Name: Donald K. Logan
Rank/Branch: O2/United States Air Force/WSO
Unit: 469th TFS 388th TFW
Date of Birth: 6 December 1946 - Glendale CA
Home City of Record: Granada Hills CA
Date of Loss: 05 July 1972
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 212900 North  1063600 East
Status: (in 1973) Returnee
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: F-4E
Missions: 133 Combat Missions F-4E
Other Personnel in Incident: Maj William J. Elander Jr. Pilot
Remarks: 730329 RELEASED BY DRV
Source: Compiled by the P.O.W. NETWORK with information provided
Donald Logan as shown - 1998. Edited 2006.
Synopsis: Donald K. Logan (Don) was born in Glendale, California on December
6, 1946. At age 10 my family moved to New City, New York (a suburb of New
York City). In 1960 at age 14 I moved back to Granada Hills in Southern
After graduating from California State University-Northridge with a BA
degree in History, I joined the USAF in August of 1969. I was trained as an
F-4E Weapon Systems Officer (WSO), and stationed at Korat RTAFB in Thailand.
I flew 133 combat missions over North and South Vietnam, and Laos before
being shot down over North Vietnam on July 5 1972. As a result of missions
flown in Southeast Asia, I received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air
Medal with twelve oak leaf clusters, and the Purple Heart.
I spent nine months as a POW in Hanoi North Vietnam, being released in the
last group to leave Hanoi on March 29, 1973. After spending most of my first
month of captivity in a solitary cell in the Hanoi Hilton, I was moved to
the Camp referred to as the Zoo, and put in a cell with three other flyers.
All of us were recent shot downs (all spring and summer 1972). We were kept
out of contact with the senior U.S. Officers and the POW who had been held
over one year. After returning to the U.S., I was assigned to Nellis AFB as
a rightseater (WSO) in the F-111A.  I left the Air Force at the end of
February 1977, and in March of 1977, I went to work for North American
Aircraft Division of Rockwell International, in Los Angeles, as a Flight
Manual writer on the B-1A program. I was later made Editor of the Flight
Manuals for B-1A #3 and B-1A #4.
Following the cancellation of the B-1A production, I went to work for
Northrop Aircraft as a fire control and ECM systems maintenance manual
writer on the F-5 program.
In October of 1978, I started my employment at Boeing in Wichita, Kansas as
a Flight Manual/Weapon Delivery manual writer on the B-52 OAS/CMI (Offensive
Avionics System/Cruise Missile Integration) program.
As a result of the revival of the B-1 as the B-1B by the Reagan
administration, and the selection of Boeing as the contractor for the
avionics integration, based on my previous B-1 experience, I was made the
Lead Editor of the Flight and Weapon Delivery manuals to be written by
Boeing (OSO and DSO Flight Manuals, and all aircrew weapon delivery
manuals).  In addition to the B-1, I have also developed the Flight Manual
for the E-8A JOINT Stars aircraft, and the Flight/Weapon Delivery manuals
for the Boeing N WDS (Navigation and Weapon Delivery System) which was
installed in the RF-4C and F-4E. I am presently the editor for Boeing's
B-52H Flight and Weapon Delivery Manuals, B-1B Offensive and Defensive
System Operators' Flight Manual, B-1B Weapon Delivery Manuals, and T-43A
Flight Manuals. I am also the author of six books on USAF subjects;
    " The B-1B SAC's Last Bomber"
    " The 388th Tactical Fighter Wing at Korat RTAFB - 1972"
    " Northrop's T-38, A Pictorial History"
    " Northrop's YF-17 Cobra"
    " A-10 Warthog - A Pictorial History"
    " C-135 Series - Boeing's Stratotanker and Stratolifter"
Vietnam POW shares experiences with Holloman pilots
Alamogordo Daily News
By Tom Fuller, For the Daily News
Alamogordo Daily News
Everyone's eyes were glued to him, leaning comfortably against the lectern
chatting casually about his experiences. He wasn1t a fiery, motivational
speaker, but the 50 personnel from Holloman Air Force Base, most of them
pilots, hung on his every word.....