Name: Gregory John Harris
Rank/Branch:  E4/US Marine Corps
Unit: H/3/11 1st Marine Division
Date of Birth: 01 October 1945
Home City of Record: Syracuse NY
Date of Loss: 12 June 1966
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 145800N 1084900E (BS670578)
Status (in 1973): Missing In Action
Category: 2
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground

Other Personnel In Incident: (none missing)

Source: Compiled by Homecoming II Project 01 July 1990 from one or more of the
following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with
POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews. Updated by the P.O.W.


SYNOPSIS: Gregory J. Harris was a radioman with a South Vietnamese company
operating in Quang Ngai Province, South Vietnam. On June 12, 1966, the 5th
Vietnamese Marine Battalion Headquarters was overrun by Viet Cong forces, and
according to the U.S. Marine Corps, Harris was captured.

Two officers with Harris were killed, but the South Vietnamese saw Harris
captured alive and apparently unhurt. According to Marine Corps records, Harris
died in captivity.

The Defense Department has never classified Gregory Harris as a prisoner of war
eventhough the Marine Corps believes he was captured and died in captivity. He
was placed in a casualty status of Missing in Action.

In the summer of 1973, after Harris did not return with the released prisoners
of war, his mother, Catherine Helwig, did something quite remarkable to tell the
world that all the men did not return. She walked 450 miles in one month from
Buffalo, New York to New York City. When asked why she did this, she responded,
"If your child was lost in the forest you would not stop the search at the end
of twenty-four hours. I can't look for my boy...it's better than staying awake
night after night."

At the same time Mrs. Helwig was walking, then-President Nixon was declaring the
task of accounting for the remaining missing, "Highest priority". President
after President termed the accounting "highest national priority". Not too much
has changed. The men are still in Southeast Asia. Their sons, daughters and
grandchildren are marching and protesting because mounting evidence indicates
that many of them are still alive.

It's time America insisted that "highest priority" meant just that...and that
the U.S. Government get very serious about bringing Americans home from
Southeast Asian prisons.

Gregory J. Harris was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant during the period
he was a prisoner of war. Marine Corps records list his home city as Syracuse,
New York.


DATE:   5/27/97

I have a cousin, who was seen, captured alive on June 12, 1966 in Quang
Ngai Province, VS.

Mind you we are realistic people and we realize that there is little hope of
his safe return, but we strive for a truthful accounting of him by our

I have been trying to research his case, I have found out he was listed in
Project -X, ( he was one of 57 men in that investigation) he was also listed
in the Vessey Discrepancy case's (he was one of 119 men listed in that)

In the Vessey investigation, a joint team talked to 8 witnesses stating that
he was shot and killed on June 12, 1966 . What I can make out from this
investigaton, that took place in 1990 is that they talked to the village
people and they talked to the communist (VIET CONG) but they didn't talk to
the other side, meaning the 5th Vietnamese marine battalion that
participated in the battle.

LS suggested that that I file through the Freedom Of Information Act with
the DPMO for all files on Gregory. I did this and I also requested all in-
formation on him in the Project-X cases. Their reply back to me is as
follows-- DPMO advises, reguarding your request for Project X  files , that
it has no records of any such project in connection with Gregory John
Harris, USMC, further DPMO advises that the files on Gregory John Harris
have been declassified and placed in the public domain in the LOC.

Now I'm just a farm girl, but I would think If there was any information to
be had, on my cousin, that the DPMO , an agency that deals with POW/MIA'S
affairs, should have it. For them to say they have no records of any such
Project in connection with Greg , just doesn't sit right with me.

Now I don't believe that there is a government conspiracy, but I do believe
the investigation is a little one sided. They kind of disreguarded what the
Marine Corps reported two days after it happened, and went with the
recollections of the viet cong, 31 years later. I don't understand that, so
I'm searching for answers that feel right with me. I am married and the
mother of three boys, that report would not have been acceptable to me if it
was about one of my sons.

I would like to tell you about my cousin, (this keeps him alive in my heart
and mind).

