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NUMBER NN8937 597, BY  RB1VSW, DATE 1/23/96

Note: This Document contains information affecting the national defense of the
United States within the meaning of the espionage laws. Title 18, U.S.C., Sec
793 and 794. The transmission or revelatin of its contents in any manner to an
unauthorized person is prohibited by law.


This report contains unprocessed information. Plans and/or policies should not
be evolved or modified solely on the basis of this report.
1.  COUNTRY:  VS; RVN MR-4            8. REPORT NUMBER:  6 029 0061 71

2.  SUBJECT:  (U) Sighting of One US and  9. DATE OF REPORT:  20 Jan 71

                                       10.NO. OF PAGES:  6

3. ISC NUMBER: 723.600                 11.REFERENCES: DIRM: 6G1, 6G3
                                                      SICR: D-7CX-49018
                                                      BRIGHT LIGHT

                           11 Jan 71
                                       13. PREPARED BY:  PAUL COSTELLO
                                                         SP5, USA
7. SOURCE:  PW Interrogation           14. APPROVING AUTHORITY:  (SIGNED)
                                                      W.H. BEARDSLEY
                                                      LTC, USA
                                                      Dir, US Elm, CMIC

    (C) This report contains limited information on the sighting of one US
    and one VNAF PW, to include identification, circumstances of capture,
    treatment at time of capture, and personal information about the VNAF
    1. (C) Background Information:

        a. Name:  CU TA VINH (CUV, TAV VINHX),aka BA DUNG (BA, ZUNGX)
CMIC 3298-70
        b. Rank:  CPT

        c. Position and Unit of Assignment:  Chief; Combat Section, CA MAU
        Province Unit, MR-3

        d. DPOB:  6 Apr 1927; LONG DIEN Village, GIA RAI District, BAC LIEU

    DIA                    1 cy
    DIRNSA                 1 cy
    SAC                    1 cy
    CINPAC                 1 cy
    CINPAC AF              2 cys
    CINCUSARPAC            2 cys
    COMUSMACTHAI           1 cy
    MACJ212-2              2 cys
    MACJ213-1              1 cy
    MACJ23                 1 cy
    MACJ231                1 cy



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Province, RVN

        e.  Circumstances of Capture.  After spending approximately two years
and seven months in a VC prison camp, Source was transferred to a new camp
(vic VQ9062).  On 22 May 70, only 13 days after Source arrived, the camp was
captured by 10 US Navy Seals and 20 ARVNs.  Source and 16 ARVN PWs were

        g.  Significant Activities:

                (1)  1935 to Jan 60.  Source attended school from 1935 to
1945, at which time he completed high school at CAN THO Provincial High
School.  Source joined the 1079th Co, CUU LONG Bn, Region 9, in Sep 45.  He
served as an enlisted man until May 51, at which time he was made political
officer of the 2d Plat, 1097th Co, 1096th Bn, Region 9.  In Jan 53, Source was
transferred to the 552n Company which took over control of GIA RAI District,
BAC LIEU Province, from the French in Aug 54.  In Dec 54, Source regrouped to
NVN.  In Feb 65, he was assigned to the staff section of the 94th Regt in
HANOI, where he worked as a coordinator between the NVA and the South
Vietnamese soldiers who regrouped to the north.  In Jan 58, Source went to
Officers Training School for 13 months. In Feb 59, he was assigned as
executive officer to the 9th Co, 2d Bn, 338th Bde, with the rank of senior
Lieutenant.  In Sep 59, he was appointed commanding officer but retained the
rank of senior lieutenant.  In Jan 60, Source was discharged from the army.

                (2)  Jan 60 to Nov 70.  After being discharged from the army
in 1960, Source attended a Polytech School, HANOI City, NVN, for three months.
After completion, he was given a job as an inspector of heavy equipment for
the Prime Ministry. He inspected various factories in and around HANOI City.
In May 60, he was sent to PEKING, CHINA, for a month to inspect factories and
compare them with NVN factories. In mid-Feb 62, Source was recalled to the
338th Bde as a senior lieutenant. Source infiltrated on 10 Mar 62, as
executive officer of the 49th Infil Gp. On 15 Jun 62, the 49th Gp arrived at
BA RA Mountain, TAY NINH Province, RVN, which was the location of R.  In Oct
62, Source became chief of staff of the U MINH Battalion. In Apr 63, he
became chief of the combat section of RV-7.  From Jan 67 to Dec 67, Source
worked at the receiving station and refused a number of assignments at this
time.  In Feb 68, Source attended a meeting where he heard plans for the Tet
Offensive. Source was given command of the 3d Battalion, RV-7, which had the
mission to attack the CA MAU Administration Building. Because of his unit's
heavy casualties, Source refused to take any more assignments. On 14 Jun 68,
Source was arrested by the VC and sent to a prison in the NAM CAN jungle. He
remained in prison until Nov 70, when he was liberated.

        h.  Additional References: CMIC PW/Rallier Exploitation Guide

2.     PW Sighting in Rach Gia Province (VC), RVN:

        a.  Circumstances of Sighting.  Source was Chief of the Combat
Section, RV-7.  In Jul 65, RV-7 had the mission of reconnaissance in

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RACH GIA Province (VC), RVN.  While carrying out this mission, the unit was
attacked by an ADG aircraft.  (Interrogators Note: This aircraft was described
as a propeller type fighter which carried two pilots).  Source's unit fired on
the attacking aircraft with two 7.62mm HMGs.  The aircraft was forced to make
a crash landing nearby, and the two pilots were captured by a squad of eight
men from the 3rd Plat, 2d Co, 303d Bn, RV-7 (aka 2d Regiment).  The PWs were
brought to Source, who interrogated the VNAF pilot for two days.  He did not
speak to the US pilot, because Source could not speak English.  The PWs were
not bound, but their boots were taken from them in order to discourage escape.
The PWs were well treated during the time they were held at this unit.  After
Source interrogated the RVN pilot, the PWs were sent to Region 3 Headquarters
at an unknown location in RACH GIA Province (VC).

