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NUMBER NN8937 597, BY  RB1VSW, DATE 1/23/96

Note: This Document contains information affecting the national defense of the
United States within the meaning of the espionage laws. Title 18, U.S.C., Sec
793 and 794. The transmission or revelation of its contents in any manner to an
unauthorized person is prohibited by law.


This report contains unprocessed information. Plans and/or policies should not
be evolved or modified solely on the basis of this report.
1.  COUNTRY: VN, HAI HUNG Province     8. REPORT NUMBER:  6 029 0849 71

2.  SUBJECT:  (U) PW Sighting in       9. DATE OF REPORT: 14 Aug 71
               HAI HUNG Province, NVN              (handwritten-W31437)

                                       10.NO. OF PAGES:  5

3. ISC NUMBER: 723.600                 11.REFERENCES: DIRM:  6G3
                                                      BRIGHT LIGHT

4. DATE OF INFORMATION:  Sep to Oct 67 12. ORIGINATOR: US Element, CMIC,
                           18 Jul 71
                                       13. PREPARED BY:  CARL K. DAVIS
                                                         SP5, USA
7. SOURCE:  Returnee Interrogation     14. APPROVING AUTHORITY:  (SIGNED)
                                                      PAUL G SPERO
                                                      LTC, USA
                                                      Dir, US Elm, CMIC

    (C) This report contains information concerning the sighting of a US PW,
    Pilot in HAI HUNG Province, NVN, to include circumstances of sighting,
    description of the PW, and evacuation procedures.
    1. (C) Background Information:

        a. Name:  NGUYEN DUY BINH (NGUYEENX, ZUY BINHS), CMIC 0312-71

        b. Rank:  SGT

        c. Position and Unit of Assignment:  Asst for the Military Personnel
        Sec, J-95 Regt, Rear Service Office, T-7 MR

        d. DPOB:  Sep 45; THANH HONG Village, THANH HA District, HAI HUNG
        Province, NVN

    DIA                    1 cy
    DIRNSA                 1 cy
    SAC                    1 cy
    CINPAC                 1 cy
    CINPAC AF              2 cys
    CINCUSARPAC            2 cys
    COMUSMACTHAI           1 cy
    MACJ212-2              2 cys
    MACJ213-1              1 cy
    MACJ23                 1 cy
    MACJ231               10 cys



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    e. Parents' Names: Father, NGUYEN  DTJY BAT DUY ZUY BATV), deceased;
    f. Circumstances of Return. Source submitted an application to go to an
officer training school, but he was turned down. The cadre suspected him of
wanting to desert the unit to rally. On 29 Dec 70, the cadre sent out security
guards, when Source was discovered missing. One of the security guards caught
up with Source and an argument occurred. Source killed the guard and rallied
at the DAC CAI Post, PHUONG LAM  Village, DINH QUAN District, LONG KHANH
Province, RVN.
    g. Significant Activities:

            (1) DOB to 2 Jan 68. From 1953 to 1957,  Source attended his
village school and then attended the THANH CUONG Village & hoof, THANH HA
District, HAI HUNG Province, NVN, from 1957 to 1961. From 1961 to 1964, he
continued his studies at the TU KY District School, HAI HUNG Province. He then
worked as a carpenter at his POB until he was drafted into the NVA in Sep 65.
Source was assigned to the 15th  Co, 9th Bn, 8th Regt, 320th Div, located in a
Jungle area of CHI LINH District, HAI HUNG  Province. He worked as a clerk
for the 15th Co, and daring this period of time, he received basic infantry
training three to four hour a a day. Source then attended the administration
training course for non-commissioned officers given by the cadre of the 320th
Div in CHI LINH  District, for 25 days. After the completion of this course,
he was assigned as a clerk in the headquarters of the 9th Bn, 8th Regt, 320th
Div. His work consisted of maintaining a list of the personnel and weapons of
the battalion and submitting weekly and monthly reports to the Military
Personnel Section, 8th Regt, 320th Div. He did this work until 2 Jan 68.
            (2) 2 Jan 68 to Apr 69.  On 2 Jan 68,  the 9th Bn, 8th Regt, 320th
Div, was designated the 297th Infil Gp and, with an approximate strength of
600 men, left the jungle area of CHI LINH District, HAI HUNG Province, on
foot. The group arrived in the KATUM area, CAMBODIA, in Jul 68. Source
contracted malaria and was sent to the K-20 Hospital and then the K-30
Hospital, both located in the KATUM area. In Sep 68, he was released from the
K-30 Hospital and assigned to the 3d Bn,  A-57 Regt, R, located in the KATUM
area. Source worked as a clerk in the 3d Bn Hq, where he maintained lists of
the personnel and equipment of the battalion. In Oct 68,  the A-57 Regt moved
to PHUOC LONG Province, RVN, and conducted operations in this province until
Dec 68, when the A-57 Regt moved to the BAO BINH area, PRUOC TUY Province. In
Apr 69, Source was sent to the regimental dispensary, where he was treated for
Jaundice until Jun 69.

