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Chateau on the Lake
the site of the
Annual Military Gala & Banquet

The walk to the Great Hall - summer decor.

The entrance to the Great Hall - summer decor. Cocktail hour will be in this area, just outside the Hall.

Most of these photos were taken Nov 10-Nov 12, 2001. The decor and atmosphere are even more elegant than these relate. Many beautiful photo opportunities exist, if you don't mind "Christmas" before Thanksgiving!

From the 10th floor...

From ground level.

The streams floor through the lower levels, with fish, flowers and more. Poinsettias abound in red, white and gold trimmed!

The waterfalls are also abundant. All areas are open to browse and enjoy.

Lights, garland, ribbons and comfortable seating to enjoy the view are everywhere. Portraits will be taken on this floor, amongst the beautiful decor. Plan on individual and group pictures!