Accounted for  2/23/2004

Name: Charles Dean
Rank/Branch: Civilian
Date of Birth: 05 April 1950
Home City of Record:
Loss Date: 10 September 1974
Country of Loss: Laos
Loss Coordinates: 181251N 1073308E
Status (in 1973): none)
Category: 1
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Other Personnel in Incident: Neil Sharman


Source: Compiled by from one or more of the following: raw data from U.S.
Government agency sources, correspondence with POW/MIA families, published
sources, interviews. Updated by the P.O.W. NETWORK 2020.

SYNOPSIS:  Charles Dean and his Australian companion, Neil Sharman
were aboard a boat enroute to Thakhek, Laos, in early September 1974
when they were captured by the Pathet Lao at Ban Pak Hin Boun.

Numerous reports indicate that they were subsequently held in the Kham
Keut area of central Laos.  Reliable information indicated they were
alive in that area as of February 1975.

Diplomatic efforts to obtain information from the Pathet Lao about the
two have been unsuccessful.  Although Dean was captured after the
cessation of hostilities in Laos, his name is included on the list of
the missing because he is an American on whom the Pathet Lao should
have information.


                              PROJECT X
                        SUMMARY SELECTION RATIONALE

NAME : DEAN, Charles, Civilian, Tourist



RATIONALE FOR SELECTION: Source reports indicate that at Mr. Dean was in
fact detained by the Pathet Lao. There have been no correlated reports of
his death subsequent to the many reports Mr. Dean's. detention.

REFNO: 1994 2 Apr 76


1. (C) On 5 September 1974 Mr. Neil Sharman, an Australian tourist, and Mr.
Charles Dean an American tourist, departed Vientiane Laos. They had planned
on traveling by road from Vientiane to Paksane, and from there by boat to
Thakhek. On 13 September the U.S. Agency for International Development Area
Coordinator in Savannakhet , (Laos), received a report that Mr. Sharman and
Mr. Dean were overdue. Subsequent information from Laotian sources indicate
that on 6 September 1974, Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean while traveling from
Paksane to Thakhek by boat, experienced. difficulties with Neo Lao Hak
Sat., (AKA: Pathet Lao), authorities at Hinboun, located in the vicinity of
grid coordinates (GC) VE 585 466. At this time they were taken into
custody. It is reported that they were held first at Ban Thong Lom, in the
vicinity of (GC) VE 380 910, and then four days later moved to a Pathet Lao
Police Compound. A review of aerial photography indicates that this camp
may be located in the vicinity of (GC) VF 704 157. There are reports that
in December 1974 Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean were moved from this camp,
reportedly to Sam Neua, Laos. However, later information places them in the
camp located in the vicinity of (GC) VF 699 156 as late as 23 February
1975. (Ref 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5)

2. The US and Australian Embassys in Vientiane made repeated and determined
efforts to secure the release of Mr. Sharman and Mr. Dean. Summaries of the
incident, subsequent intelligence reports, and photographs of the two men
were handed over to high-ranking members of the Laotian Government with
requests for assistance. All efforts were unsuccessful, as the Neo Lao Hak
Sat authorities consistently denied knowledge of the incident. and the men
concerned. Mr. Sharman is currently carried in the status of Captured, and
Mr. Dean is currently carried in the status of Dead Body Not Recovered.


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1. Neil Sharman 1994-0-01

2. Charles Dean 1994-0-02

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Vt. Governor to Seek Brother's Remains

.c The Associated Press


...Nearly 30 years later, Vermont Gov. Howard Dean is seeking his brother's
remains. In another step in his family's long and painful odyssey to unravel
the mysteries behind the capture and death, he will travel next week to a
remote section of Laos where the body is believed to be buried....


National League of Families
May 17, 2004

POW/MIAs - VIETNAM WAR: According to DoD, there are now 1,859 Americans
listed as missing and unaccounted for from the Vietnam War:  1,418 in
Vietnam, 378 in Laos, 55 in Cambodia and 8 in PRC territorial waters.  Over
90% of all Americans missing from the Vietnam War were lost in Vietnam or in
areas of Laos and Cambodia under Hanoi's wartime control. Since the last
Newsletter, seven Americans have been announced as accounted for:

Warrant Officer 2nd Class Jack W. Brunson, USA, KIA/BNR, Laos, 5/31/71, RR
Major Ralph L. Carlock, USAF, KIA/BNR 3/4/67, LA, RR 10/26/02
CPL Kenneth L. Crody, USMC, KIA/BNR 7/11/72, SVN, RR 8/29/00
Mr. Charles Dean, Captured 9/10/74, LA, RR 11/26/03
SSGT Dennis W. Hammond, USMC, POW 2/8/68, DIC 1970, RR 1989
SSGT Jerry W. Hendrix, USMC, KIA/BNR 7/11/72, SVN, RR 8/29/00
Captain Raymond H. Hetrick, USAF, KIA/BNR 2/24/66, LA, RR 7/10/01