Gregory John Harris or "Butchie "as the family called him, was born and
raised in Fulton, New York. He was an only child raised by his mom. He was
the first grandchild and the apple of my grandfathers eye. He spent weekends
and summers on his Grandfathrs farm, where he learned to hunt and fish and
pretty much take care of himself. All of us grandchildren (his cousins)
looked up to him, he was our fearless leader, our big brother and confidant,
all rolled up in one. We would play hide an seek in the hay loft, have green
apple wars in the orchard, boys against girls (boys always won) and at night
when the chores were done we would go swimming in the pond and have a camp
fire. Butchie taught us camp fire songs such as" Mrs O Leary".  He also saved
a neighbor from drowning in that pond. (He was our hero)

When he left for Vietnam, he left behind his mom and a big old black dog by
the name of Inky. Well Inky waited for him to come home , but he didn't---
Inky died, so his mom went out and got another big old black dog for him to
have when he got home, but he didn't come home. His mom died, in 1974, of
cancer, fighting to the very end for the safe return of her son. The family
has picked up the fight. He would be so proud of his mom she did all a
mother could do for her son and more.  I hope I can be like them both.

Thank You for all your help, the family will continue to fight.
Chris Lafrate

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune
without the words,
And never stops at all-


Subject: Gregory John Harris
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 07:40:51 -0400

I have been trying to help the family of Greg Harris find additional
info on him.  As you know, Harris is one of the Project X cases.  His
cousin came to Natl POW Recognition Day services  here in Albany NY and
to their dismay found that Greg's name is not on the memorial of those
killed or missing from NYS.  Inadvertently his name shows up as possibly
from Toledo OH.  His family has no idea why his name is listed as
possibly from OH and would like to set the record straight.  Harris was
born in Syracuse NY and entered the military from Syracuse.  We ask that
any info furnished to inquiries not reflect Toledo OH regarding Greg

Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans
KEVIN V. KISTER, Secretary/Director
257 Osborne Rd
Albany NY  12211

Phone 518.459.2442 or FAX 518.438.5954
Email:  TCCVNEV@albanyonline.net

                                PROJECT X
                        SUMMARY SELECTION RATIONALE




RATIONALE FOR SELECTION: Two Vietnamese who were wounded during the same
action from which CPL Harris disappeared reported his capture by Viet Cong
Forces. Although there are no reports confirming CPL Harris as a Prisoner,
there have been no subsequent reports of his death.

REFNO: 0358 04 Aug. 75


1. On 12 June 1966, CPL Gregory J. Harris, radio operator, was with the 5th
Battalion of the Vietnamese Marine Corps on a search and destroy mission in
the vicinity of BS 670 578 in South Vietnam. The unit was attacked by the
Viet Cong and suffered heavy losses. CPL Harris was then missing. As
friendly forces gained fire superiority they were able to recover some
bodies, but not CPL Harris, during a two hour search. The Viet Cong
remained in the area throughout the night. (Ref 1)

2. On 13 Jun 66, a three hour search of the area recovered more bodies of
the dead and wounded however no trace of CPL Harris was found. An
interrogation of two wounded Vietnamese revealed that one saw CPL Harris
moving out of the area into some heavy foliage and the other one saw him
being captured by the Viet Cong. These two men later died so they could not
be questioned further. ARVN agents in the area at the time reported on 14
Jun 66 that two Vietnamese Marines were captured by the Viet Cong. There
was no mention of an American prisoner. All the personnel that were with
the 5th Vietnamese Marine Battalion on 12 Jun 1966 were accounted for
except the two Vietnamese Marines who were reported captured and CPL
Harris. (Ref 1)

3. During the existence of JCRC the hostile threat in the area precluded
any visits to or ground inspections of the sites involved in this case.

4. CPL Harris is currently carried in the status of Missing.


1. (U) RPT, lst Marine Div, Investigation Report 22 June 1966.

                 * National Alliance of Families Home Page


 I have finally updated the Greg Harris website with some information that
 will be new for many of you.    Have no fear, we are on it and making the
 necessary  waves to see to it that this doesn't fall through the cracks.
 We still have a lot of fight in us and until Greg is home, we will not give
 up.   What kind of Marine family would we be if we gave us?


