Name: James Wesley Jackson, Jr.
Rank/Branch: E3/US Marine Corps
Unit: L/3/4, 1st Marine Division
Date of Birth: 26 February 1948
Home City of Record: Atlanta GA
Date of Loss: 21 September 1969
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 164310N 1071200E (YD340510)
Status (in 1973): Missing In Action
Category: 4
Refno: 1492
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground

Others Personnel in Incident: (none missing)

Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 15 October 1990 from the
following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, Atlanta
Constitution article written by Ron Martz, Stars & Stripes. Updated by the
P.O.W. NETWORK 2017.


SYNOPSIS: On September 21, 1969, LCpl. James W. Jackson, Jr. was slightly
wounded in an accidental explosion at a remote hilltop fire support base
near the Demilitarized Zone, called Fire Support Base Russell. Jackson
suffered minor fragmentation wounds and was quickly medevaced with others in
his unit to the Naval hospital at Quang Tri, South Vietnam.

There is no record that indicates that Jackson ever arrived at the hospital,
but a friend saw him getting off the helicopter and a Navy corpsman
remembers treating his wounds.

Jackson walked into the hospital, was treated by a 3rd Medical Battalion
corpsman in triage, and then disappeared. A thorough search by CID and FBI
and the Marine Corps revealed nothing. Jackson's honor was not questioned.
He was classified Missing In Action and was never removed from that status
until a review board declared him dead during the Reagan Administration. No
one saw Jackson again.

The possibilities of what may have happened to Jackson are endless, and of
course, include the possibility of capture or death. His family waits with
that special agony that comes from uncertainty.

With over 10,000 reports received by the U.S. concerning Americans still
missing, prisoner or unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, Jackson's parents
understand their son could be one of them.

It's time we brought our men home.


The Marine who vanished without a trace in Vietnam

As nation remembers POW/MIA service members, Atlantanís case still is officially unresolved by Penta

POSTED: September 13, 2015 12:01 a.m.

....This Friday, Sept. 18, is National POW/MIA Recognition Day. It is a day that will go largely unnoticed by many.
But it is a day which is uniquely painful to those family members who have never had the closure that comes with
giving their loved ones a final accounting and a final resting place....


This week Martz posted a Facebook update on Jackson, in honor of National POW/MIA Day, which is Friday, Sept. 22. The day is intended to honor ...