2006 Veterans Homecoming
The GALA saluted Vietnam  Helicopter Pilots.

The A-Team arrived from Fort Campbell - little did they know
 baby-sitting was part of the assignment! Velcro patches make
 GREAT teething toys too!

The POW/MIA service saluted all branches of the
service with service members unaccounted for.

During dinner, Action Ministry saluted  our veterans with a
unique presentation of patriotic music, drama and mime.

Intermission, the smoking lamp is lit, and A.M. Pyrotechnics
has another fantastic outdoor display of fireworks.


Mozark MOAA's LTC Frank Baker announces
 the True American Hero Award Recipient.

Unexpected?? The POW NETWORK chairman Chuck
Schantag and his wife Mary receive the 2006 award.

Mary Schantag offers thanks while Ambassador Mike Radford and
Chairman Chuck Schantag recall another "gotcha" moment from 2002.

A special recognition for College of the Ozarks
and Dr. Jerry Davis from Mozark MOAA.
 100 years for C of O and continued
support and leadership from Dr. Davis

Who would have thought - 2 secret ballots - 2 awards - and one winner!
The Ambassador's Award of Patriotism presented to Dr. Jerry Davis.

Lina Koutrakos closed the show with her
rousing rendition of God Bless America.

The FLW Color Guard was called upon to retire the colors.

Nothing but class!

The ROTC cadets from College of the Ozarks retired th
covers to close from the POW/MIA service.

On this special night, saluting Vietnam Helicopter pilots, POW/MIA Bill Lemmon's
 family was present, and spent the evening with Helicopter Pilot John Simpers who
 served with Bill until his loss. Bill Lemmon remains unaccounted for.