Remains returned 12/30/97

Name: Brent E. Davis
Rank/Branch: USMC, O2
Unit: VMCJ 1 MAG 11
Date of Birth: 16 September 38
Home City of Record: Santa Clara, CA
Date of Loss: 18 March 66
Country of Loss: North Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 191958N 1050959E
Status (in 1973): Missing in Action
Category: 2
Acft/Vehicle/Ground: EF-10B

Other Personnel In Incident: Everett A. McPherson

Source: Compiled by THE P.O.W. NETWORK 02 February 93 from the
following published sources - POW/MIA's -- Report of the Select Committee
on POW/MIA Affairs United States Senate -- January 13, 1993. "The Senate
Select Committee staff has prepared case summaries for the priority cases
that the Administration is now investigating. These provide the facts about
each case, describe the circumstances under which the individual was lost,
and detail the information learned since the date of loss.  Information in
the case summaries is limited to information from casualty files, does not
include any judgments by Committee staff, and attempts to relate essential
facts. The Committee acknowledges that POW/MIAs' primary next-of- kin know
their family members' cases in more comprehensive detail than summarized
here and recognizes the limitations that the report format imposes on these

On March 18, 1966, First Lieutenants McPherson and Davis were the
crew on board an EF-10B, one in a flight of two aircraft on an
electronic counter-measures mission in support of an air strike
approximately 10 miles west of Thanh Hoa City, Thanh Hoa Province. 
Their flight received 85mm anti-aircraft fire during the mission. 
There was an explosion in their aircraft while at an altitude of
26,000 feet and over neighboring Nghe An Province.  They were
believed to have been hit and downed by enemy surface to air
missile.  A SAR mission over the area produced negative results.

Both airmen were initially declared missing in action.  Returning
U.S. POWs had no information on their fate.  Both airmen were
initially declared dead/body not recovered, based on a presumptive
finding of death.

In December 1988, Vietnamese officials acknowledge having knowledge
of their loss incident.

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Even we had trouble believing this one!  -- Recently, a Vietnam POW/MIA
family member submitted blood for mt-DNA testing, should remains
associated with her brother be recovered.  On December 2nd, 1997, she
received a letter from the Dept. of Defense Armed Forces Institute of
Pathology.  The letter was signed by the Supervisory DNA Technologist
DoD DNA Registry.   The letter acknowledged receipt of the blood sample
"to be used as a reference specimen when compared to a case presumed to
be associated with yo ur brother Jesse J. Traughber."

Don't go running for your list of Vietnam era POW/MIAs.  Don't even
bother looking for the list of Vietnam era KIA's.  You won't find his
name.   Cpl. Jesse J. Traughber went missing during the Korean War 


We have told you mt-DNA testing is inaccurate and can not be trusted.
Now we know they can't even get the paperwork correct.   Was this a
clerical error or was the blood sample really mis-associated?  How many
more errors have been made.  You'd be surprised!


On December 30th, 1997, the Penagon announced that three servicemen
missing from the Vietnam War had been accounted for.  They are Air Force
Maj. Glenn A. Belcher of Fessendon, N.D.; Air Force Maj. Ronald N.
Sittner of South Euclid, Ohio; and Marine 1st Lt. Brent E. Davis of
Santa Clara, Calif.

Glen Belcher was shot down over Laos on Dec. 31, 1967.  U.S.-Laotian
teams recovered bone fragments and other items from the crash site in
1994 and 1995, and the remains were later identified as those of

Ronald Sittner was shot down on Aug. 23, 1967.  JTF-FA recovered remains
that had been buried by villagers.  They were "identified" as Ronald

Brent Davis was lost over  North Vietnam on March 18, 1966. Tests showed
bone fragments recovered from the crash area belonged to Davis.


To the families involved we hold you in our hearts and prayers during
this difficult time.  It is our hope that you truly have the answers you
have waited so long for.