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Name: David "J" Wax
Rank/Branch: O2/US Air Force
Date of Birth: 01 August 1941
Home City of Record:
Date of Loss: 20 December 1965
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 125901N 1091845E
Status (in 1973): Killed/Body Not Recovered
Category: 5
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: C130E 62-1843
Refno: 02112
Other Personnel in Incident: TSgt Willima (Bill) Crisp, Commander; 1Lt David
Wax (Waxie) Co-pilot; Capt. Terry Katterhenry (Kat), Navigator; A1C Willue
Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 01 September 1990 from one or more
of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources,
correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews. Updated
by the P.O.W. NETWORK 2000.
SYNOPSIS: David J. "Waxie" Wax was known for his wit and good humor at the
Air Force Academy. He had a promising career ahead when he took flight
training and was shipped to Vietnam.
On December 20, 1965, 1LT David J. Wax was the co-pilot of a C130E that was
on a combat mission in Phu Yen Province, South Vietnam. The C130, created by
Lockheed filled many roles in Vietnam, including transport, tanker, gunship,
drone controller, airborne battlefield command and control center, weather
reconnaissance, electronic reconnaissance, and search, rescue and recovery.
The C130E was outfitted for electronic reconnaissance and was supposedly
carrying 13 tons of fuel when it was lost.
The aircraft was hit by enemy fire and crashed about 10 miles south of the
city of Tuy Hoa. 1LT Wax is the only man listed as missing from the
aircraft. Records indicate the rest of the crew "died while missing", yet
the men were never "listed" as MIA or KIA/BNR. A family member of one of the
crew states remains were not recovered until FEBRUARY of the following year.
It was deemed at the time that Wax was killed in the crash and he was
classified Killed in Action, with no hope of recovering his body. His
remains were returned years later after negotiations with Vietnam.
David J. Wax graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1963.