Name: Carl Nicotera
Rank/Branch: U.S. Army (rank unknown)
Date of Birth:
Home City of Record:
Date of Loss: 05 December 1966
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates:
Status (in 1973): Prisoner of War
Category: 1
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Other Personnel in Incident: (none missing)

Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 15 February 1991 from one or more
of the following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources,
correspondence with POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews.
Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK 1998.

REMARKS: 730127 PRG SAYS DIC 661205

SYNOPSIS: With each remains repatriation, the Vietnamese release to the U.S.
information they believe pertains to the remains. Most of these cases are
readily correlated by U.S. officials, but others are completely baffling.
Three cases in point are Knight, Scutier and Nicotera.

Carl Nicotera was listed on a Vietnamese list as Nocoera, Cari, date of
death December 1966. The U.S. correlated this information with enlisted man
Carl Nicotera, who was discharged from the Army in October 1968 and was
living (in the mid-1980s) in Hartford, Connecticut. Nicotera had never been
a POW.

Billie Knight was listed as captured November 1965, died in captivity
December 1965. U.S. casualty records show that Knight died in a helicopter
which crashed and burned November 1965. Memorial Affairs files show that
remains were identified and returned to CONUS in February 1966. Other files
indicate he is still missing.

James J. Scuitier was listed as captured March 1968, died March 1968. U.S.
casualty records show Scutier died February 1968 in Vietnam onboard a tank
which had been hit by an anti-tank missile. Files show remains identified as
Scutier were returned in February 1968. Other records indicate he is still

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) still maintains these names on the list of
missing and in Army files because it feels the Vietnamese may have
mismatched identification to remains in their control. It is believed
possible that someday remains related to these cases may be returned and it
would be helpful in establishing a positive identity for them.

It remains uncertain whether Scuitier, Knight and Nicotera died in
captivity, were ever captured, or indeed, ever missing.