Semper Fi,
The McDonald Family
Syracuse, NY

From: "Mary Ann Reitano" <ma_reitano@msn.com>
Subject: Update on POW/MIA Case of Cpl. Gregory J. Harris, USMC (Group A)
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 15:33:32 -0400

Dear Family and Friends,

This weekend, along with my Aunt Chris, I went to Washington, DC for the Annual POW/MIA Family Meetings.  This is always an emotional time for us, this year in particular as there has been a lot of new information that has been so convincing that we have petitioned the Navy to have Greg's status changed from MIA to POW.  It was obvious by what you will soon read that there are many in Washington who do not want to see this happen as it will open a flood gate for many other families to try the same thing.  To put it lightly, we were met with much resistance.

I don't think I have ever experienced such an emotional swing as I did between Thursday and Friday of this past week.  On Thursday we had a meeting with our Congressman to ask for his help and a little bit of influence to get the people at the Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) to give us, at the very least, a fair shake.  I have to say that at first I was unsure of the level of commitment we could expect from the Congressman but about 20 minutes into our conversation, he reminded us that he has gone to Vietnam a few times and brought up Greg's case to them and also tried to get Greg's dogtag out of the Military Museum in DaNang for us.  Then suddenly, he moved a piece of paper from the top of his desk and extended to us a silver plated circular container, resembling a jewelry box, with the seal of the House of Representatives engraved on it.  As I held the container in my hand, I looked up at him and whispered, "Is this what I think it is?", he smiled and said, "Open it".  There is that 5 inch diameter box was indeed what I had thought, the dog tag bearing the name, GJ HARRIS.  I took in a breath and handed the box to my aunt as we both sat there, tears pouring down our faces and I don't think there was anyone else in the room who did not have a tear in their eye.  He had done what we had always been told was the impossible.  Through her tears Aunt Chris told him that this was the first concrete thing that anyone had done for us in over 40 years.  It was the closest I had ever physically been to Greg.  It was a unique and rare emotion to hold it in my hand, only wishing it would talk and tell the true story of how it came to the museum.  I was just thinking that some of you on this list had most likely looked at that tag hundreds of times never knowing that it would ever have the significance it had today. 

So, we obviously thanked the Congressman profusely and felt a small victory as we returned to our hotel.  We then made some calls to share the news of the Congressman's gift with the rest of the family.  That evening there was also a panel discussion as part of the Family Meetings and we had the opportunity to share the story with those assembled and there was not a dry eye in the place. 

Friday, we hoped would be another day like Thursday, instead, it was sheer hell.  We had an appointment with Greg's case analyst, someone we had never met and now wish we never had.  Over the past few years we had found so many holes in the now infamous sandbar story that we felt we had enough evidence to get them to look elsewhere for Greg.  With every discrepancy, error and impossibility presented to her she simply reasoned it away.  She tried to discredit another analyst with much more experience than she will ever have by stating that he was a horrible writer and she, in the past, had to correct many of his errors.  This man mind you, has written two books, one fiction and the other non-fiction, something that I could kick myself for not having remembered at the time to use a retort. 

Another document came to light about 4 months ago which stated that the VC Battalion Commander of the unit that Greg was fighting at the time of his capture had admitted in her personal history of the war, published in 1997, that during this battle his unit had captured an American.  The analyst was unaware of the fact that we had obtained the document elsewhere and tried to pass its contents off to us as "hearsay" in Greg's case summary file.  I questioned her for a few minutes about the document, which she insisted was irrelevant, then suddenly pulled it out from my folder and asked her why she refered to its contents as second hand information when the document itself stated it was firsthand information.  She then went on to say that it says firsthand but didn't mean first hand. .... Yeah, right! .... This is just one small example of the circus like atmosphere of this meeting.  Not to mention the fact that, due to the presence of a representative from our Congressman's office, there were five men in suits, including a USMC Major, who were there listening to the proceedings.  They included, the head of the USMC Casualty Office, the USMC Liaison to DPMO, DPMO's Legislative Affairs Representative, the POW/MIA Liaison to USMC Casualty and of course, the Major.  Thankfully we were so focused on the task at hand that we didn't even have time to be intimidate although I am sure that was the intent. 