    (3) Jun 69 to DOR.  In Jun 69, Source was released from the A-57 Regt
Dispensary and was sent to the 80A Convalescent Group, 84th Rear Service,
located along the DONG  NAI River, LONG KHANH  Province, where he rested for
20 days. He then worked as a clerk in the headquarters of the 80A
Convalescent Group until Jan 70.  Source was then assigned as the third
assistant of the Military Personnel Section, A-57 Regt, R, located on the ONG
Mountain, BINH TUY Province. Source maintained records of the personnel and
equipment of the entire regiment,

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and held this position until May 70. In May 70, while Source was on a
rice-procurement mission, his group hit a claymore mine. Source was taken to
the A,57 Regt Dispensary, where he was treated for shock for 17 days.  In Jun
70, Source was sent to the 400th Convalescent Station located along the DA
QUAY River, DINH QUAN District, LONG KHANH Province, where he rested for 15
days. He was then assigned as assistant chief of the Personnel Section, J-95
Regt, Rear Service Office, T-7, located near the DA HOUAI Stream, DINH QUAN
District, LONG KHANH Province. The mission of the J-95 Regt was to provide
supplies to the units subordinate to T-7. Source worked in the Personnel
Section until he rallied on 29 Dec 70.
    h. Additional References: CMIC PW/Rallier Exploitation Guide; 525th Ml Gp
PW Photo Album, dtd 10 Nov 68; Map: vicTNAM  AM, AMS Series L7014, Sheet 6250
I, Edition 1, did 1965, Scale 1:50,000
2. (C) US PW Sighting in HAI HUNG Province, NVN. The following  information is
based on SICR D-6C2-26423 (PW Information, NVN):
    a. Circumstances of Sighting. In Sep and Oct 67, Source was assigned  as a
clerk in the headquarters section of the 9th Bn, 8th Regt, 320th Div. He was
working on a strength and weapons report for his battalion when he heard the
sound of exploding bombs and jet aircraft. It was mid-morning and was
approximately 15 days after a previous US PW Pilot sighting (See CMIC IR 6 029
0846 71), exact day and time unknown. Source was unable to leave the building
because of his duties and was forced to make all observations through a
window. He heard the sound of antiaircraft fire and saw the aircraft go  off
towards the northeast (exact location of crash site unknown). He was unable to
provide a description or identification of the aircraft. The pilot ejected and
landed at (vic XJ448217), which was approximately 50 meters north of Source's
location. The PW was immediately surrounded by local militia forces (NFI). He
appeared to have offered no resistance. He was then taken to a military
station (unit unknown) on Secondary Road 5 (not Highway 5) (vic XJ446214), and
then to HAI DUONGONG City, HAI HUNG Province, by Jeep (hearsay). Source
observed the US Pilot from a distance of 40 to 50 meters for approximately
five minutes. Source did not know the exact target of the aircraft, but did
know of four antiaircraft sites located two to three kilometers south of his
location, which could possibly have shot down the pilot's aircraft. These four
antiaircraft sites protected the LAI OU Bridge, which spanned the RANG River
at (vic XJ447196). The antiaircraft sites were located at vicinities
(XJ440197, XJ451200, XJ456189, and XJ443187) (exact type of weapons and unit
designation unknown). The weather at the time of the sighting was partly
            b. Description of PW:

                (1) Identification:

                     (a) Name: Unknown

                     (b) Rank: Unknown

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                     (c) Nationality: American (assumed)

                     (d) Physical Description:

                        1 Height: 1.80m

                        2 Weight: 75kg

                        3 Color of Hair and Eyes: Dark reddish brown; Unknown

                        4 Race: Caucasian

                        5 Complexion: Reddish

                        6 Hair Length: Unknown

                        7 Nose: Unknown

                        8 Scars: Unknown

                        9 Tatoos: Unknown

                       10 Birthmarks: Unknown

                       11 Build: Heavy

                       12 Age: Unknown

                       13 Glasses Worn: None

                       14 Rings/Watches: None
            (2) Clothing Worn by PW. At the time the PW landed, he was wearing
a shirt under his parachute harness. Source did not see the shirt  clearly
because it was removed by the local militia soldiers, along with the parachute
harness. When Source was able to get a clear vicw of the pilot, he was wearing
a white T-shirt, green trousers with long zipper pockets on the outside of
each leg, and black leather boots. One of the militia soldiers carried the
parachute and shirt. Source did not see any type of helmet.
            (3) Physical Condition. Source saw no evidence of any injuries to
the pilot and no medical care was administered at the time of his capture.
            (4) Personal Information. Source was unable to provide any
personal information concerning this PW.
            (5) Capture Data. The US PW Pilot was captured some time in Sep or
Oct 67 in mid-morning (exact time and day unknown) at (vic XJ448217) by local
militia soldiers in CHI LINH District, HAI HUNG Province, NVN. Source did not
know the local militia unit or the number of soldiers taking part in the
capture. The PW did not appear to have been mistreated at the time of his
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    c. Evacuation Procedure. The PW was taken on foot to, a military station
on Secondary Road 5, where he was taken to HAI DUONG City by Jeep (hearsay).
Source could not tell if the PW was bound; he was not blindfolded.
    d. Biographical Correlation. The date and location of capture as  provided
by Source was cross referenced with corresponding information in the MACV IDHS
PW Biographical File. It was discovered that there are approximately 20 US
pilots listed as MIA  and CPT in grid square XJ during the period Sep to Oct
67. The closest of these to the location provided by Source was 15 kilometers.
The US PW pilot observed by Source could have been any of the 20 listed in the
Biographical File. Photos of the 20 possible PW were not requested from MACV
due to the fact that Source observed the PW at a distance of 50 meters for
approximately five minutes and stated that he would not recognize a photo.
Source had also departed CMIC before the above correlation was made.
    e. Photo Identification. Source was shown the 525 MI Gp PW Photo Album and
was unable to make an identification.
(U) COMMENTS: Source was very cooperative throughout the interrogation,
readily volunteered information, and was of above average intelligence.
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