NVN

    DIA                    1 cy
    DIRNSA                 1 cy
    SAC                    1 cy
    CINPAC                 1 cy
    CINPAC AF              2 cys
    CINCUSARPAC            2 cys
    COMUSMACTHAI           1 cy
    MACJ212-2              2 cys
    MACJ213-1              1 cy
    MACJ23                 1 cy
    MACJ231               10 cys



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living; Mother, NGUYEN THI THA (NGUYEENX, THIV, THA), living

f.  Circumstances of Capture.  Source and a group of approximately 90
others were moving from LONG THANH District, BIEN HOA Province, to an
unknown location in PHUOC TUY Province, when they were ambushed on 21 Jun
71.  Source was captured on 23 Jun 71, at (vic YS445912), near CAM MY
Village, XUAN LOC District, LONG KHANH Province, RVN.

g.  Significant Activities.

(1) DOB to Mar 70.  Source received five years education at his POB from
1956 to 1961; then he studied from 1961 to 1964 at the THUONG TIN District
School, HA TAY Province, NVN.  From 1964 to 1968 Source remained at home
and helped his family.  In Feb 68, Source was drafted into the NVA and was
assigned to the 4th Sqd, 4th Plat, C-1 Co, 427th Inf Tng Bn, 3d Inf. Tng
Regt, located in HO Hamlet, YEN THUY District, HOA BINH Province, NVN,
Source underwent basic, political, and infiltration training from Feb 68
to Apr 68.  In Apr 68, the 427th Bn began infiltration as the 2035 Infil
Gp.  In Sep 68, the group arrived at the KHO SANH Reception Area, LONG
THANH District, BIEN HOA Province, RVN.  Source was assigned to the 3d
Sqd, 1st Plat, C-1 Inf Co, 2d Independent Bn, SR-4, located at PHUOC TIEN
Village, NHON TRACH District, BIEN HOA Province, RVN.  The 2d Bn was a
mobile force operating in NHON TRACH District, with the mission to attack
Allie d units in this area.  Source served as a soldier with the 2d Bn
until contracting malaria in Dec 69.  From Dec 69 to Feb 70, Source was
treated for malaria at the K-10 Dispensary, SR-4, located in the jungle
near VIET CUONG Village, LONG THANH District, BIEN HOA Province.  In Feb
70, Source returned to the 2d Bn.

(2) Mar 70 to DOC.  In Mar 70, Source was assigned as a soldier to the lst
Sqd, Protection Plat, Current Affairs Section, SR-4 Party Committee.  In
Sep 70, Source was made assistant squad leader of the 1st Squad.  The
mission of the Protection Platoon was to carry supplies and messages to
and from the Current Affairs Section and SR-4 Party Headquarters.  The
Protection Platoon also helped build up the base camp area.  On 13 Jun 71,
CHIN DUNG (CHINS ZUNGX), a cadreman of the Current Affairs Section, told
the members of the Protection Platoon that SR-4 would be disbanded and
many of its elements would become part of MR-7.  The Current Affairs
Section, SR-4, was one of the elements transferred to MR-7; Source
received orders to become a member of the Current Affairs Section of MR-7.
The movement to MR-7 was to occur in four groups.  Source was a member of
the 90 man 1st Group; about one-half of this group was to be taken to the
convalescent unit of MR-7.  Source was not aware of the ultimate
destination of the group.  The 1st Group left LONG THANH District on 19
Jun 71, and traveled to the Commo-liaison Office of SR-4, located near the
CA Stream, XUAN LOC District, LONG KHANH Province, RVN.  The group left
the Commo-liaison Office on 21 Jun 71, guided by sommo-liaison guides.  On
21 Jun 71, the group was ambushed and 19 were killed.  Two days later
Source was captured after being separated from his unit.

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h.  Additional References: CMIC PW/Rallier Exploitation Guide; Map:
VIETNAM, AMS Series L7014, Sheet 6150 I, Edition I, dtd 1965, Scale:
1:50,000; Identification Guide (Tactical Rockets, Missiles, and Associated
Equipment), Warsaw Pact Countries (U), USAREUR PAM 30-60-3, dtd 31 Aug 68.

