RIP March 28, 2014

Name: Jeremiah Andrew Denton
Rank/Branch: O5/United States Navy, pilot
Unit: VA 75
Date of Birth: 15 July 1924
Home City of Record: Mobile AL
Date of Loss: 18 July 1965
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 195000N 1054800E
Status (in 1973): Returnee
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: A6A
Missions: 12
Other Personnel in Incident: Bill Tschudy, returnee, GIB

Source: Compiled by P.O.W. NETWORK 06 September 1996 from one or more of the
following: raw data from U.S. Government agency sources, correspondence with
POW/MIA families, published sources, interviews. 2023

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The Hon. Jeremiah Denton retired from the United States Navy as a Rear
Admiral.  He went on to be elected to the United States Senate as a Republican
from Alabama. He and Jane reside in Alabama.


Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer-Times
Monday, March 30, 1998

Ex-POW Denton finds will to ease others' pains

By Tanya S. Biank
Staff writer

Before his captivity, Jeremiah Denton believed in God. But after surviving
nearly eight years of torture, beatings, isolation and starvation at the hands
of the North Vietnamese, Denton knew there was a God. .....


Friday, November 23, 2007
Staff Reporter
Jane Maury Denton, an advocate for prisoners of war and the wife of former U.S. Sen.
Jeremiah Denton Jr., died Thursday in Norfolk, Va., from complications resulting from
a heart attack. She was 81.
Jane Denton helped found the National League of Families of Prisoners of War and
Missing in Action in the 1960s after her husband was captured and held for eight
years during the Vietnam War. .....



     Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me about our POW display here at
Battleship Park.
     Below is a link to a Webshots page showing the progress of work on our A-6
into Denton's VA-75 bird from the July '65 period when he was shot down.  Please
feel free to use as many of the images as you can and see that as many folks
as possible see them.
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1. Photo | 02/11/2010

Rear Adm. Jeremiah A. Denton has served...

Robert D. Ward/department Of Defense

...Rear Adm. Jeremiah A. Denton has served as a naval aviator and a U.S. senator....

2. Photo | 02/11/2010

In a 1966 interview filmed during his captivity,...

Photos Courtesy Of Jeremiah Denton

...In a 1966 interview filmed during his captivity, Denton said he stood by the government

he served. His responses led to a...

3. Article | 02/11/2010

More than name, rank and serial number : POW hero
to speak at museum

Emily Langer, PW18 (Post)

...There are moments in Jeremiah Denton's past that he wishes he could forget...of them
in solitary confinement....


He went through hell

And by grace he survived it

By Ann Efimetz
Modified: Saturday, May 08, 2010
Originally Published:
Saturday, May 8, 2010 2:15 AM EDT

Retired Navy Rear Adm. Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. recounted his seven years and seven
months as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War in his 1975 book, “When Hell
Was in Session.” His story was also made into a movie in 1979 starring Hal Holbrook.


'A glorious moment': Shipyard's new SERE facility named for former POW
Foster's Daily Democrat
The 86-year-old former recipient of the Navy Cross delivered an emotional speech that saw him
thanking God for his strength and stressing the importance of ...



40 years of freedom for Navy hero marked
Jeremiah Denton signaled 'torture' by blinking
June 2013
When Hell Was In Session It's been 40 years since Jeremiah Denton, who retired as a Navy admiral, was freed from captivity as a prisoner of war by the North Vietnamese in Hanoi.

His story of survival still is breathtaking for the punishment he endured when he signaled to the free world that war prisoners were being tortured....


Click here to get your copy of "When Hell Was In Session."


03/28/2014 -  Details of Adm Denton's services will be posted as soon as received.

It was my honor to call RAdm Jeremiah Denton a friend.  He once cringed when
asked to autograph a book - asking how we had a copy. He said the cover pic was
SO awful  he had it pulled from the market. He then apologized for his sig - his
handwriting was awful since his fingers were mangled during torture.

This song has been performed several times at our GALA in the past - by young mimes.

A true giant of a man. One of my heroes.

Mary Schantag


Alabama officials remember Vietnam POW, ex-Sen. Denton
Retired rear admiral Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. addresses the audience during the National POW/MIA
Recognition Day Ceremony at the Pentagon on ...


Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam POW and ex-senator, dies
Retired Rear Adm. and former U.S. Sen. Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. addresses the audience during the
National POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony at ..


Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., Vietnam POW and former U.S. senator, dies at 89

By , Updated: Friday, March 28, 9:21 AM 

Jeremiah A. Denton Jr., a retired Navy rear admiral and former U.S. senator who survived nearly eight years of
captivity in North Vietnamese prisons, and whose public acts of defiance and patriotism came to embody the
sacrifices of American POWs in Vietnam, died March 28 at a hospice in Virginia Beach. He was 89...

Jeremiah Denton, Navy officer who survived torture as Vietnam POW, dies
Retired Rear Adm. and former U.S. Sen. Jeremiah Denton Jr. addresses the audience
during the 2009 National POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony ...


A Memorial Mass for RADM Denton is scheduled for Tuesday,

8 April 2014, at the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Virginia Beach, VA. 


712 Little Neck Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Phone: (757) 340-7231


The Mass begins at 1800 Hours (6 PM).


Click this link for the St. Nicholas Church Web Site<about:blank

or try getting it off this source:

Thomas More Law Center <<about:blank>>

At Denton funeral, remembering POWs
Washington Post   07/25/2014
I later learned from Ben Denton, a grandson of the American hero, that the woman had been wearing the bracelet since she was 9. “My” POW never ...
Denton described the harsh conditions the POWs endured and the secret ... The black and white POW/MIA flag, still in use today, was created by the ...


Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton Blinks a Secret Message in Morse Code

Jan 31, 2022
The air was tense as North Vietnamese officials prepared to put Commander Jeremiah Denton in front of television cameras for a propaganda broadcast in May of 1966. ...