Name: Paul Henry Schultz
Rank/Branch: O4/United States Navy, pilot
Unit: VF 151
Date of Birth:
Home City of Record: Eire PA
Date of Loss: 16 November 1967
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 204200 North  1062700 East
Status (in 1973): Returnee
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: F4B

Other Personnel in Incident: Tim Sullivan, returnee

Official pre-capture photos


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SOURCE: WE CAME HOME  copyright 1977
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Commander - United States Navy
Shot Down: November 16, 1967
Released: March 14, 1973

A farm near Erie, Pennsylvania was the childhood home of Commander Schulz,
born in 1934, one of seven children. After high school graduation in 1952,
he attended Gannon College in Erie for 2 1/2 years prior to entering the
Naval Aviation Cadet program in January, 1956. He was assigned to an F8U
squadron in California  and made two cruises to the western Pacific aboard
the aircraft carriers USS Hancock in 1959, and USS Coral Sea in 1960-61.

After additional  training in Georgia, he served as an Air Intercept Control
instructor for two years, teaching  ground control intercept procedures and
techniques. In 1965 he received a Bachelors of Science Degree from the US
Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, after which he was
assigned to Fighter Squadron 151, flying F-4B Phantoms. His first combat
cruise was aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation; the second was
aboard the USS Coral Sea. In November, 1967, he was shot down over North
Vietnam  fifteen miles from Haiphong by a SAM. Both crewmen were captured -
and began their long and difficult term of over five years as prisoners of
war in North Vietnam. Commander Schulz is married to the former Mary
Margaret Jurino of Erie, Pennsylvania. Their four children are Cheryl, 15
years; Paul, 13 years; Charles, 11 years; and Mark, 9 years. They are all
living in Escondido, California, where all three sons are active in Little
League. The family enjoys hunting, fishing, boating and camping as their
outdoor hobbies. Commander Schulz is presently attending the United States
International University, San Diego, California working toward a Master's
Degree in human behavior.

PERSONAL STATEMENT:  "Nothing is more precious than Independence and
Freedom." This phrase is often used by the North Vietnamese; however, their
interpretation is much different from the one I learned in my study of
American History, the independence and freedom our forefathers fought and
died for.

After having spent more than five years in North Vietnam as a POW, I have
learned that Independence and Freedom are so very important as we Americans
know it. We should constantly strive to maintain it, not only in our
homeland, but throughout the world where men and countries are struggling to
maintain it.

Now is the time for every American to review the true meaning of
Independence and Freedom and to affirm  their support to those principles
which it encompasses.

I am proud to be an American and to have been able to serve in the fight
against suppression of man's right of Independence and Freedom. I would
gladly serve again if called.

Paul Schultz retired from the United States Navy as a Captain. He and his
wife Mary reside in Virginia.


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