Name: Hubert Kelly Flesher
Rank/Branch: O4/United States Air Force, pilot
Unit: 480th TFS
Date of Birth:
Home City of Record: Clarksburg WV
Date of Loss: 02 December 1966
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 212000N 1055400E
Status (in 1973): Returnee
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: F4C #0753
Incident No: 0534
Other Personnel in Incident: James Berger, Returnee
Source: Compiled by P.O.W. NETWORK March 1997 from one or more of the
following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with
POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews.
On 2 December 1966, Flesher and Berger were number three in a flight of
four F4C's on Mig Caps just north of Thudridge. They swung wide to the right
of the rest of the flight with Mig 21 's on the right and a SAM (surface to
air missile) on the left. The aircraft was at 14,000 feet, 913 MACH air
speed, 100 left bank at SAM impact.  They immediately gained 500 feet in
altitude. They were hit at the aircraft's center of gravity. Both ejected
and were captured.
SOURCE: WE CAME HOME  copyright 1977
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Lieutenant Colonel - United States Air Force
Shot Down: December 2, 1966
Released: February 18, 1973
Lieutenant Colonel Flesher was the first POW to accomplish flying
re-qualification at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas ("Freedom 01"). At this
writing he is completing the F-106 Transition Course at Tyndall Air Force
Base, Panama City, Florida, with an end assignment to the 84th FIS at Castle
Air Force Base, Merced, California.
Since his retirement, Lt. Col "Buddy" Flesher manages a consulting firm on
the West coast. He and his wife travel extensively overseas.