Branson Homecoming 2005
The GALA and friends....

The GALA saluted former Prisoners of War. More than 550 people were in attendance for the weeks most formal annual event.

The GALA opens with the FLW Color Guard posting colors.

Ambassador Mike Radford was the evening's emcee.

The LeCroy Sisters led the national Anthem.

Chaplain Jimmy Young and President of the Mess Jack Jackson.

The GALA always has a POW/MIA candlelight service.

Each guest introduces his guest.....

The GALA saluted former POWs.

Entertainment during dinner was provided by Bit of Branson

American Flags lined the room.

Mayor Lou Schaeffer was in attendance.

A full hall and very special recognitions.

The smoking lamp is lit. Intermission and beautiful fireworks
 courtesy of A.M. Pyrotechnics.

Mozark MOAA awards The "True American Hero" Award. Windsor
Morrison and award recipient, Navy veteran, Mary Slivka.

Col Jack Jackson with the Patriotism award recipient,
 Thomas A. Cottone.

Special Agent Thomas A. Cottone, on his father, the frauds and honor.

The prayers close the 1st half.

Entertainment till dawn (no - not really - but pretty late!)

Les Brown Jr. (Band of Renown) speaks with attendees between songs.

Music to dance by....

Award recipient Thomas Cottone, POW Network Chairman,
Chuck Schantag, Mary Schantag, Nancy Poll and Dr Mac Poll.

Cindy and Daem O'Keeffe, POW Network Advisory Board.

And when the GALA ends... the party continues.
The Radisson Lounge palys host to the veterans annually.

College of the Ozarks hosted Tom Brokaw - but first recognized the
group of  former POWs in town.

Private jet Doc?


The Burge family - never alone - but always with veterans! The Burge's travel with the one-of-a kind
Indian POW/MIA custom motorcycle to bring attention to those still missing - and last known alive.