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YOUR support and donations keep us on-line. We receive NO government funding.


This historical preservation project is entirely funded by voluntary contributions.

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We're always asked "WHAT CAN WE DO??"

With the popularity of the internet, and the availability of "instant" information, membership organizations are losing active members daily. The NETWORK realized this years ago, and is NOT a membership organization and therefore we have no annual "dues". Our website visitors come from every nation in the world from Eucador to Vietnam. Our research answers to question is provided without cost to all. YOUR support and donations keep us on-line. We receive NO government funding. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our IRS 501 (c) (3) ID is 42-1360341.

The P.O.W. NETWORK not only hosts more than 5500 pages of information of on the internet, but also hosts the Annual Military Gala & Banquet and an Annual POW/MIA service in Branson. These major events EVERY November, allow the P.O.W. NETWORK to distribute information on the POW/MIA issue to many of the 150,000+ all-era veterans that come into Branson, MO for VETERANS HOMECOMING that week in addition to our web work. (Every year, 2.3 MILLION veterans go to Branson - 275,000 go in November.)

If just ONE out of every 100 visitors to our site approached their organizations for a yearly pledge of $100, or a quarterly donation of $25 - our work could continue and grow. Please - be that ONE in a 100 -  consider asking YOUR local civic or veteran organizations for a yearly contribution. We welcome your employer or union as a sponsor .

Corporate Sponsors are sought yearly for the Annual Military Gala & Banquet held in Branson. The Banquet is a world-class salute to our Veterans. The evening includes dinner, salute, and magnificent POW/MIA candlelight service. Any PROFITS will go to seat at, at no charge, hospitalized and nursing home vets in the Branson area.

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