        b.  Description of PWs:

            (a)  Name: PHUC (FUCS)

            (b)  Rank and Branch of Service: Aspirant; VNAF

               Nationality: South Vietnamese

            (d)  Physical Description:

                1  Height: 1.70m

                2  Weight:  65kg

                3  Color of Hair and Eyes: Black; Brown

                4  Race:  Mongoloid

                5  Complexion: Dark

                6  Hair Length: Very short

                7  Nose: Flat

                8  Scars: None Seen

                9  Tattoos: None seen

               10  Birthmarks: None seen

               11  Build: Heavy

               12  Age: 23

               13  Glasses Worn: None

               14  Rings/Watches.  PW wore a gold band on the ring finger of
his left hand.  PW also had a silver watch with a heavy leather band on his
left arm.

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        (2)  Identification of US pilot:

             (a)  Name: Unknown

             (b)  Rank's and Branch of Service: Captain: USAF

                Nationality: US

             (d)  Physical Description:

                  1  Height: 1.75m (Interrogator's Note: Source estimated
height of interrogator as 1.80m.  Interrogator is actually 1.93m.)

                  2  Weight: 70kg (Interrogator's Note: Source estimated
weight of interrogator as 70kg.  Interrogator is actually 100kg.)

                  3  Color of Eyes and Hair: Brown; Brown

                  4  Race: Caucasian

                  5  Complexion: Light

                  6  Hair Length: Very short

                  7  Nose: Small

                  8  Scars: None seen

                  9  Tattoos: None seen

                 10  Birthmarks: None seen

                 11  Build: Medium

                 12  Age: Over 30  (Interrogator's Note: Source estimated
interrogator's age as 25.  Interrogator is actually 23.)

                 13  Rings/Watches.  PW wore no rings, but he did have a watch
which had a silver case and expansion band.

        (3)  Clothing Worn by PWs.  Source could only say that the pilots wore
green clothing.  Each wore a two piece suit.  Neither of the PWs' uniforms had
any insignia.  Source did not remember what type of footwear the VNAF pilot
was wearing; the US pilot wore boots with leather soles and green canvas

        (4)  Physical Condition.  Neither of the pilots were injured in the
crash of the aircraft.  Since they were captured without a struggle, neither
of the pilots were wounded while being captured.  The PWs were well treated
and were in good physical condition when they left Source's unit.

        (5)  Personal Information on VNAF Pilot:

                  (a)  Nickname: None

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                  (b)  Wife's Name.  Source knew that this PW was married, but
he did not know the wife's name.

                     Number of Children.  Source was not certain, but he
believed that the pilot had one son.

                  (d)  Number of Brothers.  Source did not know the total
number of this PW's brothers; he did know that the PW had one brother who was
a VC.  For this reason, PW believed that he would be well treated by the VC.

                  (e)  Other Friends and Relatives.  Source did not have any
information concerning the PW's relatives and friends.

                  (f)  Birthplace: SAIGON

                  (g)  Distinctive Habits: None seen

                  (h)  Foreign Language Capability.  PW spoke fluent English

                  (I)  Miscellaneous Information.  PW had just returned from
six months training tn the United States.  On the morning of capture the PW
left BIEN HOA Airbase with the US pilot, who was his instructor.  PHUC flew
the aircraft to the site of the attack, and the US pilot flew it during the
actual attack in order to teach him how to carry out an attack.

                (5)  Capture Data.  The aircraft attacked Source's unit and
was shot down shortly after dawn in early Jul 65.  The aircraft was fired upon
by two 7.62mm HMGs, and the pilot was forced to crash land the aircraft close
to the point of the attack.  Neither of the two men were injured in the attack
or the crash.  At 1100 hours on the same day, a squad of eight men from 3d
Plat, 2d Co, RV-7 (aka 2d Regt) found and captured both pilots.  The capture
took place in KIEN BINH District, RACH GIA Province, on the edge of the
clearing in which the aircraft crash landed.  Source was unable to determine
the exact location on a map because of the dense jungle n the area.  There was
no struggle at the time of capture since the pilots were unarmed.  The PWs
were well treated during the time that they were held at Source's unit.  Source
interrogated the RVNAF pilot while the two PWs were held at his unit.

        c.  Evacuation Procedures.  When the two pilots were captured, their
boots were taken from them and discarded in the area of capture.  This was
done in order to make guarding the PWs easier.  After Source had finished
interrogating the VNAF pilot, both PWS were sent to Region 3 Headquarters in
RACH GIA Province (exact location unknown).  The PWS were not bound and were
escorted by two guards who were armed with CKCs.  There was no difference in
the treatment of the PWS because of rank.  Source did not know where the PWS
were sent after they reached Region 3 Headquarters.

        d.  Photo Identification.  Source was shown the US PW album and
identified ECHEVARRIA, Raymond L, (Outside RVN) as having facial features
similar to those of the American PW.  There were no pictured available for an
identification of the VNAF Pilot.

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   COMMENTS: Source was cooperative during the entire interrogation and
answered all questions asked, to the best of his ability.  On a few occasions
he also volunteered some additional information.  Source was administered the
Cross-Cultural IQ Test and scored Average (23).  This report partially
satisfies the requirements of SICR D-7CX-49018.  Collection action continues.

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