The final blow to the meeting, after presenting just about all of the strong evidence we had, was when I outright asked the analyst, "What is it going to take to get us off the sandbar?", without a second of hesitation she looked at me and simply nodded and said, "You're not". A few minutes later, we were told that another family was waiting to see the analyst so we had to end soon. As the meeting was coming to a close and we were putting away our papers, she had the utter and complete audacity to say to me, "Mary Ann, Do you know what I would love to see? ... I would love to see you use these amazing investigative skills that you have to help another family who could really use it."  Thankfully, at that moment, I had my retort ready, "My family comes first", I said.  We spoke briefly with the representative from the Congressman's office who, I felt, was processing what she had just witnessed and was still trying to make sense of it all. She said that she was going to speak with the Legislative person and request that they do a few specific things.  So, I went back into the room to get the legislative liaison for her and found, not another meeting with another family, but three of the "suits", the Major and the analyst huddled in a small circle speaking in low voices, so much for meeting with another family. 

They may think they have us against the ropes but that is far from the truth now.  Their performance has done the complete opposite of its intent, now, more than ever I am convinced that their sandbar story is nothing but a cover for something that they just don't want known.  There are answers out there somewhere and we will find them.  We took a day to lick our wounds so to speak and now have a nice long list of things to do, check on and search for.  They thought they had a fight on their hands before ... that was a walk in the park!  

I am sure there are many of you who would like to see a photograph of the dogtag and I promise you that over the next few days I will do just that.  I just need a few days to decompress and get rolling again.  We have always said that we will follow all the leads that come our way until we have none left to follow.   We are far from that point. 

We want to thank you all for your never ending support, encouragement and steadfast belief in bringing Greg home.  Many of you on this list have served as catalysts for some great ideas, avenues of investigation and most importantly, a constant reminder that we are not in this alone.  That simple fact is what makes us want to fight ... and for that we thank you!

As usual, I have written an e-mail that is far too long, I hope you can forgive me.   I will close this e-mail using a phrase that I rarely do, simply because I feel that it is only to be used by those in the brotherhood, but today, it has meaning beyond that of the everyday ....

Semper Fidelis,

Mary Ann       

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"  ~ George Orwell


Mon, 23 Sep 2013 08:01:18 -0400
Hi Everyone!
Finally we are getting some press! 
It has not been an easy road and it is rare when we have an opportunity to publicly let
the details of Greg's case see print.  Matt Burke at Stars and Stripes did a great job and
we hope that it will get the attention of the right people in DC to fix what is so badly broken.  
Please take the time to give this a read and pass it on to anyone and everyone that you
think needs to read this!
Much love,

Mary Ann


June 12, 2016
Please take the time to read his family's plight and feel free to forward and
share.  Many families have dealt with this exact kind of abuse, dysfunction
and ineptitude.  The Harris Family's story is the norm ... not an exception.  
There is still so much work to be done in this issue ... 

​Thank you ... ​

Mary Ann Reitano
POW/MIA Researcher - DoD and Congressional Liaison 





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Corporal Gregory John Harris, who joined the U.S. Marine Corps from New York, was a member of the Headquarters Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division. On June 12, 1966, he was a radio operator as part of a Forward Observer team with a battalion of Vietnamese Marines on a search and destroy mission in South Vietnam, in the vicinity of (GC) BS 670 578. During the mission, his unit was attacked by 83rd Viet Cong Battalion and suffered heavy losses, and Cpl Harris went missing during the attack. Once friendly forces gained control of the area, they searched for their dead and wounded but did not locate Cpl Harris. During the search, two wounded Vietnamese Marines reported that Cpl Harris moved into heavy foliage and was captured. Because both wounded witnesses died from their injuries, investigators could not follow up with them about seeing Cpl Harris, and he remains unaccounted-for. The Marine Corps posthumously promoted Cpl Harris to the rank of Master Sergeant (MSgt). Today, Master Sergeant Harris is memorialized on the Courts of the Missing at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

Based on all information available, DPAA assessed the individual's case to be in the analytical category of Active Pursuit.

If you are a family member of this serviceman, DPAA can provide you with additional information and analysis of your case. Please contact your casualty office representative.

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