2.  (C) SAM Site and Foreign Assistance in NVN:

a.  General: In Jan 68, Source worked on construction to widen a sluice
gate on the RED River (vic WJ935100) near XAM THI Hamlet (vic WJ929094),
THUONG TIN District, HA TAY Province, NVN, about 13 km south of HANOI
City.  He worked on the construction project for about one month before
being drafted into the NVA.  While in the area, Source observed a nearby
SAM site and approximately 30 Soviet advisors.  He had heard that the
missiles had arrived in the area in Sep 67, and that the Soviet advisors
had arriv ed about two months later.

b.  The SAM Site:

(1) Location.  The SAM site was located at (vic WJ935095), approximately
500 meters from the sluice gate where Source was working.  A dirt road
about 800 meters long connected the SAM site with the XAM THI Hamlet.

(2) Type of Missiles.  Source described the missiles at the site as having
two stages and being about 10 meters long.  He identified them as SA-2
(GUIDELINE) Surface-to-Air Missiles from among missiles show in USAREUR
PAM 30-60-3, dated 31 Aug 68.

(3) Details of the Site.  There were eight missiles arranged in two rows
 of four.  In each row, the missiles were about ten meters apart, and the
 rows were about 50 meters apart.  There was also a tower which was about
 15 meters high, located 50 meters to the west of one of the rows of
 missiles.  Source did not know the purpose of the tower but assumed that
 it was the fire control center for the missiles.  There were no other
 buildings in the area.  There was no fence enclosing the site and as far
 as Source knew, no other security devices such as mines or barbed wire
 were used.  He saw no defensive installations such as bunkers in the
 area.  The site was in an open field.  The tower and missiles were
 camouflaged with banana leaves.  (For sketch of SAM site see chart on
 page 5.)

(4) Launching Pads and Electronic Equipment.  The missiles were on
launching pads of an unidentified type and wre set on top of dirt mounds
which were leveled at the top.  Source remembered seeing many antennas of
different shapes and sizes, but he could not recall any specific details
and could not give their exact locations in the site.

(5) Additional Missiles.  Source saw two additional missiles, each mounted
on an eight wheeled transport truck.  The two trucks were parked along the
road between XAM THI Hamlet and the SAM site, just outside the hamlet.
There was thick vegetation growing along this

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section of the road, and the trucks were camouflaged with leaves to
conceal them from aerial view.  Source knew of no other missiles in the

(6) Firing of Missiles.  Just before leaving the area, Source saw two of
the missiles at the SAM site fired at an unidentified tactical aircraft
flying at a high altitude.  The first missile did not hit the target; and
Source did not know what became of this missile, although he did not
recall the missile being destroyed in the air.  The second missile hit and
destroyed the target.  He remembered seeing the missile just after it had
been launched; a few seconds after the missile was in the air, the first
st age fell away and the second stage immediately ignited.

c.  Personnel:

(1) NVA.  There were two platoons (approximately 60 men) of NVA personnel
who worked at the SAM site.  Source could not recall the rank of any of
these individuals.  They lived in XAM THI Hamlet, where some of them lived
with their own families, while others lived in the homes of local

(2) Soviet Advisors:

(a) Duties.  There were 30 Soviet advisors who worked at the SAM site.
Source heard that some of them acutally manned positions such as fire
control personnel.  All of the advisors wore military uniforms; the
uniform was a two piece work uniform which was green in color.  Source
could not recall the rank of any of the advisors.  They worked from 0600
hours to 1700 hours daily; each man worked one day and was off one day so
that there were always 15 advisors at the site each eay.  Source had never
seen the site a night and did not know if any personnel worked at night.
He had never seen any guards at the site.  The advisors traveled to and
from the site in three military jeeps of the same type that Source had
seen used by the NVA (NFI).  None of the Soviet advisors carried weapons.

(b) Off Duty Hours.  The advisors lived in a temple at (vic WJ928096) at
the edge of the XAM THI Hamlet.  They spent their leisure time playing
sports and mingling with the local people.  All of them spoke Vietnamese
and were free to move about the hamlet.  Source had spoken with some of
the men on one occasion and found that their Vietnamese was not fluent,
although he could understand them.  The local people liked the advisors,
and relations were very good.  They were always courteous and friendly,
and So urce had never seen or heard of any bad incidents between the
Vietnamese and the Soviet advisors.  Source heard that they were supplied
by the NVA, although he had never seen any supply vehicles in the area of
the temple.

(U) COMMENTS: Source was cooperative throughout the interrogation and
seemed to be sincere.  He appeared to be in good health.  He was tested
and scored Low-Average (13) on the Cross-Cultural IQ Test.

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Sketch of SAM site in NVN as provided by Captive, TRUONG DINH HANH, CMIC
0386-71 (DOI: Jan 68)
( Not to scale )

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