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Name: Brian Joseph Seek
Rank/Branch: United States Air Force/O2
Date of Birth: 05 December 1947
Home City of Record: Encino CA
Date of Loss: 05 July 1972
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 212400 North  1062400 East
Status (in 1973): Returnee
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: F4E
Missions: 170
Other Personnel in Incident: William Spencer, returnee

Source: Compiled by P.O.W. NETWORK from one or more of the following: raw
data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA
families, published sources, interviews.


SOURCE: WE CAME HOME  copyright 1977
Captain and Mrs. Frederic A Wyatt (USNR Ret), Barbara Powers Wyatt, Editor
P.O.W. Publications, 10250 Moorpark St., Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Text is reproduced as found in the original publication (including date and
spelling errors).

Lieutenant - United States Air Force
Shot Down: July 5, 1972
Released: March 29, 1973

"Even under such difficult conditions it was and is a privilege and an honor
to be associated with such a brave and courageous group of men.

"I thank the United States public for their past and continuing concern for
the POW/MIA cause. I must mention that the reception given us upon our
repatriation was beyond my belief. It was truly awesome and at the same time
quite humbling. It renewed and strengthened my confidence in this great
nation of ours." Lieutenant Seek was serving as navigator and special
weapons officer in an F-4 Phantom when his plane was hit by a missile. He
was unable to release himself from the plane, yet as the plane burned and
flames started to sear the unprotected parts of his body, the pilot
automatically caused Brian's ejection.

The plane was at 19,000 feet when it was hit; however, at 10,000 feet Brian
realized that his chute had not opened. After yanking and pulling on the
ring, his parachute opened at 5,000  feet.

On landing, he was captured. This was his 170th mission. Another wounded
pilot was taken to prison. Having been captured in July, his family learned
that he was still alive, as he was seen in a Hanoi prison camp. However, his
family never heard from him until two weeks before his release.

Lieutenant Seek entered the Air Force upon his graduation from Arizona State
University where he majored in geology. He married his college sweetheart,
Gail La Mere of Phoenix. She obtained her Masters degree and taught school
during his tour in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Brian Seek returned to school after his Homecoming. He retired as a Col.
in 1995. He and his wife reside in Arizona where he practises dentristy.